The Winter Court is one of the four fairy courts, opposite the Summer Court. The court gains its greatest power around Midwinter and holds its least power near Midsummer. Their chief responsibility is guarding the Outer Gates against the Outsiders. The Winter Court is widely seen as the darkest and most dangerous of the fairy courts and is sometimes referred to as "Unseelie."

Winter is not more powerful than the other courts, nor is Mab more powerful than the other fairy monarchs, but she is known for being exceptionally ruthless, cold and calculating, and her court focuses far more obsessively on its task than the others seem to. Of course, given the gravity of their task, this may come as no surprise. Even so, there are few who deal lightly with the Winter Court, nor its queen.


  • Arctis Tor is the center of their territory and the seat of Mab's power.
  • Unlike most Fairy Queens, Mab is not known to have a particular consort. At present, there is no Winter King.

Court Positions Edit

  • Queen: Mab
  • Winter Lady: Maeve
  • The Leanansidhe is one of Mab's chief vassals, often known to act directly in her name.
  • Cat Sìth is Mab's servant and, perhaps, familiar.

Allies Edit

Houses Edit

These are key houses and clans of the Winter Court, each with significant holdings in Faërie.

  • Unknown

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