• "The Sentinel" is an ancient coastal redwood located on the grounds of Lupus Hall near San Francisco, California.
  • Located along a nexus of telluric currents, also known as ley lines, it is a powerful nexus of energies and may serve as an entry point into the Ways.

Description Edit

These woods are enclosed by the front and east woods of the estate, but despite this, the trees grow densely together, larger and more ancient than seems strictly plausible for the area. And yet, all the same, here they stand. In the very center of this impossible stretch of forest stands an enormous coastal redwood tree, towering and massive, with a trunk over ten feet across. Higher up, branches sprout from the sides, shading the ground below. A circle of stones, ancient and mossy, even in the dead of winter, surrounds the base of the tree. Within, all is hale, healthy, and vibrant all the year round.

Logs featuring The Sentinel:

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