The Watchers Council is an organization of scholars and mystics who support and oversee the activities of Slayers and other supernatural beings. Funded by many ancient and powerful families over the years, the council is an extremely wealthy organization with mild to moderate political reach across the planet. Primarily, they maintain careful connections to other groups, both supernatural and mundane, around the world in order to best serve their own goals. As their mission is mainly one of gathering knowledge, they mostly use those connections to help them obtain and hoard unusual texts and powerful artifacts. They maintain facilities where said texts and artifacts are kept hoarded, but they also store their information digitally on secure servers for reference.


They are on diplomatic terms with with the White Council and the Grand Coven.


While many groups here on Before the Dawn MUX are based on a single source, this version of the Watches Council draws on thee specific sources. The core concept is inspired directly by the Watchers Council from the Buffyverse, and it was easy to intuit expanding on this idea to have the Council observe other notable supernatural beings. The Men of Letters from Supernatural offer some interesting insights to how such groups might work, incorporating both magic and technology into their efforts. All three organizations are fairly similar in nature, and treating them as one organization allowed us to link several fandoms together in a subtle but effective way.

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