This vehicle is a heavily customized 1947 Indian Chief Roadmaster. The changes are largely not visible to the naked eye, as they are mainly magical in nature. Rey Devoss is the proud owner of "The Waysmaster," which has been customized and enchanted heavily over the years by various owners.

Like many famous enchanted weapons, the Waysmaster has distinguished itself in battle. While some fairy knights are known to ride enchanted creatures into major conflicts, Rey Devoss has always preferred the motorcycle.

The bike is a Supreme level artifact, virtually indestructible, is capable of traveling at up to Supernatural level speeds, can make itself intangible, and is a reliable means of navigating through the Ways. It is also keyed by potent enchantment so that only its present owner, or someone carrying a token of their willing permission, can operate it. At times, the vehicle nearly seems to have a mind of its own.

Logs featuring Waysmaster:

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