The Addictive Psychic

Rabbit is a survivor of being held captive by a vampire who kept him for years as a blood bag. His blood is like a drug for Vampires. He developed his powers in spite of being weakened by blood drain. He freed himself but is an orphan and has no family left alive.

Personality Edit

Rabbit is a survivor. He was born with an innate instinct to keep on going. He has seen a lot of messed up things in his short life. He saw his entire family slaughtered. He has lost friends and lovers. His visions have given him some of the worst images in the world. He has seen the world ending more times than anyone should care to see. And yet he has kept on fighting. He perseveres. He still has a hatred for vampires, but because he has become friends with some of them he doesn't outright try and kill any vampire. He will always have a nagging distrust for them. He always wants to do the right thing. He is also a flirt, and he doesn't have a problem with telling people how it is. He will speak his mind and let people know what he is thinking. In the end, he will do what it takes to survive, though. However, now he tries to save as many other people along with himself as he can.


Rabbit HoleEdit

Rabbit was born with a natural survival instinct. He has always done whatever it takes to survive. He grew his psychic powers like a rare plant. He cultivated them until he was strong enough to break free. Everything that he has ever done was for self preservation. Recently, as he has grown in power he has been attracting more and more powerful creatures. As such, he has had to adapt. When the flight or fight response overpowers him to the point where his instincts are saying that he will not survive or if Rabbit takes enough damage to potentially threaten his survival, it may trigger the Rabbit Hole exit strategy.

When the Rabbit Hole becomes active, Rabbit's psyche creates a telekinetic cocoon around himself, and the psychic cocoon teleports him into the Astral Plane, transporting him out of danger. He has no control as to where the Astral Plane throws him back into the regular world. It just moves him somewhere that seems to be "safe." This can translate into anywhere that whatever powers that be might be guiding his trajectory consider to be what he needs to be safe. It could be a hospital, a healer's doorstep, a safehouse or just 500 miles away. He has no control over this.




Rabbit had shown natural artistic talent from a young age. While he was trapped by the vampire master. He was left in a room for hours on end to perfect his technique. Drawing with pencil, charcoal, colored pencils. Paint with oil, watercolors. His artwork could hang in galleries and be sold for a great deal of money.



Rabbit's training has been more focused on self defense. His training focus is just on getting away from attackers, escaping holds and preventing people overpowering him, using training in aikido to use the attacker's own force against them. His technique is to survive and get away.



Rabbit has learned the art of meditation to help clear his mind. He can quickly calm himself and get regain his focus.



Rabbit has spent a lot of his time doing yoga positions. Tied in with his meditation techniques. He is very flexible and can do most Yoga poses. He works best during hot yoga.




Rabbit has no control over this power. He has no ability to call upon the clairvoyance visions. Randomly he will be slapped with a vision of some sort. Of the future, of the past, of the present. He cannot will it to happen. Sometimes he will just touch something and it it will trigger a response. This is a power for plot runners to use freely. The stronger the vision, the more it knocks Rabbit on his ass. It can cause nose bleeds, dizzy spells, nausia, passing out.



Rabbit can get a general feel for a crowd of the people just by picking up the general feeling put off by them. People with strong willpower or shields have an easier time hiding their emotions from Rabbit. Rabbit has an easier time reading a persons specific emotional state. Especially if they have physical contact. Vampires who have fed off of Rabbit can also get surface emotions read. The more recent the feeding, the easier it is. On a much weaker level, he can project emotions onto others. He can suggest they feel a certain way. The weaker the mind, the easier he can project to it.



Rabbit has been able to use his psychic powers to put illusions into someone's head. If he can beat someone's willpower, he can get into their head. It is currently only strong enough to work on a one on one basis. However, since it is a direct mental connection, he can make the person believe they are actually experiencing the real thing. He is able to tap into all five senses of the person. They can taste a beer they drinking. They can feel being tickled by an illusionary feather. They can smell a flower. They can hear whispers. The illusion only lasts as long as Rabbit is concentrating on the person.



Rabbit is an extremely powerful psychic. His telekinetic strength has grown exponentially. He was training for years while being drained. When he gained enough power to free himself, when Rabbit recovered he was extremely more powerful. He can lift massive amounts of weight with his mind and multiple objects at once. He also has finesse to do fine things like painting. His telekinetic strength can lift tons of weight. He can throw a telekinetic force punch the same strength of a creature with supernatural power. He can also throw up a telekinetic shield of the same strength level. His telekinesis lasts as long as his mental reserves can hold them.



Rabbit can for the most part, not yet read the minds of the undead. He has been around vampires enough that he has trained himself to pick up on vampire emotions. This works better on a vampire that has fed off of him. He has read some surface thoughts from the master vampire who kept him captive. But that was years of learning his mind and being fed from Rabbit's blood. If Rabbit wins an opposed willpower, he can read the minds of others. Surface thoughts mostly. Direct eye contact gives him a better chance. Skin contact gives him even more of an advantage. The harder he focuses, the deeper he delves.




Rabbit has trained his mental facilities to be greater than normal humans. He has endured torture and kidnapping and came out relatively unscathed considering it. His brain is a maze surrounded by a fortress with a moat and an army of guardians. He can endure more mental duress than others. He doesn't crumble easily under pressure situations and keeps his head clear in a crisis.



Rabbit's brain is a complex thing. It is a steel trap. He has the uncanny ability to call up facts from deep in his past. He has photographic memory. Once his brain has seen something or experienced it, he can recall it like opening a book to a specific page and reading the facts from it.




Rabbit is addicted to Caffeine and he has a terrible sweet tooth. If he goes too long without Caffeine he will endure terrible caffeine headaches that can be debilitating.



Rabbit gets a lot of terrible visions in his sleep. As such, he tries hard to avoid deep sleep. Caffeine and Sweets are usually used to keep himself awake. He has developed a caffeine addiction from it. He gets terrible caffeine headaches if he doesn't feed the beast.



Rabbit's blood is infused with his psychic energy and it causes those who consume it to have an intoxicated affect. Vampires are drawn to him because of this. His scent is also intoxicating.



Rabbit's entire family was slaughtered by the Vampire who kidnapped him. He has no family. Technically he is a ward fo the state.



Rabbit cannot control his visions of the future, present or past. He often gets hit with them randomly. The more powerful the vision the more he gets knocked on his ass.



Rabbit does not trust vampires. He has an extreme hatred for them. He will not work together with a vampire. He will not even be civil and given the chance he would put down a vampire without a second thought.

Alexavier Rushford was born to a well off family in New York City, New York. He was always a special kid. Kind of small and really sweet. There was just something about Alexavier that people seemed to gravitate towards him. He had an innocent air about him. He was born with the gift. A psychic gift that his grandmother had. She was a Romani or Gypsy. He never met his grandmother. His mother had left company when she was in her teens. She fell in love with boy who was working to become a Doctor. The Rushfords were all rich. A doctor, Lawyer or Ceo of some Fortune 500 company. Alexavier was sent to great private schools and it was there that his artistic talent was developed. He was very good at artwork even at an early age. His psychic gift was mostly empathy and some minor telepathy. But it was what was in his blood that caused the Rushfords to be removed from the face of the earth.

Alexavier was 13 at the time, he was a skinny small guy. As puberty hit and the hormones started to rage, his powers bloomed. During fits of teenage rage, things would start to move. His telekinetic talent was taking dominance. One night, they were at a fairly well to do party. And Alexavier caught the attention of Maximus. The beautiful man was the belle of the ball. Men and women flocked to the dark and mysterious stranger. They all wanted his attention. But it was Alexavier that caught the mysterious man's attention. He dismissed them all, to go sit with the teen who was forced to endure this event from the corner. He worked on his artwork in silence. Maximus was enthralled with the teen. Something about the boy's scent. And then it happened. An innocent paper cut on the sketch pad. The scent of his blood filling the air. Maximus didn't even get a taste of it before he lost control. Maximus was a Gladiator in the first games of the Colosseum. As a reward for winning, he was turned into a vampire. Maximus, scented the blood and he lost it. The entire party was slaughtered and Alexavier curled up in a ball in the corner. And that was where the nickname Rabbit came from.

Everyone at the event was killed. The vampire gorged himself and then bathed in their blood. And the entire time, the little Rabbit was curled up in the corner. When the last drop of blood hit the floor, Alexavier Rushford was an orphan. Most of his family was killed by Maximus. The vampire came in and got a taste of Rabbit and it was love at first bite. At least for Maximus. The gladiator had a taste and he was in euphoria. The affect of the power that was obvious in the Psychic was driving him crazy. Maximus decided to keep the Rabbit as his pet. The teen was taken and kept in Maximus' home. He was given a room and was drained by the vampire daily. The affects of the feeding had weakened him tremendously. It drained him mentally and physically. As time went by, Maximus spoiled his precious pet. He would buy him the finest art supplies and take him all throughout the world. They travelled to many beautiful places and Rabbit was kept like a little pet. As time went by, Rabbit decided he didn't want this life any longer. He started working on strengthening his powers. Slowly, day by day. The teen worked on his mental capacity. It was not easy, the mental drain was intense. But he had nothing but time. He worked daily to increase his strength. It was not easy. Every day was a struggle. But Rabbit had determination and his art. He would create works of art for Maximus and practice his powers. As the years went by, Rabbit hid his growing strength from Maximus. He was kept weak and yet he was still growing stronger.

Shortly after Rabbit turned 17, he had enough strength to finally end Maximus' claim over him. He could lift the coffin that the vampire slept it. From his chains, he threw the coffin out of the apartment that they were staying in. The vampire was burned to ash in front of Rabbit's eyes. He was free. But he had no where to go. He spent 4 years as a blood slave. He regained his strength slowly. And found himsef so much stronger. Rabbit had no where to go. So he wandered around the United States trying to find his place. And that's when he made his way to California, a lot warmer for a homeless kid to live on the streets.

It was in California that Rabbit has succeeded in becoming his own person. He has become stronger as a psychic and as an artist. His artwork has started to gain some renown. He has been very useful in helping to save the world on many occasions. His psychic strength continued to grow. His visions have been integral in helping prevent some end of the world situations. He has made friends, and lost friends. The teen has taken some more responsibility with his gifts. There is a time and a place for everything, and he has learned that there need to be sacrifices made sometimes. The death of winter must come to enjoy the rebirth of spring. It is a learning experience that made him more mature. As his strength increased, not everything was great. He attracts the attention of even bigger and badder guys. It was the new attraction that triggered a new ability, the Rabbit Hole. He was going about his everyday life, and he was attacked. He was able to create a barrier to hold off this powerful monster that wanted to drain him dry. However, his psychic powers protected him. It covered him in the cocoon of psychic energy, and he was thrust into the Astral Plane. Hew was thrown out hundreds of miles from where he was, and he decided to stay low key to avoid enticing the big bad to come after him again.

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