Beta Werewolf Bombshell


In a word?...Transformative.

Erica Reyes

Erica used to be sick, constantly in the haze of medicine meant to control her epilepsy. Since the Bite, she's been revelling in being a beautiful blonde bombshell with keener senses than she could have imagined. She wants to be Badass Bitch personified.

Personality Edit

Erica used to be a shadow of what she is now. Weak, slightly bookish, and an epileptic who was taped having a seizure - She was wan and hopeless. Then came Derek and the offer of the Bite. She's now a vivacious young woman, revelling in her new nature, enjoying her sudden physical health and the sex appeal she can project. While she still enjoys reading, she tends to favor more physical activities, perhaps making up for her years of inability because of her seizures.




Erica is a smart young woman, with many hours spent reading before she got the Bite. Even as she revels in her newfound physical confidence, she still enjoys reading and learning.



After months of training with first Derek Hale and later with Angel, Erica has become a competent fighter, particularly in hand-to-hand combat.




Erica's agility is far superior to a human's, allowing her to catch arrows with medium effort, and even possibly dodge bullets with some luck. In addition, her running speed and reflexes are ten to twenty times that of a regular human normal.



Werewolves are famously able to transform into more bestial shapes, gaining various special traits and abilities based on their current form. With training, they learn to perform partial-shifts, such as manifesting claws or fangs while otherwise remaining in human form. By default, werewolves of this type are able to manifest what is often called the "Wolfman" form, which essentially resembles their human shape but with a more bestial edge, including features such as glowing eyes, fangs, and claws. Other, more powerful or exotic forms are detailed in separate power entries, as are the special traits that their various forms provide.



All werewolves have a predatory aura about them which makes them seem naturally threatening to non-supernatural beings, such as humans and animals. With a little concentrated effort, Erica can dominate weaker-willed humans, and even the largest, most predatory animal is likely to submit when Erica growls with her eyes glowing.



In her werewolf form, Erica has sharp fangs and a jaw powerful enough to shatter bones, but the real weapons are her claws, which can carve through stone and even steel.



Werewolves can alleviate the pain of someone else by transferring it onto themselves. This requires physical contact and significant focus, becoming more difficult depending on the severity of the pain.



Erica's senses are heightened to the level of a wolf. When she causes her eyes to glow, her night vision becomes excellent, far better than a human's. Her hearing is also greatly enhanced in any form. But the sense which is truly superior is smell. With a little concentration, she can pick up scents that are days or even weeks old, and can isolate individual scents in a sea of aromas.



Erica is strong enough to crush or bend metal, even dead-lifting up to a few tons with an effort. Her punches are hard enough to crack stone.



Erica is tough enough to shrug off or endure non-lethal wounds from personal-level weaponry (swords, handguns, rifles, shotguns) without great loss of ability. Her enhanced regeneration allows minor wounds to heal almost instantly, and even severe damage heals within a few hours to a few days.




Derek gave Erica the bite, and while they may butt heads, she knows he wants what is best for her, and has her back.



While she may not get along with everyone in the blended pack... it's good to have them.



Everyone has heard the phrase "strength in numbers." For this type of werewolf, the expression is quite literally true. After being accepted by the pack's alpha (or alphas, in unusual cases), a werewolf gets stronger, faster, and tougher than they would be as a lone wolf. The strength of this enhancement depends both on how many total members the pack has, as well as how close together the members are at a given time. The size of the pack also affects the pack's alpha, whose powers increase when they're leading or protecting their pack members. In practical terms, this usually does not increase the characters' power ratings to a higher level than is on their sheet, only pushing them higher within that range of ability, but in staff-approved circumstances, those powers may be elevated from Basic to Enhanced or Enhanced to Supernatural as befits the current plot or scene.




During a full lunar eclipse, a werewolf is powerless and essentially human.



The wood of the rowan tree, also known as mountain ash, creates a supernatural barrier against most (if not all) supernatural creatures, including werewolves.



Aconite, also known as wolfsbane and monkshood, is a flowering plant which is poisonous to humans, but is especially deadly to werewolves. When introduced into a werewolf's system, whether through ingestion, inhalation, or directly into the blood, wolfsbane slows or even stops the natural healing process. It also forces uncontrollable shifting and increasing weakness, eventually leading to death if left untreated.

Erica Reyes was a quiet girl on the fringes of Beacon Hills high society. Often in a haze because of her meds for her epilepsy, some people thought her slow witted or slovenly. Her mother was somewhat overprotective, constantly questioning her about the meds she was supposed to take. A seizure in school led her to the hospital one last time.. and Derek Hale showed up. He seduced her with his words, the promise of a better life, a better body, one that wouldn't betray her at the most inconvienent of times. Erica took him up on the offer of the bite, and embraced the changes that it wrought for her. She's developed a bit of a thing for Derek, both hero worship and infatuation.

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