The Haight, often also known as Haight-Ashbury, echoes a few images of the bygone 1960s hippie culture, still famous more than a generation later. Lingering traces of that flower-power yet remain, though they all tend to be for sale these days. Incense, tie-dye, and varied other eclectic knick-knacks are available for prices that range from the cheap to the extravagant at Smoke shops and Eastern-influenced outlets bearing names like Dreams of Kathmandu, Pipe Dreams, and The Love of Ganesha. Exclusive boutiques, high-end vintage clothing shops, second-hand stores, Internet cafés, and hip restaurants have all settled in, making the Haight as much a major commercial area as it was once the epicenter of peace and love. The Upper Haight, which stretches from Stanyan to Masonic, is more the shopping zone. The Lower Haight, roughly Divisidero to Webster, has an alternate nightlife with bars like Noc Noc and Mad Dog and popular clubs The Top and Nickie's. In recent years, this area has become popular among DJ's and ravers; it seems that even if the scene has changed, the Haight still has an edge of counterculture to offer.

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