The Sensitive Quileute

Seth Clearwater is one of the youngest wolf-shifters of the Quileute tribe in La Push, Washington. Though generally treated as something of a communal little brother by the other wolves of the pack, he is a fierce friend and loyal, as well as one of the most compassionate and kind-hearted of his packmates.

Personality Edit

Seth is cheerful, friendly, and kind. It all comes down to being an optimist, really. No matter how bad things get, he's able to see the good in other people, in life, in just about anything. That's not to say he can't be hurt or sad or angry, though. He was sad when his father died, and he's been angry at his sister many times. He never holds grudges, though. He might get angry with someone, but he'll never hate them. Even vampires, (who his packmates seem to think he should hate by nature), as long as they don't hunt humans. He also always stands up for his belief in right or wrong.




Seth is generally quite athletic. La Push and the area around it is full of many, many trees, and also many cliffs. What young boy could grow up in such an environment without learning how to climb? Seth is no exception to this. Before he changed, Seth also loved swimming, and he still has some of the skills even if his body doesn't take to the water as well as he used to. In addition to general athleticism, he also enoys sports. While not the most popular sport in La Push, Seth loves soccer. He's not so much a huge fan of watching it, though he does like to on those rare occasions where Soccer's covered on TV, but playing it is quite another thing altogether. His favoured position is goalkeeper, where both his agility and quick thinking keep him performing well, even before he changed.



Seth is fairly new to fighting, but he has enough experience of rough and tumble with the pack that he does have a general idea what he's doing. When combined with the natural instincts of the wolf, he's at least reasonably dangerous when he wants to be. Some of his athletic background serves him here, as well: A common activity among the kids of La Push is wrestling, and Seth of course has taken part in it. He's never been the strongest kid around, but his dexterity gave him the ability to match up to some stronger than him.



Seth's always been interested in the legends surrounding Quileute history. Ever since finding out they were actually true, though, he's absorbed them avidly. He'll listen to them again and again quite happily, and he absorbs quite a bit in the process.



Even in human form, Seth would do well in the wilds. Of course, in wolf shape, he is quite the dangerous predator, capable of existing entirely as a wild animal for indefinite periods as he so chooses. When in familiar territory and in wolf form, he effectively functions at Expert level. In strange territory or in human form, he is reduced to Novice level.




A Quileute wolf-shifter has a natural body temperature of about 110°F. This allows them to endure extremes of temperature, staving off cold and tolerating heat, far better than a normal human. The elevated body temperature also makes it harder for them to become sick, as the germs and pathogens adapted to human hosts generally do not tolerate their body heat. Of course, this comes with the drawback that their body heat is high enough to cause alarm if they are ever checked over by a human doctor.



In human-form, a Quileute wolf-shifter possesses the following traits: Peak human strength and agility, Enhanced-level Toughness and stamina sufficient to resist bullet wounds and carry a person for miles on end at a run without any sign of fatigue, Enhanced-level Senses akin to those of a wolf that enable them to track by scent and hear over great distances, and running speeds faster than even peak Olympic athletes. They can also shift into their more powerful wolf-form, granting them even further expanded abilities.



A Quileute wolf-shifter's Enhanced-level regeneration allows them to recover from nearly any wound. They heal so fast that broken bones knit faster than they can be set, which can be a potential complication. Even if they are seriously injured to the point that a human might be crippled, they can bounce back quickly, though at times they still requires proper medical care. In addition, each time they shift their body regenerates itself on the cellular level. This does not instantly heal injuries, but it does effectively "reboot" their aging process. (This refers to the cellular decay of growing old, not the process of growing into a mature adult. They effectively remain in the peak condition of an eighteen-year-old.)



When in wolf form, a Quileute wolf-shifter can communicate with any other wolves in their pack via telepathy. In fact, they cannot avoid doing so. In wolf form, they shares their thoughts and memories freely with the pack, even if they might prefer to hide them. No other psychic or magical powers have been demonstrated that are able to disrupt this connection, though they must be in wolf form to access it.



In wolf-form, a Quileute wolf-shifter possesses the following traits: Enhanced-level Strength sufficient to crush stone in their jaws, Enhanced-level Agility, Enhanced-level Toughness and stamina sufficient to resist most mundane forms of trauma, Enhanced-level Senses akin to those of a wolf that enable them to track by scent and hear over great distances, Enhanced-level Claws/Fangs that allow them to tear through most conventional materials, and Enhanced-level travel speed, allowing them to run at over one hundred miles per hour.




Though still young, Seth has all the signs of shaping into a handsome young man. At present, he's more particularly cute than he is anything else, but his bright smile and cheerful visage have been known to help him out when dealing with others.



Seth can rely on the other members of his current pack through thick and thin. They are his brothers, more than any other family, and they look out for one another.



The Quileute tribe values its protectors, and Seth is one of them. As such, as much as he works to protect the tribe, the tribe works to protect him. It is an ancient relationship, built on blood and mutual need.




Seth's brand of shifter carries a curious trait: At some point in their lives, they will meet someone upon whom they will imprint. This person will then become the central figure in their lives, surpassing all others, and the shifter will do or become anything that person needs them to do or be. It is difficult to say whom Seth will imprint upon, but some believe that it will be someone who can help make the pack stronger. Seth has not yet imprinted, but it will happen one day, and whomever it is will likely make the pack stronger by this connection.



To a human nose, Quileute wolf-shifters actually tend to have pleasant, naturally earthy smells. However, to most vampires, they carry the "reek" of lupine shifter, which vampires often call a "dog smell" or worse. This makes it easy for those with enhanced senses to track them via scent.

Born to Harry and Sue Clearwater, Seth's childhood and upbringing in La Push, Washington, was fairly normal and healthy. As a child, he was always marked by a persistent optimism, seeming not to fade even in the face of things that make other kids surly and difficult. Things like becoming a teenager. Or, maybe, a wolf. His initiation into the Quileute wolfpack came younger than most others, and he found himself quickly adopted as the pack's collective baby brother. Where some would have balked at this position, he flourished, and soon enough Seth found himself a valied, if junior, member of the pack.