Father Christmas is a seasonal deity.

A Divine character is a character who is either a god or who carries the blood of a specific class of god-being, usually associated with a particular divine realm. Examples of these include the gods of ancient pantheons such as the Greek or Norse gods, as well as independently powerful divine entities associated with a particular location or season, such as Father Christmas.

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Playable Divine CharactersEdit

Note that full-blooded gods are generally not playable characters on the game. It is possible that a divine character might be workable, if very rarely, but even in such a case they would be held to the same standards as other characters, particularly demigods, as discussed below.


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Demigods are usually the children of one divine parent and one human parent. In some cases, they may be the offspring of two mixed-blooded parents or similar, but the outcome is that they are effectively half-god, half-human. Demigods can range very widely in their exact nature, which is often heavily defined by their divine parent.


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Angels are messengers of the divine, often associated with a particular Heaven.

Powers Edit

Physical GiftsEdit

Demigods often have a variety of physical gifts from their divine parent, such as typically Enhanced-level strength, agility, and toughness. They may also have superhuman senses, and they often have some measure of immortality conveyed upon them.


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Demigod characters are also often capable of various forms of magic use. They are often naturally skilled casters of one type or another, depending on their nature and that of their divine parent, and may also have a variety if physical or magical powers.

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