Angel Investigations, the organization which is run by Angel, came across a base of operations in an abandoned hotel that has seen much in the way of supernatural activities known as the Hotel Hyperion, located in San Francisco.

Description Edit

The California-Spanish building known as the Hyperion Hotel was built in the 20s. Through the cast iron gates from the sidewalk is a small front courtyard with a rectangular fountain and a mythological figure holding a bowl from which water flows. Greenery frames the walls and a large set of glass double doors open into a high ceilinged lobby. Dark red carpet descends the four steps to the lobby floor and climb the two sets of stairways that lead to the second floor. The green marble floors are accented with wavy red inserts, as are the walls have a complimentary red border running their length. A set of doors identical to those of the entrance lead to a small enclosed garden.

Cream-colored pillars line two sides of the room, holding up the second-floor balconies that look out onto the lobby and creating arches. Underneath one of them is a large plate glass window that looks into the hotel office - now used as the office and nerve center of Angel Investigations. Nearby, there's a wraparound counter with dark wood paneling and a top the same color as the floor. Behind it are filing cabinets and a pair of desks pushed together. A navy blue circular couch harkening back to a 50s design sits near the back of the lobby. A large wooden, glass-doored cabinet pushed up against the wall holds a large assortment of weapons.

Protective Wards Edit

The Hyperion also features a powerful magical ward. This creates three effects. First, the 'Fairy Circle' effect. Hostile beings (mortal or otherwise) looking for Hyperion or anyone in it tend to walk (or drive) in circles around the building till they give up and leave. This effect can only be overcome by Expert Willpower or Supernatural Mental Defense. And even Expert Willpower is slowed down, as it takes them an hour to walk what they'd normally get through in minutes. Second, Scrying and Divination attempts on the Hyperion or anyone within automatically fail unless they are Supernatural in power level, and even scrying of such power tends to be blurry and indistinct, as it's being opposed by an equal force. In addition, all hostile magic and other supernatural powers (telekinesis, pyrokinesis, mind control etc) of basic or enhanced level is completely negated, and supernatural level spells and powers are blunted, as if opposed by an equal force. This applies equally to spells cast from outside the building at anyone within, and spells cast inside the building itself. Moreover, anyone entering the building under the effects of such spells or powers have them negated (or blunted) while they remain in the building.


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