Sheriff of Beacon County

Sheriff Stilinski is a veteran of the United States Army who has spent most of his life in Beacon Hills. Formerly a deputy of the department, he now serves as the sheriff of Beacon County. Stilinski is a widower with no close family apart from his son, Stiles, who frequently causes his father various headaches.

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Sheriff Stilinski is a man who has been toughened by life, facing more hardship and loss than most. He learned to be a survivor in the armed forces, and he learned to be a good man by building a family he loved. The death of his wife taught him new lessons about life and loss, and then he had to balance being a working man in law enforcement and also raising his son, Stiles, as a single parent. The result of all this is a man who is confident but thoughtful, occasionally stubborn but willing to reflect upon his actions and change his path when the evidence shows he should, and who is tough not just for the sake of machismo, but because he believes it's his job to protect others. Underneath it all, often buried deep, is a quirky sense of humor and a playful heart, but few know him well enough to see much of it.

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Stilinski is in excellent physical shape, particularly for a man of middle age.



Stilinski isn't the world's greatest unarmed fighter, but he's capable and dependable in a fight, thanks to his Army training and years of law enforcement.



Stilinski's still a top-notch shot with various firearms, though he is particularly comfortable using a revolver, shotgun, or hunting rifle.



While Stilinski isn't a detective, he's no slouch at solving crimes. With a healthy mix of good instincts and experience, he manages to solve many cases that no small-time county sheriff normally would.



Stilinski is a veteran law enforcement officer, experienced in all the various procedures and requirements of his job.



The truth is, Stilinski is a much better sheriff than he is a politician. Perhaps it's his dedication to the job that keeps getting him elected, since it certainly isn't that he's the best campaigner around.




Stilinski is the sheriff of Beacon County. This grants him a variety of useful resources, including high-ranking local legal authority, a decent salary, and a number of allies he can normally call upon.




Stilinski lost his wife to a wasting illness, forcing him to raise his son, Stiles, alone. Despite the fact that Stiles is now a legal adult, Stilinski is extremely protective of him. From looking the other way on traffic tickets to risking life and limb to handcuffing him to a desk, there is little the sheriff would not do to protect his son.



Apart from his duty as sheriff, though perhaps secondary to his commitment to protecting what's left of his family, Stilinski is a protector by nature. He will almost always put himself at risk before others, always face the danger rather than letting someone else do it for him. As a cop with a gun in a world full of monsters, this can be quite a dangerous thing.



Despite all the good he can do, Stilinski is still part of the System. He generally has to play by the rules and obey the law, at least enough to keep his job. While he sometimes looks the other way if he believes it's the right thing to do, the sheriff does have people he must answer to.

|-| Background= Raised in a traditionally minded American home, Stilinski had what he'd describe as an average, working-class upbringing. Wild but not too unruly as a kid, he grew up with a desire to do good, but also to see the world. As his family lacked money, he joined the military, where he served during Operation Desert Shield. Upon completing his time in the Army, he returned home to Beacon Hills, where he became a deputy in the sheriff's department and met his future wife, Claudia. The two married, and in time they had their son. They gave him a family name that isn't easy to pronounce, so before long he came to be known simply as "Stiles." All was good for a long time. Stilinski even became sheriff. Sadly, Claudia began to suffer from a condition known as frontotemporal dementia, and the illness eventually claimed her life. This left Stilinski to raise their son on his own, and this proved no easy task, but in the years since the sheriff has managed to keep Stiles alive and relatively healthy, keep a roof over their heads, and even maintain relative law and order in Beacon County.

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