K-9's is a club, owned by Jason Christopher, that's known in some circles to be friendly to werewolves.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Walking through the front door of K9's is like leaving Northern Washington's more rugged coast, to instead immediately arrive in a trendy nightclub in Seattle. Immediately upon walking in visitors are greeted by a chalkboard with impressive art of a wolf on a cliffside. Howling, while superimposed against a full moon. All around it on the chalkboard are the various items available from the bar and the kitchen. The prices are quite reasonable for the area. A right hand turn then brings you into the club itself.

The bar dominates the first half of the large open club. It stretches from the far left hand wall of the building, forming a rectangle. Easily sitting around twenty people comfortably, it is well within earshot of the stage and live music but just far enough away to allow for easier conversations and a more relaxed area to have a drink. Doorways lead back into the kitchen and additional storage.

Past the bar lie the stage and dance floor for the club. Surrounded by little bar tables and high stools, the area has just enough room for maybe 15-20 people to dance comfortably. This area is mostly dominated by the slightly elevated stage. With two pianos and room for a full band, it is a good-sized stage. There is enough room in front of the various instruments for a singer to move around easily while performing. There are two elevated "balcony" seating areas overlooking the stage area as well, with small walls separating some of them to give a feeling of slightly more intimacy. Doorways lead off to back offices and storerooms from the balcony areas.

Logs featuring K9s:

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