Caritas is a demonic karaoke bar, currently located in San Francisco's Lower Haight. The bar is heavily warded against supernatural violence of any sort, making anything from hostile magic to demonic bar fights literally impossible inside it. This magic also helps to hide it from prying mundane eyes. Apart from being a kind of sanctuary, it's also a highly lucrative business that caters to the non-human population. However, humans are also quite welcome. Lorne is the owner and primary host of the bar.

Description Edit

This could almost pass for any quirky neighborhood karaoke bar, except that most of the patrons are visibly non-human. Demons, vampires, werewolves, and all manner of folk seem to gather here, hidden from prying eyes by a layer of glamours and protection spells. Perhaps it's the niche clientele that assures such a steady crowd. Most nights, it's got just about the right number of people to make things friendly but still comfortable. It's decorated in splashes of silver and purple, and the decor of the place feels like the grandchild of mod-deco, punched up here and there with chintzy theatrical flair.

Subtly varied spot lighting creates just the right mix of tables where one can be seen or not seen, with a mix of small tables in the center and quiet booths along the edges of the room. A stage at the back features a high-end karaoke setup, the backdrop featuring a silver curtain that can be drawn aside to feature a full cinematic projection screen. Along one wall, the bar is stocked with everything from high-octane cocktails to fruit smoothies. Notably, they check IDs very diligently when drinks are purchased, as this is an all-ages place -- and they cut anyone off who hits the sauce too hard. For that, they'll tell you, go down the street to the Bear and Staff Pub.

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