The Most Smartass Vampire


Have you noticed this place is like improbably fucking humungoid BIG! I keep expectin' to see a gaggle of kids from twenty-six countries being chased by Angelina Jolie with a meat cleaver.


Just here to have a good time. In unrelated news, Vampires often have unusual definitions of good times.

Personality Edit

Chazz is a hedonist; he lives for his own entertainment and pleasure. He had dreams he lived to pursue, but they were in no small measure because he felt he deserved those things more than others did. Fame, fortune, love, and adoration were things he didn't only desire, he deserved. His sense of self worth was so great it fundamentally altered him as a vampire the way a latent psychic ability would. As a vampire, in some ways his hedonistic life style has got worse, but in other ways it has diminished.

He still feels he deserves things, but he also has a sense that in the decades he has been alive something is missing. With his human memories fuzzy and distant from his transformation, so are many of the root causes of his sense of self-importance. As a result, sometimes he is just going through the motions now. Deep down there is a part of him that wants to belong somewhere, to be a part of something bigger. It is just a lot of bullshit to plow through in order to try and get to that part of him, and most people just cannot be bothered, leaving him in a perpetual state of the cool kid party boi that yearns for something more. So, he keeps pursuing the next party, hoping to find it.


Making a StandEdit

Chazz is a rebel without a cause. He lives for himself, his pleasures and his vices. He travels often, leaving broken hearts, bones, and blood vessels in his wake. It is very infrequently that he finds anything he really believes in, beyond believing he would like another drink. However, on those rare occasions when something within him is stirred to actually give a damn, he can see a dramatic increase in his invulnerability.

This is never to really save himself, but when used to save another, somebody he actually gives a damn about. In that instant of making a choice to do that, he can survive nearly anything, weather any attack, no matter it's origin or type. For that one moment of unselfish concern for someone else, he is the immovable object and irresistible force rolled into one.




Chazz was in exceptional shape well before he was ever turned into a vampire, and his body frozen in time. In no small part this was thanks to a physical upbringing and a desire to be a sex symbol superstar musician someday. Chazz was ahead of his time in realizing it wasn't enough to have the sound, you had to have the looks, too, which meant staying in good shape in a time before gyms on every third block. He is well-versed in basic exercise techniques, swimming, weight-lifting, and long-distance running. Most of this he has seldom needed since becoming a vampire, but neither has he really forgotten how to do any of it.



Chazz often dresses still like a throw back to The Outsiders or Happy Days, right down to the leather jacket and hairstyle. However, he has an uncanny charisma, in addition to his ability to dazzle, that just seems to sell it. He is particularly adept at charming and impressing those around him, so much so that one could almost see him making a jukebox submit to his whims with a gentle tap. But, while it may be harder to see, he can also be quite intimidating when he desires to be as well.



Chazz knows the dances of the day and can slow dance, swaying to the music with the best of them, but despite his athleticism, or maybe only because of it, he is no expert at it. He isn't going to stand out on a dance floor for good or for ill, but he can at least avoid stomping on a date's toes.



Chazz is a prodigy when it comes to music in all forms. Born the same day as Elvis Presley, he was enamored by the idea of a life as a musician from a very young age. He has an almost intuitive understanding of instruments, able to learn to play one within a short period of picking it up. However, it is his singing voice that most often causes a reaction. He can sing anything from metal to country, pop to alternative. His voice can be that of an angel or a devil in a moment's notice, much like his personality.



Chazz has a unique willpower, in the form of being just unbelievably damn stubborn. Convincing him to do something by playing to his own desires, self worth, or self interests isn't too hard. But he is a decent person at heart, if a hedomist, so he really doesn't go for the evil stuff. He doesn't even kill people to feed. His stubbornness translates into a Competent level willpower against persuasion or control attempts that he views as against his wishes, desires, or self-interests. It offers some measure of defense against attacks on his mind, but overall he isn't the best combatant in a psychic arena.



Chazz was a teenager in the 50's, and always scrappy. He doesn't know martial arts or formal fighting techniques, but he can throw down in a fistfight in a way that is pretty impressive. He knows how to take a hit, land from a fall, and roll out of the way of harm. He didn't win every fight he was in as a human being, but the other guy always knew he was in a fight.

Likewise, Chazz is good in a knife fight, something he has had little occasion to use in more than a few decades, now, but he can still casually play with a switchblade or a butterfly knife with exceptional skill, particularly the latter variety, which is more of an expert-level skill.



Chazz is very skilled at riding a motorcycle and maintaining one. He can fix older cars as well, though nothing really past the point where they became very computerized. But his love is his bike, and it shows when he is either driving it or working on it. Having run from the authorities on more than a few occasions, he is skilled at evading pursuit on it. Also, unlike cars, he has kept up with more modern bike repairs, and he has customized his ride over the years as a result.




Chazz, like all Vampires of his variety, exudes an aura of appeal. His features, voice, and even his scent (which contain pheromones that appeal to humans) are designed to make him more appealing to humans. This allows them to easily draw in those of weaker will, whether to make them prey or simply hold their attention more effectively in social situations. People have a tendency to want to do things for him, to be more agreeable to suggestions. It is worth noting that they will not do things terribly opposed to their moral compass, or go to lengths beyond reason to accomplish a task. A secretary would happily make copies of paperwork. But wouldn't leave work to drive them several towns away and drop them off.



Chazz can manifest fangs that rate as Basic-level weapons. These fangs are one method by which he may transmit his venom, which counts as an Basic-level toxin. Chazz's venom is noteably weaker than that of other vampires of his variety. Light doses of this venom cause limited paralysis and fog the memory, so he can feed on humans without causing them lasting harm. Humans thusly affected remain mentally foggy and easily suggestible for up to a few hours afterward, particularly with his dazzling. In larger doses, the venom becomes lethal and can be used to transform humans into vampires. Chazz's venom is less prevalent in his system than in other vampires of his variety.



Chazz is quite simply invulnerable. His ego and sense of self importance as a human gave rise to the ability to resist physical harm as a vampire. His natural vampiric resilience, enhanced with his power, is such that no physical harm can be done to him. This is not to say he is immune to force. While a rocket propelled grenade won't scratch him, he will land with shredded clothing some distance away, likely cursing the entire time about his vintage leather jacket. He can be picked up and thrown with no more effort than anyone else, but no matter how far he falls, what it was that propelled him, he just skids to a halt and stands back up.

His immunity extends to psychic and magical effects that cause impact or force related damage, as well as elemental forces from the same. Again, he has no immunity to any explosive knock back from either, be it a telekinetic wave or the explosive impact of a fireball. It is worth noting, however, that his power does not in any way defend him from magical or psychic damage that does not cause elemental or force-related damage. Such attacks are, if anything, more effective (See Weaknesses, below).

Chazz's physical invulnerability actually in some ways makes him more of a "living" vampire. His flesh doesn't sparkle quite as pronouncedly in direct sunlight as others of his kind. Rather, it looks more similar to someone coated in glitter, like after a rave. His eyes do not reflect his blood-based diet. Instead, they are a sparkling ice blue--the color they were in life, but unnaturally brilliant. He still requires blood. However, his bite is only venomous if he works up to it for several minutes before he bites, lacking the ability to just bite a human and cause them crippling pain.



Chazz possess physical strength sufficient to bend and twist metal bars, smash through most non-armored structures, and break through a brick wall with sustained moderate effort. Usually able to push up to a few tons and dead lift a small motor vehicle. He also possess agility several times that of peak human potential, allowing him to catch arrows with moderate effort or dodge bullets with a bit of luck. This also allows for visibly enhanced running speed and reflexes, from ten to twenty times human reflexes. Chazz's physical speed however is very much on the low end for vampires of his kind. He can run at sustained speeds approaching eighty miles an hour indefinitely. He can run at speeds upwards of 125 miles an hour, but it starts to burn through his blood fairly rapidly. For short bursts he can move faster than human eyes can follow, but he can not sustain that speed for anything more than a few hundred feet.

In addition most vampires are able to swim like a shark, gliding through the water in no small part thanks to the venom suffusing their skin. Chazz has far less of it, and as such swims fast, but far less quickly than other vampires. Even particularly skilled athletes among humans would outswim him, he isn't placing in the Olympics anytime. Also if he stops moving in the water, he has a tendency to rapidly sink like a stone.



Vampires have strong regenerative powers, and Chazz is no different, though his regeneration is slower than others of his kind. It is still sufficient to recover from even lethal wounds without permanent loss of ability. Minor wounds heal within minutes, and even severe wounds heal within a few days at most. Extensive healing may take longer, such as if he needs to reattach a limb with his venom. Additionally, using blood he can emulate some of the processes of human life. For example, he could process food (though they derive no nutrition from it) or make his hair grow. This does cost him extra blood expenditure, so it tends to be something of a luxury.



Like all vampires Chazz has vastly enhanced senses, capable of detecting levels of minutia that are well beyond human sensory input. Indeed, the spectrum of sensory information available to him now actually makes it difficult for him to remember details from when he was human. However, experiences from the time he become a vampire are always recalled with precise clarity, no matter how old they may be. He can see in the dark, track scents by blood alone, hear a heartbeat from over a mile away if conditions are quiet enough, and listen in on conversations from a great distance. Chazz can see with the accuracy of a bird or prey, spotting small targets from over a mile away.




Chazz has got around over the years, enough so that he seems to know somebody somewhere close by everywhere he goes. He can usually rely on them for help, assistance, a place to stay, and small favors, once he smooth-talks his way back into their lives again after leaving the last time. He is constantly adding to his list of contacts, as over time the older ones start to notice he looks no different.



Vampires are uncommonly beautiful, part of how they draw human beings in. Chazz is no exception to that rule. The attractiveness is not only due to his porcelain perfect skin, or his exuded aura of appeal. The transformation literally refined his features, turning an already attractive human into a stunning immortal beauty. If he does say so himself. Which he does. Often.



Chazz has a certain something about him. That undefinable trait that makes women (and some men) want him, and men want to be him. He never seems to trip, or fall down, and things just have an uncanny way of going his way. It doesn't hurt that he can present himself like the boy next door or the guy your Mama warned you about with little more than running his fingers through his hair.



Chazz is seldom without a butterfly knife to play with, a guitar, and his leather jacket. He usually has a supply of ready cash from any of a variety of sources, though seldom more that $250-$500 at a time. He spends money as fast as he gets it for things that entertain him.



Chazz owns an utterly pristine, completely perfect Vincent Black Prince motorcycle, which he damn well intends to keep that way until the end of days. He has worked on it extensively over the years, such that it has the range and speed of more modern bikes but just looks so much cooler. Because, after all, that is what matters.{






Chazz is by and large invulnerable. He knows it, he counts on it--he even exploits it, really, but it is hardly a perfect defense. He can still be trapped or contained through any means that would work on another vampire. But the biggest flaw in his invulnerability is that it offers him no protection from raw psychic or magical damage. Beyond his willpower and natural vampiric resiliency, his power offers him no protection at all. So, naturally, he prefers a straight-up physical fight.



Chazz is not used to actually being hurt. Few enough regular day to day things can manage it. He could be hit by a bus and walk away without so much as a scratch. As a result, when something gets past his power and actually does harm him, it is just so much worse for him. Pain, even something others would consider minor or trivial, can distract him heavily or even incapacitate him for the duration as he howls like a banshee and writhes on the ground.



Though largely immune to physical harm, certain types of attacks are able to bypass that resiliency. Notably, magical and psychic abilities that do not inflict a variety of force or elemental damage. Any magic that can bypass his invulnerability impacts his body, a body like stone, no differently than any other vampire of his variety. Such attacks that strike hard enough to shatter stone could theoretically remove his head. If his head is separated from his body, Chazz would be incapacitated and dormant. Likewise the loss of other body parts would impact him in a negative manner, based on what was lost. However, if his body parts remain essentially intact, he can be reassembled and reanimated by being fed blood.



Chazz does not have the same pheromone scent as an ordinary Cold One. It has a similar impact on human beings thanks to the pheremones. But it is a more noticeable scent to even their underdeveloped senses. Unusual enough to be noted to not be just a cologne, but pleasant. It is similar for supernaturals, less of a reek, more of a identifiable scent of /something/. Sometimes it draws unwanted attention from curious supernaturals or humans both. Just questions that he lacks answers for. Much less hunters, who would certainly recognize it as something unusual.



Chazz has been a vampire for over half a century. In that time he has gone from the almost irresistible need for blood all the time to having much better control over his appetite. Just the same, if he becomes starved enough, his ability to resist the temptation of blood will be reduced more and more, until he eventually gives in and has a bloody orgy, literally.



No way around it. Chazz is a smart ass, and his mouth often gets him into trouble. Just a slap in the face in most bars where he propositions people. But when other supernatural beings are involved, thrown in front of moving vehicles isn't exactly out of the question. He really cannot help himself as he is far too cocky, given his inability to be hurt. He seldom even tries to get out of the way when something is going to hit him.

Jason Chiaverini Vincenzio was born in the wrong town, at the wrong time. His parents had moved to the south from Tulsa, Oklahoma not long before he was born. His father had moved for work, but ended up getting fired and taking a job in a garage, as he had worked on cars in his youth. It was how Chazz would come to work on them as well later in his life, helping to make ends meet for his family.

Chazz, as he took to calling himself at a young age, was a scrapper growing up. He was in a lot of fights and ran with a tough crowd. He was popular, and smart enough, but coming from the "wrong side of the tracks" it didn't matter. He had an ear for music, though, and his mother bought him a guitar at the Five and Dime for his 16th birthday. He played it pretty much regularly after that and demonstrated a very capable singing voice. His natural talents, and popularity with everyone he knew lead to him developing quite the ego.

In 1954 Elvis Presley released his first album on Sun Records label. From the start Chazz was in awe. That quickly faded, though, well before Elvis reached his peak of success. Chazz felt that was supposed to be HIS life. They had even been born on the same damn day! He could sing, and he would look a lot better on stage! He knew he just needed to show up, and show him up. To that end he planned to go to one of his concerts and do just that. There was a concert September 21, in Raleigh North Carolina, and Chazz was damned and determined to be there.

A combination of pity rides and hitchhiking with questionable activities as payment got him to the concert, but he never made it inside. His last ride got him to within three miles, before pulling over. The next thing Chazz knew was pain, nothing but blood-searing agony for several days. When it finally passed, he discovered a new life awaited him.

Chazz learned a little from the vampire that changed him, Gerald, and then went his own way. He didn't feel any real connection to the home he once had. The alcoholic father and perpetually unsatisfied mother. The closest thing he still felt for "home" was the attachment to the guitar he still had, the very guitar he started using to get around. To pay his way. To earn him his bike that he bought just a year later. Chazz hit the ground running as a vampire and never really looked back.

Along the way, over the years since, he cultivated and developed his many contacts all across the country, never really having much use for traveling outside of it, living his unlife for the pleasure of the moment. The next bigger, better party or thrill, until only just recently, as his memories from a time when he was human get ever more cloudy and indistinct. Somewhere inside he has started to crave a different kind of party, something new. He just hasn't quite figured out what that might be yet.

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