Curious Goods is an antique and secondhand shop located in Seattle at 666 Druid Avenue. Previously known as Vendredi Antiques, upon the sudden disappearance and presumed death of Lewis Vendredi, it was inherited by his niece and nephew, Micki Foster and Ryan Dallion. Together with their business partner, Jack Marshak, they renamed it Curious Goods and have built the business up strongly over the years.

Secretly, Micki, Ryan, and Jack all work to recover cursed items and place them in the vault underneath the shop, which neutralizes the items' power. They are determined to save the world from their uncle, who knowingly sold many such items to people, for the sake of his evil master.

Game HistoryEdit

At the end of the events of the Existential Dread Plot, the Shattered Mirror was taken here for safekeeping.

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