Stiles' Bedroom

In many ways, it's an unremarkable suburban house. The occupants appear to be male only, based on the various accouterments and lifestyle, at least one an adult of middle age and one a teenager. There are lingering feminine touches, though nearing a decade old, which hint at a departed maternal presence.

Upstairs, one bedroom seems to belong to the elder occupant, who appears to be in law enforcement.

The second bedroom belongs to the teenager. It has slate blue walls covered in posters, ranging from bands to geek fare. The bed is a twin with a black storage headboard. A plain white desk faces the window, which is shaded by large slat blinds, and offers just enough room for a small lamp, printer, and laptop. The room is usually in some state of disarray, with papers scattered about, and one wall has been given over to a large cork board, covered in clippings and printouts, with various key items connected by thumbtacks linked by lengths of red string or yarn.

Logs featuring Stilinski Residence:

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