Scott McCall's Bedroom

The residence of Melissa McCall and her son, Scott, is located at 821 Williamson Road in Beacon Hills' West Hills, North neighborhood. An older home, it has been known to have its problems. Sometimes the roof leaks, or the electrical or plumbing needs work, but it's a sturdy and spacious home. Formerly the unofficial headquarters of Scott McCall's pack, it ceased to serve that purpose after the packs merged and the group shifted to using other locations, such as Hale House.

It's still a great place to be when Melissa cooks Sunday dinner, though.

Physical DescriptionEdit

This is a nice house, gray green with white accents, two stories tall with wooden siding. There's a full front porch and a nice, well-tended yard. Inside, the house is all hardwood floors and study furniture. It has the look of a place frequented by teenagers, though there are obviously maternal influences here, too: throw rugs, curtains, and a perpetually well-stocked kitchen. The walls are beige with wooden wainscoting, the furniture more comfortable and durable than fancy. All in all, it has the feel of being lived-in, a place where things must be taken care of rather than replaced.

Logs featuring McCall Residence:

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