San Francisco's Mission district is made up of broad streets, lined with taquerias, pupuserias, produce markets, Salvadoran bakeries, salones de belleza, auto-repair shops, and check-cashing centers that post rates for wiring money to Central America. The Mission district has been home to scores of Mexican and Central American immigrants since the 1950s, making it one of the City's many ethnic neighborhoods. Cafés, thrift shops, and used book stores cater to the many "alternative" sorts who find their way to the Mission--artists, activists, and more. Since the tech boom of the nineties, this historic neighborhood has had to battle waves of gentrification in the form of trendy restaurants and boutiques, higher rents, and highly paid young professionals. In general terms, the 24th Street area is the cultural heart of the Mission, the stretch from Dolores Street to Valencia Street is young and upscale, the area around 16th and Valencia streets hops with nightlife, and the industrial area near Bryant Street has popular restaurants.

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