Duncan MacLeod is an Immortal.

While many in the supernatural community know of the existence of vampires, there is another brand of immortal that walks the world. These immortals cannot be made--they must be born, and they must die an unnatural death by violence. Once a born immortal, usually someone touched by the magic of The Quickening, is killed, they rise again and become unaging and undying--truly immortal. The only way to kill such an immortal is to separate their head from their neck, which will result in the release of the Quickening within them, which sustains them. An immortal can be "killed" by violence, but the result is a few hours at most of unconsciousness, after which they are fully restored to live once more.

In ages past, immortals were bound into a rite known as The Game, in which they were pulled by a force known as The Gathering, leading them to kill one another, claiming the heads and Quickening of their opponents in order to gain greater power. When sufficient power was won, an immortal could claim The Prize, a gift of great power. In 1985 Connor MacLeod claimed The Prize, which granted him the power to redefine reality by altering the rules of The Game. Connor chose to end The Game permanently, allowing immortals to live in peace without the pull of The Gathering, which had formerly forced them to fight.

It had been widely believed that "in the end there can be only one," though this proved to be more myth than fact--despite Connor claiming The Prize, other immortals still exist, and new immortals are still born.

Rules of Engagement Edit

Immortal society is generally fairly loose and does not have many laws. However, as a legacy of The Gathering, they maintain strict rules concerning conflict between one another.

  • Engaging in combat on Holy Ground is forbidden.
  • Once a battle has begun, interference is not allowed.
  • Combat is limited to one on one.
  • Combat should be in secret and not in front of a witness.
  • Only bladed melee weapons can be used.
  • In the end, there can be only one. (No longer true.)

General Characteristics Edit

The Quickening Edit

The Quickening is the mystic energy that grants an immortal their power. It causes them to heal rapidly, halts their aging, and fuels their personal gifts. Their Quickening is lost when the immortal is decapitated, and it is transferred--along with the fallen immortal's memories and experience--into the victor. The Quickening is a mystic power directly tied to nature and life force, and it links the immortals to those energies. This could mean many different things, depending on the specific situation. Visually, the Quickening manifests in a form very similar to arcing electricity.

Borrowing Edit

Immortals are able to emulate the traits of other creatures around them, attuning themselves to specific elements of nature. This might take the form of running with the speed of a stag, hearing as acutely as a wolf, or feeling the earth and wind around them through trees and plants. The immortal cannot change shape, such as to gain claws or such, but they may gain the "essence" of a target creature's ability. Their targets must be living creatures with some connection to Nature; this power generally does not work with the undead, with spirits, or with extraplanar beings such as angels or demons.

The Buzz Edit

Immortals have an innate magic sense, commonly called "The Buzz." This sense allows them to sense the presence of magic and supernatural beings, though it is most potent and focused in the presence of sources of The Quickening, which allows them to easily perceive when another of their kind is near. By default this is a Basic level ability, but with increased power and practice, it can become up to Supernatural level. The Buzz may also attune the immortal to natural forces in various ways.

Concealment Edit

Immortals have developed a technique for concealing blades upon their person, leaving the weapon completely shrouded from the perception of any other. The blade does not become non-corporeal, per se, but the sense of touch of anyone but the immortal carrying it will simply not perceive the blade, fooling the mind. However, once the blade is drawn, the shroud of concealment is broken instantly. The only purpose that can be served by this technique is carrying a concealed blade, so that an immortal can, for example, produce a full-sized katana from beneath a light jacket.

Empowered Physique Edit

By default, immortals do not have many enhanced physical traits. However, some may learn to empower their bodies by channeling The Quickening. The one enhanced physique element that all immortals share is resiliency. They are immune to disease, though they can be incapacitated by toxins or poisons. Sufficient physical trauma results in a temporary death, leaving the immortal inert for up to several hours. After this, they awaken fully recovered, so long as they have not been decapitated.

Empowered Weapon Edit

Immortals develop a rapport with the weapons they carry, allowing them to empower their personal blade. This makes the blade virtually unbreakable, as well as empowering it to do increased damage. Most immortals' blades to Enhanced level damage, though those with potent Quickening may be able to do Supernatural level damage.

Healing Edit

All immortals have powerful healing abilities, with any wound vanishing within seconds. Very serious injuries, such as those that result in a temporary death, may take a few hours of a death-like state to recover. Most immortals cannot regenerate lost limbs or body parts, though this may be possible via a personal gift.

Personal Gifts Edit

Much like certain humans and vampires, immortals may have personal gifts that range widely, such as the enhancement of a physical trait or some sort of psychic or magical power. These gifts range from the Basic-level to the Supernatural level. Examples follow:

Weaknesses Edit

Beheading Edit

Immortals may only be killed by beheading. If their head is separated from their neck, they lose their stored Quickening, which is in turn absorbed by the nearest other immortal.

Holy Ground Edit

The exact result of killing on holy ground is unpredictable, but it is almost certain to create a mystic backlash that powerfully impacts the immortal who did the killing. This could result in a crippling loss of Quickening, for instance. Immortals are able to sense Holy Ground via The Buzz, allowing them to know when they are on it. (Holy Ground includes any consecrated site, not only those of a specific religious tradition.) Some have speculated that because The Quickening is closely tied to natural energies and life force, this may offend the spirits of such sites. As such, all fighting on Holy Ground is strictly forbidden by the immortals' code.

Sterility Edit

Immortals are unable to procreate or pass on their genetic material.

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