Not Quite the Batmobile

This blue and black 1980 Jeep CJ-5 is a solid old beast that used to belong to Claudia Stilinski. After Claudia's death, the Jeep was left in the keeping of Noah Stilinski. Years later, Noah passed the vehicle on to his son, Stiles. While Stiles would often speak disparagingly about the Jeep, calling it a "piece of crap" and insisting that he didn't care much about it, he gave it the affectionate nickname "Roscoe" and proceeded to take the best care of it that he knew how. So it has continued to present day.

Fortunately, Roscoe seems to always take a pounding and yet keep on chugging along. As Stiles is not particularly trained as a mechanic, he has largely figured out how to take care of the car on his own--which means that, sometimes, parts of the engine are literally held together by duct tape. But, as he tells himself, even the Millennium Falcon looked like a piece of junk. So, don't worry.

She'll hold together.

This vehicle appears in many logs, but many of them predate the creation of this page. Many appearances, as such, may not be visible on this list.

Logs featuring Roscoe:

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