This neighborhood has a comfortable sort of feel, and a citywide reputation for great restaurants. Sometimes called "New Chinatown", the prevalence of Chinese groceries and restaurants and Cantonese chatter here rivals that of the actual district on Grant Avenue. The Richmond district is not so renowned as some others, but is one of the best places for a variety of ethnic cuisine. True, the fog rolls in early, but on Clement Street you'll find great Burmese, Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean restaurants. Chinese bakeries sell siu mai, steamed buns, and other dim sum for under a dollar stand between produce markets that offer bitter melon, several kinds of choy, or 10 lemons for a dollar. Bustling and multicultural, Richmond is a bit of an ethnic stew. Each different part brings something important to the mix, giving rise to the whole effect. Attractive stucco houses and grand mansions line the streets, while there is easy access to the Presidio just a short jaunt to the north. A wide variety of inexpensive eateries and shops offer a number of possibilities, from browsing the stacks of one of the city's best bookstores to sipping Hong Kong-style pearl tea.

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