North Beach is also known as the City's "Little Italy" and has historically been home to a large Italian American population. The dining scene strongly reflects this, as it is still home to many Italian restaurants. However, in more recent years the area has become increasingly ethnically diverse, and what was once the center of the beatnik subculture has become one of San Francisco's main nightlife districts as well as a residential neighborhood populated by a mix of young urban professionals, families, and Chinese immigrants. The area bustles with activity during the day, and at night offers somewhat tamer diversions than elsewhere in the city. Along the northern part of the neighborhood, Lombard street continues from its more famous stretch along Russian Hill, until the street's far eastern end wraps around the circular base of Coit Tower, stretching up into a tall, dome-capped white cylinder and offering an excellent view of the bay and the Embarcadero. The southern part of this neighborhood borders Chinatown, while the heart of the city's Financial District lies along the coast to the southeast.

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