• "The Watchman" is an ancient Sitka spruce located in the Olympic National Forest near La Push, Washington. It is found right near the Sol Duc River.
  • Located along a nexus of telluric currents, also known as ley lines, it is a powerful nexus of energies and may serve as an entry point into the Ways.

Description Edit

The forest encroaches directly onto the river, with few areas that offer any real bank. One tree in particular stands out, however. Called "The Watchman" in local legends, this ancient Sitka spruce stands taller than most of the trees around it, in the center of a small raised mound. The tree's main trunk rises straight like an arrow into the sky with smaller limbs on each side, similarly bending to reach towards the sky above, each on nearly the same angle as the main trunk. The tree looks as if it was in fact shaped as opposed to grown naturally. A guardian, or yes, a Watchman, though of what, legend does not say.

Logs featuring The Watchman:

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