Illyria, an Old One and demonic "goddess"

Demons (also known as daemons or daimones or, in the Japanese tradition, yokai) are primal beings with origins dating back to primordial times, often historically revered and sometimes worshiped as gods, other times feared and vilified. There are many kinds of demon, from the incubus and succubus, who deal primarily in pleasure of all kinds, to the denizens of various Hell dimensions. Demons may be noted for their similarities to certain varieties of fae, as some have great powers of inspiration, although it's said that too much exposure to the powers of a daemon can tempt madness.

At times, they can seem difficult to distinguish from fae or gods. One might argue that the fae are, in fact, a specific and specialized form of demon; but, while the rules are not always strict, demons are generally defined as beings who originate from a realm of the Otherworld, often somewhat defined by the nature of their native realm. They are mystically distinct from gods/divines.

Examples[edit | edit source]

Hell-Demons[edit | edit source]

A common form of demon, frequently but not by any means universally malevolent toward humans, are those who originate from Hell dimensions. They are often physically formidable and may have various talents and magical abilities, but they are too many and too varied to list. Some, however, are known to exist as spirits, who to take corporeal form possess human corpses, taking on the human's memories to become a variety of vampire.

Old Ones[edit | edit source]

The most ancient demons existed in physical form during the pre-historical era, many of them coming to Earth. These powerful beings would, in ancient times, battle and make war upon each other, though that era ended with the first coming of the Outsiders. Few old ones, often styled as the demonic equivalent of gods and goddesses, are still known to exist. (Glorificus and Illyria are among the few known.)

Oni[edit | edit source]

Another commonly known variety of demon is the oni. In fact, some creatures that are called oni may in some cases be a class of demon, originating from one of various hell dimensions.) True oni, however, are naturalistic rather than extraplanar.

Bakemono[edit | edit source]

Bakemono are another form of yokai, mystical beings known in Japanese culture. Also sometimes known as obake, they are shapeshifters of varying sorts. One well-known variety is the kitsune, who bear some superficial similarities to werewolves.

Powers[edit | edit source]

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Demons can have an array of physical powers, and many are also capable of impressive magic.

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