A small round parking lot overlooks the bay to the North, surrounded by a small garden with a few trees. In the center of the lot stands a statue, depicting a heroic figure of a cloaked man staring out of the water. Just south of here rises the tower itself, made entirely of white concrete. A short white staircase leads up to the entrance, where a glass door framed in gold colored metal leads into the tower itself, a thick pillar standing to either side.

The interior explodes into a wild array of shapes and color. A twisting corridor runs the perimeter of the cylindrical tower, with a stairwell in the center leading to the second floor and rooftop above. Each of the two main floors is entirely covered in murals and frescos of local life from the 1930s, bold and earthy with vivid color and whimsical but excellent composition. Chemists, fishermen, and old men smoking pipes are just a small sampling of the wide range of art, broken only by windows to let in the light and view.

On top of the tower, great cement arches grant a stunning view of the city, perhaps only bested by Twin Peaks to the south. Alcatraz island is clearly visible from here, and the Golden Gate Bridge beyond. The City itself is visible to the south, particularly the Transamerica Pyramid and the other skyscrapers of the Financial District.

Logs featuring Coit Tower:

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