The True Alpha


I'm a True Alpha. You have no idea what I can do.

I usually have no idea what I'm doing. Actually, I always have no idea what I'm doing.

Scott McCall

Scott McCall was nothing more than an average teenager living an average life when that life got thrown for a whirl and a half. Out in the wood for a reason he should not have been, Scott was bitten and forced into a life as a werewolf. Initially, Scott was afraid of his newfound abilities and attempted to fight against his fate. However, as supernatural threats continued to plague his town, Scott embraced his wolf and has taken on the responsibility of protecting his family and his friends from the dangers that come with this new aspect of his life.

Scott's dedication, heart, force of will and strength of character have elevated him to a rare breed of werewolf: a True Alpha. The abilities that come along with this are used by Scott to further his protection of others.

All this, and he's now in Beacon Hills Community College working on that Veterinary Degree he always wanted.

Personality Edit

Scott McCall is everything anyone ever wanted in a hero and he doesn't even try to be one. He's compassionate, loving, caring, selfless and genuinely nice to a fault. Even through all the BS that he's been through in his life, both prior to and after being bitten Scott has always seemed to have a generally optimistic look on life. Granted, he falters in his thoughts sometimes but ultimately his heart always shows him the right way. He thrives on using his instincts to lead him down whatever path he needs to take. He doesn't falter when it really matters and that's what is important.

Scott is a teenager, though and his decisions are often made with that being a huge part of why they are made. He focuses on small things that don't matter sometimes. He can't help it. He still just wants to, even though he's not, kind of live a normal life. It's more that he wants to be able to live a normal supernatural life now. He doesn't like when things are thrown into the mix that will harm his friends or his family. That's when he really gets upset.

Scott is an individual that lives for those around him. He's big on supporting his friends and just being there. He fights for them, werewolf abilities or not. He will stand up to the greatest evil with nothing but his heart as a weapon if it would keep those he cares about safe. His compassion can't be denied. He would much rather find a way to save or rescue his enemies from whatever is plaguing them than kill them to move on. He's very much an ironic beast of preserving life as opposed to taking it.

Initially, Scott viewed his werewolf gift as a curse and was trying to get rid of it. Since then he has embraced it and it has become a part of who he is. He continues to be honest, caring and humble about the whole thing. He has a sense of humor that's steady and can catch people off guard if they aren't ready for it. He's generally compliant and will argue with his friends in the same moment as caring for them. His willpower and strength of character are his most defining traits and prove to be what makes him the hero that he is.

The Hero That Beacon Hills Needs. The Hero That Beacon Hills Deserves.


11th Hour PowerEdit

Scott is constantly in the process of discovering new abilities that come with a deeper understanding of his nature as a werewolf. Ordinarily, like most change, this is a slow developmental process. However, in times of great crisis, when dramatically appropriate, that can briefly be vastly accelerated allowing Scott to tap into the well of his potential, if only temporarily. This occurs typically when his pack, friends, or innocents are in danger, sometimes requiring a pep-talk or bit of motivation from those around him. In those moments he can see a dramatic increase in his werewolf abilities, as he taps into his potential more fully. These typically only last for the duration of the situation that gives rise to them, and are not usually something that occurs often.




While Scott continues to learn and train in the art of being a werewolf, he has been one for a couple of years now and has managed to come into his own with it. He is both confident and competent in using his various wolf abilities.



Due to the nature of the many threats that plague Beacon Hills, Scott has slowly learned how to defend himself and (more importantly) others. There's not much in the way of elegance to his fighting style, as it draws largely from instinct and athletic ability, but he's had time to refine its effectiveness.



Scott has a highly attuned sense of empathy for animals, humans, and supernatural creatures, and generally disregards any worry about himself in favor of focusing on how others are feeling. He can intuitively sense the emotions of others, especially when he uses these instincts in conjunction with his ability to interpret the chemosignals in their scents and listening to their heart rates with his heightened senses.



A creature of empathy and compassion, Scott has made it a point to learn the basics of triage, general first aid, and CPR--at least enough to save or stabilize a life if the person who taught him all he knows isn't around: his Mom.



Scott hasn't had as much time to pursue music as he once thought he would, but he does have a decent singing voice and can muddle around passably well on a guitar. Having become a Teen Wolf instead of playing in a band, though, he still has a long way to go before he can be considered anything other than a novice. At least werewolf dexterity helps make playing a bit easier.



After several years of being a Werewolf, being mentored by Dr. Deaton and Derek Hale (among others), and researching the Argent Bestiary, Scott has developed a working knowledge of supernatural creatures and their respective powers, though he admits he still has much yet to learn.



Scott has become well-known for his leadership abilities, especially in the months after he was turned into a werewolf. Derek Hale once remarked that Scott was an Alpha of his own pack even before anyone knew that Scott had the potential to be a True Alpha. On occasion, however, he still doubts himself.



With only his dirtbike as his trusty steed for years, Scott's had the time to refine his ability to ride most bikes; this largely extends to motorcycles as well. He could definitely handle a chase scene or two.



Similar to his skill with First Aid, Scott's great capacity for compassion extends to animals as well. For several years, he has worked at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic as an assistant to the head vet, picking up the basics of the profession as he goes; this knowledge has been refined in college.




Scott has the typical suite of alpha Werewolf abilities that include alpha dominance, the alpha roar, and alpha senses.

An alpha's predatory aura (along with growling and glowing eyes) can be used as a more passive means of dominating beta and omega werewolves. An alpha's roar is a more aggressive way to assert dominance over all kinds of supernatural creatures, and can be used to a variety of effects, including the ability to energize, weaken, or even restrain beta or omega werewolves. It can also affect the transformation of other shapeshifting supernaturals, triggering an involuntary shift. An alpha's senses include glowing red eyes that can see in total darkness and across far distances, as well as percieve supernatural phenomena that is invisible to most.

Alpha wolves also enjoy a slightly enhanced form of all normal Werewolf traits, though not enough to be considered Supreme outright. More imporantly, they can create Beta werewolves with a bite. A deep enough scratch could also work on a case to case basis. They maintain a limited form of telepathy and mental control over the Betas they create.

As superior wolves, wounds caused by alphas universally take longer to heal and recover from.



Werewolves are famously able to transform into more bestial shapes, gaining various special traits and abilities based on their current form. With training, they learn to perform partial-shifts, such as manifesting claws or fangs while otherwise remaining in human form. By default, werewolves of this type are able to manifest what is often called the "Wolfman" form, which essentially resembles their human shape but with a more bestial edge, including features such as glowing eyes, fangs, and claws. Other, more powerful or exotic forms are detailed in separate power entries, as are the special traits that their various forms provide.



Some werewolves are born that way, others are bitten. Alpha werewolves are able to create more werewolves, usually referred to as betas, by biting them or, in some cases, by clawing them deeply enough. This supernatural transformation generally only works on humans, and it works best on healthy humans with strong recuperative abilities, making teenagers especially good candidates for the Bite.



Scott McCall is one of those few people in the world who has a natural strength of spirit and indomitable character that seems righteous without being harsh, and unassailable without being haughty. He is not without his flaws, but continues to do good in spite of them, always reaching to become something better, and encouraging others to do the same. This is a power tied to Scott's ascension as a True Alpha, but is not dependent upon it. He has always had the potential for being a hero; becoming a werewolf simply gave him a vehicle to do so.

As such, Scott has the power to ultimately prevent himself from falling under the sway of others, and denying any force that would cause him to act against his sense of compassion and justice. While this power is not absolute insomuch that Scott is ouright immune to mind control or other obstacles of will (such as self-doubt), it provides him the capacity to overcome all of these things, especially when his pack and loved ones remind him that He Can, even if all else seems lost.



Werewolves have the ability to transfer, and possibly alter, the memories of others. This is done by the insertion of a claw into the nape of a target's neck. This establishes mind-to-mind communication. This could be used by a well learned werewolf to also manipulate or even erase memories.



Werewolves are capable of absorbing and alleviating the pain of others. In a manner, this tends to work as a limited version of healing and can be used to help others.



Scott McCall is a True Alpha Werewolf, the paragon of what it means to be a virtuous beast. The rarity of such a thing is around the 100 year mark, and Scott was only able to become as much out of a steadfast capacity for compassion and a conviction to always do what's right, even at risk of great personal suffering.

As a True Alpha Werewolf, Scott is gifted with the ability to overwhelm even normal alphas with his dominance and roar (willpower allowing), but more importantly, he can occasionally use any of his abilities at a Supreme level of strength. To do so, he must be working with his pack or any loved one, and the need must be great. True Alpha powers work best when they are selfess, and are often tied to the Lunar cycle, becoming their most grandiose during the full moon. Practically speaking, this means that Scott may exceed his own limitations, exerting up to a high-level Supreme power for a single feat or scene as appropriate (the nature and length of the feat is ultimately up to the whim of staff).

Note that most alphas can have their power and status as an alpha stolen. However, True Alphas are mostly immune to siphoning or absorption of their power. The only time this is not true is if the werewolf killing the True Alpha is a beta of the True Alpha. Beyond that, Scott is still learning more about being a True Alpha, as there may yet be more abilities to discover.



As a fresh werewolf, Scott's entire aura and demeanor changed from one of a quiet mousiness to something more. He became, by supernatural nature, the hot girl. This is part physiological and part psychological, as not only did Scott become more physically attractive (vis a vis enhanced strength or pheromones, arguably), but his confidence and charisma became much more apparent. As a True Alpha with a potential to reshape the supernatural world, he's become a magnet or a beacon for all things supernatural, be they seeking safety and refuge, or access to his power. Whatever the case, Scott McCall lives an involuntary life of being a center of attention, for good or ill.

Practically speaking, Scott's True Alpha aura general predisposes people to like him, and even if they don't, Scott can leverage this ability to attempt to charm them in his self-effacing, goody-two-shoes, goofy way. But this is not supernatural mind control by any stretch.



A True Alpha's Empowering Roar is used to give his Pack a boost in abilities. It enhances their abilities, making them stronger, faster, more agile than they already were. Any natural abilities they have specific to themselves will also be enhanced. This is a temporary effect that only lasts a few moments at best; however, it can be used in critical times to assist the members of his Pack. Empowering Roars are also capable of clearing the minds of his Pack and providing them with a moment of clarity, which is sometimes the only empowerment that they need.

In terms of practical effect, this power normally pushes Pack members, shifters or otherwise, to the peak of their approved abilities. So, if a pack member has Enhanced strength, this pushes their strength to the upper end of Enhanced, rather than all the way to Supreme. However, in moments of extremity, such as during the full moon or when staff-approved plot circumstances demand it, abilities may be dialed up by as much as a full level, such as from Enhanced to Supreme. For this to work, Pack members must be actively working together and within hearing of the roar.



Scott has the typical suite of Werewolf abilities that include enhanced strength, enhanced agility, enhanced toughness, and enhanced senses.

Generally speaking, he is exceptionally strong (far more than even the strongest mundane humans) and capable of performing great feats of strength with ease; his reflexes, hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and athletic ability have also all been enhanced to a greater than human level; his stamina and endurance are well beyond human ability, with a regenerative component where minor injuries can be ignored, more intense injuries can heal within a matter of hours or days, and severed limbs can regrow (slowly).

Scott also possesses an extremely acute sense of smell that allows him to track animals, humans, and supernatural creatures by scent across long distances, as well as an advanced sense of hearing, which provides him the ability to hear whispered conversations from hundreds of feet away, sense approaching enemies, and, with some degree of accuracy, determine truth from lie by listening to a person's heart rate while they talk.

Finally, all werewolves possess the ability to dominate humans and animals with a natural predatory aura.




Scott has something of a propensity for good and occasionally dumb luck, which is less because he's particularly lucky, and more because fortune favors the bold. Scott is willing to tread the more challenging path out of compassion as opposed to the more convenient one out of efficiency, and doing so, while often personally difficult, often inspires others in interesting and often unpredictable ways.



There is the rare occassion that wolf speed is still not fast enough or even allowed, considering all of this is still a big secret, that Scott needs to transport himself from one place to the other. For that he uses his dirt bike. It's street legal and he paid for it himself!



Scott is a Mama's Boy. He always has been and always will be. She is one of the driving forces behind his inherent Goodness and she will always be the voice of reason whenever Scott strays off his moral path, which isn't often. When there are no options left and nobody to get advice from or he can't figure out what to do, he listens to his Mother. She hasn't steered him wrong yet.



Scott McCall's moral compass always points to the right thing to do. Not just for him and not just for his Pack but for everyone involved. That is the only direction he will allow himself to go. And, usually, following his heart puts him exactly where he needs to be.



Scott's Pack is the reason why he does what he does. He exists to protect them and keep them alive. In that same line of thought, though, they empower him and make him stronger in ways that cannot be explained. He is, after all, the Alpha.



Everyone has heard the phrase "strength in numbers." For this type of werewolf, the expression is quite literally true. After being accepted by the pack's alpha (or alphas, in unusual cases), a werewolf gets stronger, faster, and tougher than they would be as a lone wolf. The strength of this enhancement depends both on how many total members the pack has, as well as how close together the members are at a given time. The size of the pack also affects the pack's alpha, whose powers increase when they're leading or protecting their pack members. In practical terms, this usually does not increase the characters' power ratings to a higher level than is on their sheet, only pushing them higher within that range of ability, but in staff-approved circumstances, those powers may be elevated from Basic to Enhanced or Enhanced to Supernatural as befits the current plot or scene.



Some people deserve their own write up and this particular deserving person is Stiles. Scott and Stiles have been best friends since back in the day. They don't even see each other as friends; they're brothers. It would be very difficult to find a bond as strong as this one.




Scott is a warm person with a very refined sense of empathy, trust, and a willingness to forgive. He's aware that darkness exists in the world, but he refuses to cynically allow this to color his optimistic perspective on people, and humanity. Indeed, it is quite possible Scott would give his life so that optimism can remain true.



Scott has a great capacity to care for a great many people, but there are a few in his life who stand out above all others, namely his mother, and his best friend. Should anything happen to these two, the Scott McCall of the present might cease to exist.



Werewolves are closely tied to the phases of the moon. This affects them in various ways, such that they are at their strongest when the moon is full and their weakest during a lunar eclipse. The phase of the moon also strongly affects the werewolf's emotions, such that they can become almost overwhelming near the full moon. Werewolves often find a strong urge to shift during the full moon, as well as on the nights just before and after a full moon. Most werewolves eventually learn to control their shifts and to manage their emotions via various methods.



One of the most important things to Scott right now is the Beacon Hills Pack. They are who he fights for and who he must protect. While he would never think of them this way, they can (and often are) a liability used against him by malicious forces.



While all the supernatural issues are well and good, Scott also has many things he has to take care of as a human. His mother needs him (for a variety of reasons), school is always looming, team sports are demanding, and then there's the money concerns... can he handle it all?



This is a power Scott rightfully earned but many others wish to steal. While he continues to grow in strength, he is still in many ways inexperienced in the world of Wolves and the Supernatural, and unaware of the forces arrayed against him.



Due to his being a werewolf, Scott is vulnerable to all of the weaknesses that affect werewolves. These includes (but is not limited to) wolfsbane or monkshood, mountain ash, a total lunar eclipse, moonstone, and low-amp electricity, all of which either have a serious effect on a werewolf's health and well-being or affect his ability to shift.


Previously, on Before the Dawn...

Before the night of the Wolf Moon, Scott and Stiles traverse the woods in search of a dead body for reasons that only Stiles actually cares about. Scott suffers a series of asthma attacks to be followed up by an animal attack of unknown origin. When his senses start going crazy and he becomes a lacrosse playing master, Scott and Stiles uncover the terrifying truth that Scott was bitten by a werewolf. During this time Scott meets Derek Hale and Allison Argent, the latter of which he asks out only to have the date interrupted by a forced transformation brought on by an almost kiss with Alison. At home, Scott's transformation continues and Stiles inadvertantly sends him on a "rescue" mission to save Allison. Scott confronts Derek, gets his ass whooped and discover there are such things as werewolf hunters. The next day, Scott apologizes to Allison and it is revealed that her father is the leader of the hunters. Oops?

Life doesn't get any better for Scott. He has to deal with trying to date Allison, eventually reveals to her his secret of being a werewolf. Then there's the whole dealing with Derek shenanigans because he's mean but helpful, kind of. He struggles with trying to be both human and werewolf, even wanting to get rid of the curse sometimes. It really isn't the best thing for him right now in his life. To make matters worse, Peter Hale's an Alpha werewolf that wants to make Scott join his Pack! The drama intensfies as there's an all out war between the werewolves, the Alpha and the hunters. It's wolfy madness and by the end of it all: Derek's the new Alpha. More importantly, though, Scott's relationship with Allison just got a whole lot more complicated.

Things get a little bit more painful as complications just continue to rise. There's a new supernatural threat in Beacon Hills that comes to be known as a Kanima. Nobody knows who it is and they spend quite a bit of time trying to figure it out. Not only that but war has been declared on the werewolves by the hunters. There's this really nasty debacle with a random Omega werewolf being cut in half. Derek, of course, tries to use this to get Scott to join his Pack. While all of this is going on, Peter returns to life (somehow thanks to Lydia), Derek makes a bunch of teenagers into his Pack and Stiles still doesn't get with Lydia. Eventually the Kanima is revealed to be Jackson and a glorious battle ensues between the werewolves, the Kanima and Gerard Argent. Scott pulls a fast one on Gerard, Jackson gets freed of his Kanima curse and becomes a werewolf. Allison breaks up with Scott but Scott definitely feels that there is hope for them in the future. Through it all, though, Scott still has Stiles and that's the most important thing.

Another year, another supernatural evil that plagues Beacon Hills and attempts to kill Scott and his friends. The darkness that comes for them this time turns out to be a Darach which is just a druid with some seriously bad intentions. A series of unfortunate events leads to all sorts of chaos and death. There's an Alpha Pack in the mix this time and Scott is even sporting a new tattoo! One that Derek has to help him make stick because of his healing abilities. That is the least of the troubles, though, as the trouble with the Alpha Pack grows. Innocent people are dying as a result of the Darach's dark ritual. When it all comes to a head, though, Scott takes on both the Alpha Pack and the Darach. He proves himself to be the ultimate in werewolfiness when he pushes through a Mountain Ash barrier and becomes a True Alpha.

So. What's next?

Melissa McCall

Scolissa: Scott McCall & Melissa McCall - OTP (One True Parent)

As mother and son, Melissa and Scott McCall are decidedly and undeniably the same. As a Parental Pairing the relationship between mother and son couldn't be stronger. Scott respects and loves his mother in a way that most teenagers do not have the luxury of doing. Melissa guides and cares for her son in a way that most parents wish they could. While the relationship is far from perfect they share an openness with each other that is refreshing and constant. Their bond is one that would take more than supernatural activities to break.

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Stiles Stilinski

Sciles: Scott McCall & Stiles Stilinski - BroTP (One True Bromance)

Scott and Stiles are the epitome of Best Friends Forever. They share a relationship that is built on trust, kinship and time. They have managed to transcend the usual challenges of being friends to fall into the realm of True Brotherhood. They don't always agree but they always know each other better than maybe even they know themselves. A step away from their respective parental units the most important person in each of their lives is each other. It will take more than mere supernatural tomfoolery to shatter such an unbreakable bromance.

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Liam Dunbar

Sciam: Scott McCall & Liam Dunbar - OTP (One True Pup)

Scott McCall bit Liam Dunbar to save his life. While the creation of his first Beta was less than planned and more of a haphazard life saving moment, Scott has since embraced Liam. He feels a sense of parental responsibility and is attempting to guide Liam through the process of living his life as a werewolf, even while he's learning to be one himself. Scott and Liam share an actual supernatural and spiritual bond that can only be achieved between Alpha and Beta.

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Derek Hale

Scerek: Scott McCall & Derek Hale - ObiTP (Obi-Wan True Platonicship)

Scott and Derek's platonicship is certainly one for the record books. Derek considered Scott to be brethren ever since Scott was bitten and gave him so tough love training in werewolfdom. Scott took forever to realize how he felt about Derek. They clash on their methods a lot of the time. Derek is more about finality and results, whereas Scott is about protecting people and less violence. They seem to be able to compromise and they certainly care about each other in a way that is fairly common of creatures of the same ilk. Friends might not be the right word to use. Maybe allies?

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  • Sometimes has Asthma.
  • Works at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic.
  • Beacon Hills High lacrosse team captain. #11
  • Has never seen Star Wars.
  • Widely known as the best friend and partner in crime of Stiles Stilinski.

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