Devenford Preparatory Academy is a private school in the Beacon Hills area founded in 1981. Well-funded and prestigious, this is where many of the wealthier and more "upper crust" of Beacon Hills' youth attend K-12 classes. There are some among the elite, however, who send their children to BHHS, the longer-standing local school, for reasons of loyalty or tradition. Unlike BHHS, Devenford is known for strict discipline and does not tolerate many teenage shenanigans if the administration becomes aware of them. As a result, students are occasionally kicked out of Devenford, finding themselves sent to BHHS instead, where there tends to be a more lax approach to discipline.


  • During lacrosse season, they are the main local competing school against BHHS.
  • They are loosely associated with the Beacon Hills School District, but as a private school they operate under their own purview.
  • Pupils are to adhere to the school uniform.

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