By default, Before the Dawn MUX does not use dice or any formal system. However, in the case that one is wanted or needed by players in a scene, we have provided the following method of using your character sheets to make rolls, skill checks, etc. This system is designed as a quick way to let players resolve conflicts if they feel it is helpful to them, so we have not provided any specific "Target Number" rules or such; this simply lets players roll against one another, with the higher total roll indicating the one who takes advantage in the confrontation.

Unless otherwise indicated explicitly by staff (for whatever reason), this system remains 100% optional and is offered as a role-play aid and supplement, not a role-play replacement.

Dice SystemEdit

For all rolls (except when using a higher-ranked stat), roll a base die of 1d6. Otherwise:

  • For Basic abilities, roll 1d6.
  • For Basic+ abilities, roll 1d6+1d4.
  • For Enhanced abilities, roll 1d12.
  • For Enhanced+ abilities, roll 1d12+1d4.
  • For Supernatural abilities, roll 1d20.

When including a skill, add:

  • For Novice skills: +2
  • For Competent skills: +4
  • For Expert skills: +6

So, for a character with Enhanced Dexterity and a Novice Athletics, roll: 1d12+2

Rolling the DiceEdit

Use 'roll <number>d<sides>[+<number[d<sides>]>]' to roll dice. Examples:

  • roll 1d6
  • roll 1d20+4
  • roll 1d12+1d4+2
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