Fashionable Occult Investigator

Heir to her uncle's shop that sold cursed items masquerading as harmless antiques, Micki now works with her cousin Ryan and mentor Jack to recover those items before they cause further harm to the world.

Personality Edit

Micki is a good person. She has to be. Surrounded by temptation and dark treasures, given the promise of a ruthless and wealthy fiance, and saddled with a formidable destiny, she has plunged into the fray time and again to do what's right. She is usually friendly, warm, and approachable, but at times she can appear shallow and sometimes callous; she's human too, and she isn't a saint. She is not quick to anger, but she doesn't roll over for anyone, especially if what they're doing is unfair. Micki is not easily frightened either, and she has stared down certain doom without batting a perfectly-curled eyelash.

If there is one quality about her that stands out to most, it would be the fact that even though she is a good person, she has been known to take satisfaction from the downfall of some of her enemies. Most all of them having been people out to murder her in cold blood, her satisfaction would seem to be understandable, though some may find it unsettling.

She is dependable and fair, especially with those who have won her trust. Level-headed to the extreme, Micki can always be counted on to keep it real in a dangerous situation.



Even with her remarkable level of willpower and ability to process things outside of the normal human experience, Micki draws upon even greater strength in situations where others would crumble. Hurled back three hundred years for days at a time without any previous preparation? She'll be fine. Experimented on by mad scientists? She can keep her wits about her. Confronted by a masked killer? She has the presence of mind to figure out how to take them down and get out alive. Faced with oblivion? She only needs a moment to snap into action. Chosen as the bride of some incomprehensible being of evil, who is emerging into the room in its true form? She's going to kick it back to wherever it came from, probably with some impractically stylish footwear.

When something happens to Micki that would normally shatter the sanity or ability of a person to deal with, she instead tends to excel. She's in her element, more than even most supernaturally-gifted people. Her mind tends to come together with a plan, or she has the impulse to do something that is just the thing needed at the moment. She's suffered her share of bad fortune, but she's able to bounce back and also able to save herself from the danger, while usually also dealing a serious blow to the machinations of evil.




Micki is proficient in the workings of business in all areas, from shop sales to administration. This includes inventory, acquisitions, relations, and so much more.



Micki is a more than able hand-to-hand combatant, although she prefers to avoid conflict wherever possible. She is proficient at firearms, polearms, bladed weapons, blunt weapons, and is especially skilled with improvised weaponry.



Micki is as superb at disguise as she is at fashion, which may be unsurprising since the two are related. Her skill in this is more usually applied with striking costumery for parties and other occasions, but she is able enough with makeup and costume to allow her to pass convincingly as a man, for example. Micki is on the level of professional makeup artists and costumers.



Though perhaps a little fashion-forward for some people's tastes (and perhaps a bit retro for others), Micki knows how to dress and style herself. Her unique sense of style is always striking, sometimes shocking, and often breathtaking.



Micki is excellent at investigation and solving mysteries with a minimum of clues and leads. She is quick to put things together and quick to recall relevant information and experiences.



Whether by using her natural charm or by engaging in subterfuge, Micki is very good at getting what she wants. She is able to read people well, and when possible, she can ably use social situations to her advantage. Not to say that she's less effective one-on-one, though it depends on the person; some people will quickly and easily go along with her, while others are only inspired to resist her more. Nevertheless, she wins out more times than not.



The occult Craft includes herbalism, spellcraft, research, the preparation and performance of rituals, awareness of the supernatural world, and more. A practicing witch is competent and versed in all these things, understanding the properties of plants and their role in magic, knowing a variety of spells and how to use them, and certainly knows how to seek out information they don't already have. Whether based on their own knowledge or using a grimoire, they are able to recognize, analyze, and counter spells, and even come up with original spells or alter existing ones. While Micki is still learning many of the former points of this skill, she does qualify as more than a mere novice.



Micki thinks quickly and can develop winning strategy on the fly. Even when she's backed into a corner, Micki can often manage a surprising and complete turn of the odds with her skillfulness.




Micki has within her the potential for magic, but it is untrained and undeveloped. This means that she would be able to follow a ritual and have it likely turn out well, and that magical items and enchantments may not always have as strong an effect on her as those around her. It also gives her a rudimentary magic sense, although this mostly manifests itself as intuition. Her particular inclination is to witchcraft, which would be easily detected by anyone with a developed enough magic sense.




Micki possesses a rare ability, even for witches. Called Tempus Infinituum, it allows her to manipulate time itself. She is able to use this to erase injury by "reminding" a living thing of the chosen point before they were wounded, and she is even able to resurrect living things by turning back the circumstances of their demise; this can be risky for both her and the person. The longer they have been in an injured or dead state, the more power and focus it will take, and the more it can potentially hurt Micki to do. A side effect of her power is that, sometimes, she may reduce the age of the subject as well.

To actually travel through time requires immersion in water able to cover her body completely, and it further requires tremendous focus. Focus is furthermore required to remain in any time, and it is made more difficult by more distance in time. To travel to a time and stay there for a significant period would require the power level of a Supreme, and otherwise it may cause serious injury or death. The assistance of other mages, as well as an item from the earlier place and time, are very helpful when attempting to travel through time. A full coven may be needed to better ensure the safety of a non-Supreme who attempts it.

Tempus Infinituum is only available with staff approval and is generally for plot purposes.




Micki isn't too proud to play along in order to take advantage of people's faults, flaws, and insecurities. If that means playing dumb, pretending she's a pushover, or the pretense of flirtation, she'll do what it takes to achieve her goals.



The Curious Goods crew are as close as can be, and Micki can rely on them in any time of trouble. They have defied cosmic forces to save her, and she would do the same for them.



Micki has a tremendous presence and is a visually striking and memorable person. This can make it easier for her to persuade others to go along with what she presents to them. She finds it easy to gather and keep a crowd, and she could conceivably inspire a number of people towards some goal. Her strong presence also can allow her to simply steamroll those who cannot stand up to it, at least for the moment.



Micki possesses extraordinary willpower and fortitude. She can withstand remarkable duress far beyond an average human without lasting trauma, including dying and coming back from the dead. It is significantly more difficult to attempt to mesmerize her, to tempt her, or to mislead her than it is to do the same thing to an average human; she is also not cowed by physical threats.



Micki is not limited to speaking English; she's also fluent in French (and able to speak and understand both languages even flawlessly in a style from hundreds of years before the present day) and conversent in a number of other languages, as well as able to figure out ciphers and some ancient languages.



Micki has the potential to be a Supreme. If she were to be properly trained in the ways of witchcraft, she could potentially command virtually any power, which would include but not be limited to the Seven Wonders. A potential Supreme generally only starts to gain strength when the previous Supreme is either losing it or ready to hand down the title and powers attached, so it is unlikely that Micki would start to grow in power significantly unless or until that were to happen. Still, being identified as a potential Supreme means that it may be easier to influence people in some circles, and if the worst occurs, Micki can step up to a position of potent leadership.



Curious Goods, the shop Micki has inherited, has a vault where cursed items can be placed and effectively neutralized as long as they remain within its bounds.




Micki is practically a beacon for the supernatural. Weird things happen around her all the time, even when a cursed item isn't involved. Supernatural beings tend to find her, and oddities fill her day to day life.



Micki has enemies, powerful ones. Not only her Satan-worshipping Uncle Lewis, who hates her and would kill her as soon as look at her, but also forces as formidable as entities that could pass for the Devil himself. As well as this, few who have acquired the cursed items Micki works to recover are eager to let them go, and she often finds herself targeted by them too.



With all the advantages that being a potential Supreme has, it also boasts some serious downsides. Anyone opposed to witches and aware of her potential may target her, in order to remove potential inheritance of power and position. It can also drag her into politics between groups of people she may not even be acquainted with, by the fact of her potential alone. Overall, it presents numerous threats to Micki and directs even more danger at her and her allies, if anyone hears of this trait who shouldn't.



It's hard to forget someone as visually striking and memorable as Micki. The fact that she stands out in a crowd isn't always something that acts to her advantage, and sometimes it can make her a very tempting target.

When her uncle Lewis Vendredi died suddenly, Micki found herself heir to his antique shop. She wasn't the only one; her cousin Ryan, she discovered, had also been left the shop, with the intent that the two would take it together. After innocently selling off many of the items in the interest of closing the shop and getting back to their lives, Micki and Ryan soon found out from Jack -- an old friend and then enemy of Lewis's -- that Lewis had sold his soul to the Devil and that the items were all cursed, giving spectacular results but demanding terrible prices.

Initially, Micki was reluctant to help Ryan and Jack to retrieve the items, and this was in part due to her ruthless fiance Lloyd. However, her integrity soon began to assert itself, and ultimately Micki broke off the engagement so that she could help the others recover the items that she had unknowingly well as the ones Lewis had spread into the world like a plague.

After months of doing this, Micki steadily became stronger and more capable. She and the others grew closer to each other than anyone else, a small, close-knit family between them. Facing menace after menace, even an attack beyond the grave from Lewis, a time-traveling vampire, and a murderous scarecrow, Micki was killed by a cursed coin that had fallen into the hands of a Satanic cult.

Ryan and Jack, though devastated, continued working to retrieve the coin and were able to manipulate the cult into using it to bring Micki back. Though she has since recovered from the incident, it has not left her without lingering issues. Despite this, she continues to work in order to gather the items and stop them from poisoning the lives of others. If anything, it has strengthened her resolve to prevent the spread of evil.