The magic sword Excalibur, also known as Caliburn, was gifted to Arthur Pendragon Caution by the Lady of the Lake. After his death, it was returned to her, and it remains in her keeping.

While the sword is certainly said to grant the bearer great power, the exact nature of this power is uncertain. Some legends state that the sword could cut through any substance, while others suggest that it might grant the bearer unlimited magical power. Somewhat less famously, legend states that the sword's scabbard grants the bearer some measure of invincibility, preventing them from taking any harm while bearing it. Some sources suggest that if the sword is borne by the unworthy, a curse will fall upon them.

Though sometimes conflated with the Sword in the Stone Caution, Excalibur was a separate blade entirely.

At least one prophetic vision of the future suggests that the rightful heir to the sword may be Wyatt Halliwell, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Logs featuring Excalibur:

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