Anger Management Werewolf

Liam is a born wolf who was originally diagnosed with I.E.D. After trashing his Coach's car he was expelled from private school. While learning to control his temper he was homeschooled and discovered he learned much faster without distractions. After he was found and trained by the Beacon Hills Pack, he was accepted to college several years early.

Personality Edit

Liam has come a long way since he originally became a werewolf, and his personality has also changed. He's still the same cocky, and some may say adorkable, pup he has always been, only now there is a lot more patience to him. He rarely loses control and typically only gets angry with good reason. Given a choice he'll always revert to being the fun-loving slightly smug pup he has always been, but if the need arises he can be serious and focused.


I Fell in a HoleEdit

Liam has a unique ability that seems utterly unexplainable. Some might call it luck. Things that would appears to be bad such as running into people or falling into holes, or tripping have unexpected side effects. He might fall into a hole and end up avoiding a bullet, while simultaneously finding a clue to solve a mystery. Or end up through some extremely unlikely chain of events in his boxers in the quad, and get offered a modeling deal. Somehow what should be negative things often if not always end up being good for him and as such he's got a nearly constant optimistic and upbeat attitude.




Liam is exceptionally smart even though that fact is often hidden by his adorkable personality and the fact he's very easily distracted. After getting kicked out from private school his mom home schooled him online. Following this he was admitted to college on an academic scholarship.



Liam is a natural at all things physical. He works out often as a way to keep his I.E.D. in check. He was in line to be the first freshman team captain for the lacrosse team at Devonford Prep before he got kicked out. Even though he's short and young the kid is in excellent shape, and can outperform most humans even without using his werewolf abilities.



After the incident with the coach's car, Liam's counselor suggested he find an outlet that was slightly let confrontational than a competitive sport. So, Liam picked up the drums. He's always loved music, and there is something very relaxing, almost zen, about playing an instrument.



Liam's natural talent in athleticism extends to martial arts. After being expelled from school he took several classes in martials arts in hopes that he'd learn control. After he was found by the pack, Derek and the others further trained him in fighting and how to adapt the moves he knows depending if he's wolfed out or not.




Children of the Moon are famously able to transform into more bestial shapes, gaining various special traits and abilities based on their current form. With training, they learn to perform partial-shifts, such as manifesting claws or fangs while otherwise remaining in human form. By default, Children of the Moon of this type are able to manifest a variety of forms, ranging from the "Wolfman" form, essentially human but with fangs and claws; the "Man-Wolf" form, or war form, which resembles a massive, bipedal wolf; the "Direwolf" or enormous, primeval wolf form; and the ordinary "Wolf" form. The special traits that their various forms provide are detailed in other power entries.



Children of the Moon can easily intimidate weaker-willed beings simply by making their eyes glow and growling or snarling towards them. The Children naturally give off a predatory aura, which is especially effective against mundane animals, who tend to recognize a Child of the Moon as dangerous, thus leaving them alone rather than troubling them.



The resiliency of this type of Child of the Moon allows them to endure non-lethal wounds from personal weaponry such as swords, shotguns, or even rifles without significant loss of ability. Minor wounds heal almost instantly, and even more severe wounds will heal within a few days at most.



In their "wolfed out" forms, Children of the Moon of this type have sharp fangs and claws. These are able to carve through stone and steel, and their bite's pressure is able to shatter bone and tear flesh easily.



Werewolves can alleviate the pain of someone else by transferring it onto themselves. This requires physical contact and significant focus, becoming more difficult depending on the severity of the pain.



Children of the Moon of this variety are much tougher, stronger, and more agile than an average human, able even to twist and bend solid metal, smash through most structures short of armored or strongly-reinforced materials, and break through solid walls of cement or brick with moderate effort. They can resist substantial amounts of damage, especially blunt force trauma, and emerge either unscathed or with only minor injuries. Especially when "wolfed out," and specifically when running on all fours, they can easily outrun most mundane opponents. They also possesses superior agility, able to catch arrows in midair with moderate effort and, with a little luck, even dodge projectiles like bullets. This enables them to leap much higher and farther than an average human, as well as giving them the ability to bounce off walls and tumble like a skilled gymnast.



The senses of this type of Child of the Moon are enhanced far beyond the ability of any average human. They can hear things like a person's heartbeat and tell if they are nervous and possibly lying and clearly hear the murmur of a quiet conversation several rooms away. They can see over long distances and also possesses excellent night vision. Through scent, they can track a person, even if the trail is days old; they can also isolate specific individual scents in a larger group.




Liam comes from a wealthy family. His stepdad is a skilled surgeon, and his mom works from home as a web designer. Both are very supportive of him and help him work through his issues. Liam is one of those lucky kids who isn't spoiled but also never really wants for anything. If he wants something all he has to do is show he's serious about it and work for it and he'll probably get it.



Liam might be a little cocky--okay, a lot cocky. He's good, and he knows it. Competitive and talented, he strives for perfection in everything he does and usually achieves it.



At start of play Liam is the newest and youngest member of the Beacon Hills Pack. He's Scott's first beta and affectionately called the "puppy" by most of the pack (and, presumably, always will be). He can draw upon the strength and support of the pack's members both metaphorically and literally, as noted in his Power of the Pack advantage.



Everyone has heard the phrase "strength in numbers." For this type of werewolf, the expression is quite literally true. After being accepted by the pack's alpha (or alphas, in unusual cases), a werewolf gets stronger, faster, and tougher than they would be as a lone wolf. The strength of this enhancement depends both on how many total members the pack has, as well as how close together the members are at a given time. The size of the pack also affects the pack's alpha, whose powers increase when they're leading or protecting their pack members. In practical terms, this usually does not increase the characters' power ratings to a higher level than is on their sheet, though when the pack is strong and working together their abilities may increase from, say, Basic to Basic+ or Enhanced to Enhanced+. In staff-approved circumstances, those powers may be elevated from Basic to Enhanced or Enhanced to Supernatural as befits the current plot or scene.




Liam was diagnosed with Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) after his anger at his coach caused an unfortunate incident with his coach's car. He's angered easily and uncontrollably, but afterward he's filled with remorse and shame. Eventually it was discovered that this was his innate werewolf nature showing through, and it mostly vanished once he learned to control his wolf. However, he still has quite a bit of a temper, which mostly comes out if someone he loves is hurt. He still has occasional fits of rage that are uncontrollable; however, in his everyday life he can usually managed to keep his cool until he's away from others.



You might think that having enhanced agility and being amazing at athletics would make one smooth. In Liam's case, you'd be wrong. Sure, in combat or sports he's very skilled, but when he's not focused, he has a tendency to fall, trip, and do other careless things such as fall in holes or walk into people.



The downside of being a talented overachiever? When you fail you tend to excel at that too, and while he can usually play them off, he scores some pretty epic fails, too.



Mountain ash, when activated, creates a barrier against most supernatural creatures. Children of the Moon cannot generally penetrate such a barrier, nor can they create one.



Wolfsbane is a poisonous plant that is especially dangerous to Children of the Moon. When introduced into a Child of the Moon's system in relatively low doses, such as would harm another form of werewolf, it will act like a potent psychotropic drug or narcotic. This tends to render them fairly harmless due to being too debilitated to act. However, in larger doses, it may become highly toxic and deadly, in the manner that one could overdose on any other form of drug.

Liam Dunbar was born in Beacon Hills, California, he attended Devenford prep school, where he was on the lacrosse team. His step-father, a doctor, taught him the game, to which he had a natural aptitude. Unfortunately, he has anger issues and was diagnosed with Intermittent Explosive Disorder, for which he was prescribed medications (which he doesn't take, as they cause him to be too groggy to effectively play lacrosse). While attending Devenford, his anger issues on the field led to him being benched for the rest of the season, and in a fit of rage, he destroyed the coach's car. Consequently he was expelled from school. Rather than send him off to a public school that would be even less equipped to meet his special needs, his mother home-schooled him. He found without the distractions of sports and other kids he learned very well. He went to a counselor nearly every day, who told him to take up a more relaxing hobby than a competitive sport, so he took up tai-chi and developed a love of music, which led to him starting to learn drumming. Liam spent his days practicing tai-Chi and listening to music while doing school work, and going to a local rec center to play whatever sports he could find. However, one of his parents always accompanied him and he had to leave the second his temper started to show. One night on a full moon he was meditating in the Beacon Hills Preserve when the local werewolf pack was hunting something that, unbeknownst to Liam, was hunting him. The thing chased him to the edge of Lookout Point and he almost fell over the edge, and Scott had to bite him to save him while fighting the thing. After changing, it was revealed Liam was a slightly different breed of werewolf and that his IED issues were just that nature trying to bubble to the surface. With Scott's bite things settled down for the most part. Now he's gotten early admittance to college and spends most of his free time learning about wolf stuff with his parents approval and support.

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