The Marble Court is a multi-purpose club, owned by Rey Devoss. Modeled after the style of the Palace of Versailles, the Court is one part dance club, one part bar, and one part fine dining establishment. The dance club is a ballroom, modeled on the Salon d'Hercule, which can serve as a formal venue or, when the lights go out, can serve as a rave and dance club. The bar, more properly referred to as the cocktail lounge, is a posh space where high-end drinks are in the offing, ranging from wine and spirits to cocktails and beverages on tap. There's even a soda fountain, for those who do not imbibe alcohol. The restaurant, dubbed the "café," is a fine dining venue with an extravagant yet intimate setting, allowing guests to enjoy a more formal or relaxed atmosphere, depending on the crowd. There is also a private area of the club, located via "secret passage" behind a bookcase in the cocktail lounge, which only opens to those with membership cards.

Rules[edit | edit source]

Upon checking in to the club, guests are issued wrist bands, which are stamped with a different symbol each night, so they must be obtained anew on each visit. The bands are color-coded to allow guests access to different features of the club. For instance, while minors can come in to dance or enjoy the café, they will not be served any alcohol. There is a members-only area, located below the cocktail lounge, where minors and non-members are strictly not allowed.

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