These are logs of role-play that date back to the game's original incarnation, which opened in the Out of Character summer of 2015. Because of thematic changes, most of the logs from that period on the game have been archived here. These events are no longer considered "canon" to our game history, but we left the logs up for the sake of nostalgia.

In the original continuity, the game's story began with the Dislocation Plot and the Gathering Plot. Though these events are no longer strictly considered canon, logs of this past game continuity can be found here. At one point, the game's continuity split, dividing into two separate stories. A version of the original story continued on At the Crossroads MUX], while here the story continued with the Existential Dread Plot. The Conjunction Plot in 2019 marked continuity reboot, reuniting the two separate continuities again into a single universe here on Before the Dawn MUX.

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