Asger Thorson


If thou gaze long enough into an abyss...the abyss will gaze back into thee.


Ezekiel's true name is Asger Thorson--son of the Norse God of Thunder and Strength, Thor. He's is known by many names. The mortal name he chose for himself is Ezekiel Mayfair. But of course, those are just two of the names he is known by. He's known as "Third," for being the Third son of Thor, his brothers being Magni and Modi, the gods of strength and bravery respectively. He's known as giant-feller, for his slaying of 1,000 jotuns on the barren ice-realm of Jotunheim. He's called Storm-Heir, for he is the son of Thor, and perhaps the only one of his sons who inherently received his power over the storm.

Personality Edit

Ezekiel is, up front, a caring and compassionate person. He is generally quite selfless, always willing to help someone who is in need in order to do the right thing. However...on the inside, he's like a wild beast. Filled with rage, bloodlust, and the point of insanity. He always keeps his word and he never walks the path of evil.

However...due to this, he can also be a bit of a loner. Due to his curse and his time spent in purgatory, he's become afflicted with serious depression and even suicidal thoughts and actions. He wants the pain to end, above all else. But alas, he keeps going, if only for the hope of a better tomorrow.

Son of ThunderEdit

In times of life-ending distress or sheer, unfathomable rage, Ezekiel can dig deep within himself, and temporarily unlock his potential to be a full-fledged diety. When he awakens, he receives the full power of the sky, the kind that would make his father proud. It lasts for ony a few moments, but Ezekiel could call down thunder, create tornadic winds, and bring the lightning in ways not thought possible..and not only that, his physical strength matches that of Thor himself during those few minutes. After such a task though, Ezekiel is usually left exhausted.




Ezekiel is extremely well trained and he knows how to move his body. That can be discovered just by -looking at him-. He's built like a god, no doubt from his father. He could easily qualify as an Olympian in any physical activity.



He's felled so many monsters, he can't count them all on one hand: frost giants, fire giants, dragons, and all the forms of demons that Purgatory had to offer. The list goes on and on. He knows the weak points of many monsters and knows exactly how to fell them, including their habits and regular activities. Whether it's piercing a spear in between a dragon's scales or knowing how to wrestle down a lion, or knowing how to stop a charging wolf.



Knowing a multitude of martial arts and inventing Pankration (the precursor of what many know as mixed martial arts). He's felled demons, mythical beasts, and even other gods with his bare hands alone. In terms of combat alone, he's an absolute the point where he's been called the God of Strength/Power before.



A vagrant studier of magic. While he knows nothing about magic aside from his natural abilities with Elementalism, he has some divination talent, but it's not much.



Once upon a time he learned how to play a lute...kinda. He's not very good at it.



Having learned magic from many of his adventures, he really only knows anything regarding elementalism or very small cases of divination.



Trained and having honed his skills for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. He's nearly unmatched with any melee weapon he chooses to wield (such as clubs or his personal favorite, large swords). With a weapon in hand, he's one of the best there is and ever was.



He knows what true hell is, and he's kept going. He's been stabbed, given skin-burning toxins that have lasted for days and days on end. He's been beat down, he's been forced to perform unimaginable feats and suffer impossible evils. His willpower is practically indomitable. He's lasted this long from just sheer determination and unwillingness to back down.




Due to his practice of magic, he knows basic, yet small spells including divination, small illusions, etc.



Due to being the son of Thor and with practiced magic knowledge over the span of centuries, he's fully capable of commanding the forces of nature, namely those of the sky and earth. He can call down lightning from the sky, perform elemental magic, and at his best, he can command vicious storms of varying degrees.




As a result of the curse upon him, Ezekiel seemingly cannot die. (See: '+weak Ezekiel/cursed' for details.)



In terms of agility, speed, and durability, Ezekiel is enhanced. Due to his demigod status, He can catch a bullet or arrows with effort, shrug off injuries that would be -very- lethal to a human, and move several times faster than a human could ever hope to.



Ezekiel's real name is Asger. He's the son of Thor and an unknown mortal woman. Thor is the God of Thunder and Strength of Norse mythology, as such...more than anything, the strength of Thor resides in Ezekiel, and as such, He's wrestled down massive creatures to the ground with his strength alone and has leveled colossal creatures with only his bare hands. Now that he's in the modern day physical plane, his strength has waned quite a bit, but he's still quite possibly among the physically strongest individuals in the world's long history.




Ezekiel, since coming to earth, still has a myriad of weapons at his disposal, including daggers and swords. Though most recently, he also has a few guns: namely an m1911 pistol and an assault rifle. Those, and really whatever he finds on his travels.



Ezekiel's armor. Made from the finest metals of Asgard in reward for his deeds in life, It's served him through many dangers. It's resistant to magic, though enough power could easily penetrate it. In appearance, the armor is sleek, with multiple hints of knotwork famous among vikings and Norse craftsmen. It covers the entirety of Asger's body minus his head, sides, and fingers. A long, tattered blue cloak and hood wraps around the shoulders and head, and comes down to about the knees. and tends to cover his left arm as well. The cloak bears the sigil of Asgard.

At present, it's clearly worn and damaged from use. the armor looks like it's been shredded in some areas and punctured in others, and the cape is in tatters. However, it still serves its purpose and serves as Asger's attire when facing foes of a supernatural nature that are a legitimate threat (gods, demons, angels, etc.)



The legendary hammer of his father. Ezekiel's true name is Asger Thorson, and through his many adventures, he's proved himself worthy to wield the mystic hammer and often does until Thor himself has need of it. While it can be summoned by his father at any time, Asger recently left it in Norway. He can summon it by simply extending his hand. With the hammer, he achieves full power over the storms and can use it to smiting effects. However, Asger only uses this weapon in times of great need. (TP/Staff-approved plots only)



Ezekiel is known by many names. The mortal name he chose for himself as Ezekiel Mayfair, his true name as Asger Thorson; those are just two of the names he is known by. He's known as 'Third', for being the Third son of Thor, his brothers being Magni and Modi, the gods of strength and bravery respectively. He's known as giant-feller, for his slaying of 1,000 jotuns on the barren ice-realm of Jotunheim. He's called Storm-Heir, for he is the son of Thor, and perhaps the only one of his sons who inherently received his power over the storm. He's called Storm-Caller for the exact same reason. He's called Glad-of-War, for his bloodlust and apparent almost monstrous skill in combat...that, and because in some legends, he has a habit of 'smiling' in combat. But perhaps his greatest title is Godslayer, due to his slaying of multiple powerful demon 'gods'. It's rumored even a Prince of Hell fell to his blade.



Ezekiel is the wielder of Tyrfing, a weapon of legend in Norse mythos. Every time the blade is drawn, legend has it that it must taste blood before it can be sheathed again. A true weapon of a demigod. It's enchanted with lightning magic, and can be used as a conduit for Ezekiels magic attacks. (TP/Staff-approved plots only)




Apparently pissing off the gods is a bad idea. Convicted of a crime he doesn't even remember if he committed, he's cursed to live forever in suffering. He's a stranger to death, forced to live, die, and repeat. He's been decapitated, gutted, ripped to pieces, but he's always come back to life in prime condition. and the fact that his wounds heal pretty quick just makes the suffering last longer. Because of his inability to die, he's become almost inconsolably depressed and at times even suicidal. It's no way to live...not even a little bit.



He's....missed a lot. In the prime of his life, he was practically burned alive by poison and the next thing he knew? He was in purgatory...for a -very- long time. In the modern day, there are many things he doesn't know and -many- pop culture references or bands or...much of anything that he doesn't quite know. He's getting there, but he's a man out of time.



He. Does. Not. Know. When. To. Give. Up. He's pursued dangers, monsters...even women to serious avail and with full confidence. Let's just say it's brought him face to face with dangers that are even superior to himself. and when shattered? He can be difficult to convince to perform a specific task. In short, in Ezekiel's case, pride very much so comes before fall.

Asger Thorson is the son of the Norse God of Thunder, Thor Odinson, and of a mortal woman. Born in the ancient times of the Nords, when Vikings still roamed in their raiding fury. He grew up in a quiet life, but lived with his mother. Nevertheless, it didn't take a whole lot for anyone to notice that he was born to be a warrior. While he was 'normal' until he was but 12 years old, his more godly qualities began to show. If he was angry, it would thunderstorm, he was supernaturally strong, and he had his father's love for combat...and soon enough? He'd meet his father.

Finding an extreme amount of similarities between him and his father (aside from apparent love of cruel combat for the sake of combat), He was quickly introduced to his brothers, Magni and Modi, and soon enough they trained together!

and over the span of centuries He became a feared warrior, who's skill was perhaps equal to that of the Thunderer himself! He was gifted the bloodsword, Tyrfing, and through strength of virtue he was blessed with worthiness of Mjolnir, with only having to call upon his father's name for use of the incredible hammer.

He performed many great deeds. Including the once-repelling of the powerful demon Abaddon, the slaying of 1,000 Jotuns, killing a demon 'god', Knocking down the World Serpent, and lifting the fallen Hrungnir off of his father with the help of Magni.

However, in wrath of a future of endless suffering by a particular Mimir (smartest man alive in Norse mythos), Asger stole one of his eyes and cast it off a mountaintop. In anger, Odin sealed Asger in Helheim (Purgatory/Hell), to be trapped there for centuries...while also cursing him of undeath.

As such, Asger lived, died, and repeated. Managing to fend off great hosts of demons at a time while falling deeper into madness and battle rage. So much time was lost that he's not quite certain how long he was actually there....but eventually, after many events caused the great powers to shift, Asger managed to escape.

Now in the modern world, He's taken the name Ezekiel Mayfair, though he knows that people have forgotten the Old Gods. The name Asger Thorson is lost and forgotten to time...but the old ones still remember. Demons and other dark forces know his name. He's the godslayer, giant-feller, Third, Storm Heir, Storm caller... but now, he must find his own path.

But what path will this demigod find? Who can say. But what he knows he must do is fulfill his calling: Hunting down the dark forces that continue to plague the world.

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