A Vampire Hero

People who have contact with the occult or the supernatural sometimes hear about Calevaro: a vampire who always seems to be willing to help those in need. He is not inexperienced, having been in this world for more than a century. He has a reputation as a good researcher and as someone who likes to look for historical relics. Outside the supernatural world, he is a psychologist. He is an altruist, being involved with various volunteer work and charities.

Personality Edit

Calevaro is a calm being. He always tries to find some reason to have a good laugh and rarely lets anything upset him him enough to lose his cool. He has a strong sense of justice and an analytical mind. His calmness is the result of decades of high self-control when that self-control is lost, for whatever reason, he becomes impulsive and can easily make decisions without thinking about the consequences. He feels things intensely, and when he feels anger, it is as intense as his other feelings. He has difficulty to hide his feelings or general state of mind. He is a bit of an introvert, who likes to kep his thoughts to himself, unless asked.


Computer "Competent"

Calevaro is an accomplished hacker and programmer. He knows enough to be able to hack into most domestic networks.

Cooking "Competent"

Cooking is one of Calevaro's hobbies. He is a good cook and can do a few complex meals.

Driving "Competent"

Calevaro knows how to drive bikes and cars. He can drive them well enough, even through difficult situations, such as pursuits.

Firearms "Competent"

Calevaro has spent decades training with firearms. They have, more than once, helped him in his hunts. He has become proficient in their use and is able to use most kinds of firearms effectively, from pistols to sniper rifles.

History "Competent"

History has always been one of Calevaro's passions. Not only he was alive during two world wars, but he also spent his time learning about what came before him, mostly about the Roman period.

Investigation "Competent"

Calevaro has improved his skills as an investigator, to the point where he has become good at it.

Melee "Competent"

Calevaro is a good fighter when it comes to melee weapons. He can use most weapons effectively, knowing how to fight well with a knife and with a sword. When he fights, he usually takes advantage of his other powers, like his enhanced strength. He alsso fights well in hand to hand combat, employing quick strikes.

Occultism "Competent"

Calevaro has had contact with the occult for almost a century. This has given him enough knowledge to be able to, for example, differentiate from events that might be common to ones that are caused by supernatural forces.

Psychology "Competent"

Calevaro has been studying psychology for almost a century now. This allows him to understand the human mind better than most humans and even more than some supernaturals. His knowledge about this science allows him to try and, for example, deduce someone's next step based on who they are or on what mental patterns he can identify.

Self-Control "Competent"

Calevaro has had more than a century to learn how to control his thirst. This means that its very difficult for him to kill humans when feeding from them.

Stealth "Competent"

Calevaro is good at sneaking. He has learned how to move without making much, if any, noise.


Magic: Evocation "Enhanced"

Calevaro has learned to control his blood in a way that allows him to turn it into various forms of energy. In practical terms, this means he can generate basic forms of energy such as electricity, fire, and magic and use them as weapons, by, for example, firing bolts of energy. These bolts are strong enough as to be potentially lethal to the average human.

Power: Feeding "Enhanced"

Calevaro has retractable fangs. He uses them to feed on the blood of humans: The fangs have a toxin that, when in contact with the skin, makes his victims feel intense sexual pleasure and paralises them. The toxin also causes lethargy and confusion in the person who is bitten.

Power: Healing "Enhanced"

Barring certain poisons or items tailored to be especially hurtful to their kind, a vampire of this type can and will heal from virtually any injury. Even in the case of losing limbs, they can either reattach it in seconds, or they can regrow it, although the latter may take days to accomplish.

Power: Immortality "Basic"

Vampires of this type will never die from the passage of time alone. Unless their existence is ended by some means specific to their kind, it will continue.

Magic: Kinetomancy "Enhanced"

Calevaro can, through the use of his blood, use telekinesis. He can easily lift objects and can even use them as weapons. Aside from that, he can generate blasts of force to injure an enemy and can create force fields. He has perfected this ability to where he can lift a few tons without too much effort.

Magic: Mentalism "Enhanced"

Calevaro can easily use telepathy. He can sends his thoughts to others and can also read what others are thinking. He is also able to feel other people's strong emotions, such as lust or fear. He also can hypnotize others' unprotected minds with his gaze, using this mostly to remove things from their memory.

Power: Physique "Enhanced"

Provided they have regular access to blood, vampires of this type enjoy vastly increased speed, strength, agility, and stamina. They possess strength enough to bend metal, demolish doors, and toss an average human a considerable distance away with little effort. They are quick enough in short bursts to dodge projectiles or seem to vanish and reappear several meters away, and they can run at low highyway speeds for extended periods of time. They are able to fight for hours without needing any rest. Not least of all, they are considerably more durable than any human and are able to take significant damage.

Magic: Transportation "Enhanced"

Calevaro can use his blood to quickly teleport from one place to the other. Due to the cost in blood, this teleportation is generally not used for long-range travel, unless Calevaro has enough blood in him. He has a maximum range of a few hundred miles.

Power: Vampire Senses "Enhanced"

The senses of this vampire type are enhanced well beyond human norms. They are able to see perfectly well in the dark, with the hearing of a wolf and a preternaturally keen sense of smell. This is most especially true when it applies to blood and types of blood.



Calevaro, due to his personality and past deeds, has allies of all sorts, from humans to supernaturals. They can be relied upon to help him with an occasional favor or to come to his aid, should he call. However, in exchange, they also ask a few favors from time to time.


Calevaro's turning has made him have an unnatural beauty. He has an aura of appeal around him, making him more attractive and charismatic to humans.


Calevaro has contacts in places like police and hospitals. Aside from that, through the years, he also has had dealings with occultists, other vampires, and people that know a lot about the supernatural. He can ask these contacts for information or for help, when it is needed.


Through the use of blood, Calevaro can still pass as a human. This means his skin can get warm, his heart can beat and he can still feel and experience things like sex or even enjoy the taste of food.


Calevaro has, through the last decades, amassed a fortune of good size, enough for him to live well for about 50 years.



A blood-starved vampire is a danger, just like any hungry predator. Vampires of this type are no exception. They must fight the thirst, and without a steady supply of blood (animal or human), the risk of berserker rages grows.


Vampires of this type are weakened during the daytime. The senses are reduced to essentially human levels during the day, and they tend to be sensitive to direct sunlight, which hurts their eyes and makes them uncomfortable, so they tend to wear heavy clothing and sunglasses during the day.


Due to his experiences, when someone who is emotionally close to him is in danger, Calevaro loses the ability to think clearly. Unless reasoned with, he will act on impulse, without considering the consequences.


Calevaro can't enter someone's home without their permission. This is a mystical characteristic that manifested after his transformation. Without permission, he is unable to go past the property's threshold. It should be noted, however, that this only applies to places that the other person considers to be their home, so he still can, for example, enter hotel rooms unannounced. The permission has to only be granted once. After that, he can enter the property freely.


Due to what he is, Calevaro has no reflection in any surface.


A wooden stake to the heart will turn a vampire of this type to ash. Note that the stake must be wooden, and the wielder must be strong enough to pierce the vampire's flesh and heart successfully. (Despite depictions in the show, vampire bodies are considerably more durable than cardboard.) Hearts are also fairly small targets, and only a direct strike will do the trick, so it's helpful to have a good knowledge of anatomy and very keen aim.

The boy who would later be known as Calevaro was born in 1903, in Santa Monica, California. He did not experience any need or deprivation: his parents' middle-class work ensured that they always had food on the table. Despite this, the boy was not happy. The constant fights of his parents made him anxious. Even so, he was well-liked by the few people who got past his shy exterior, mostly due to his politeness and kindness.

Time passed. Calevaro was an introvert, although he was always polite. It was only during his teens that he started making friends. He fell in love for the first time and, unfortunately, his heart was broken. When he finished his studies, he started to work in a cafe that was close to his home. Conflicts between his parents were getting worse and for him, the less time he spent at home, the better. It was at this time that he discovered the occult. Soon, studying occultism became his main hobby. His mind was open to the possibilities of this uncommon study. Little did he know that when the beautiful pink-haired woman entered the cafe, it meant his whole life would change.

Her name was Samanta. Their connection was instantaneous. When their eyes first met, Calevaro almost dropped the coffee he was holding. She made the first move and motioned for him to approach. After the initial greeting, their connection was complete. Their first chat last for five hours. For the first time in months, Calevaro went home feeling relaxed and at ease. And when his parents started to fight that night he, for the first time, didn't care.

A few months passed. His relationship with Samanta became stronger with each passing day. One thing that he found weird was that for some reason, Samanta would only meet with him during the night. The few times they had met during the day, she seemed to be uncomfortable. Sickly. One particular evening, he found out the truth.

Over the years, Calevaro had continued to study the occult and the supernatural. For him, the whole subject was simply theory, things that could be true but likely were for the most part invention and hyperbole. As he and Samanta were lying beside each other -- in the bed of a cheap hotel they had rented to spend the night on -- she revealed to him what she was. He clearly felt when her heart stopped beating and felt as her skin became colder. First there was shock, then confusion, then fear. All these emotions flashed in his eyes for seconds, but the woman still at his side noticed.

"I'm not going to feed from you, Calevaro," she said as she touched his shoulder, green eyes meeting his blue ones. "I want to offer you a choice. I'd like to offer you the chance to be like me."

His mouth opened and then closed. He was unable to think of a reply. She continued.

"Ever since I met you, I noticed your sadness. You felt alone, just like me. Thats why I approached you in the cafe that night. Now you have to make your choice. I've been in this area for too long and I will have to leave soon. You can choose to come with me as my partner. I'd like you to come with me. Having to leave without you would break my heart. If you accept, I offer you eternity and a new life." It took only a couple of seconds for Calevaro to make his choice.

As Samanta sank her fangs into his neck, Calevaro felt pleasure. He started to feel weak as she continued to feed from him. As his heart was about to stop, he felt Samanta leaving his neck. She slit her wrist with her fangs and started to pour a few drops of blood onto his mouth. Then his heart stopped and, finally, the pain came. The whole process took a few hours. When he rose again, he was thirsty. His first days as a vampire were unforgettable: first, Samanta taught him how to feed. She explained that vampires generally feed from humans without killing them.

For Calevaro, the first time he killed a human was a life-changing experience. He felt his heart sink as that young girl's eyes closed. Samanta was beside him in an instant, having felt his distress.

"Look at me," She said softly.

There was no responsse from the young man, who seemed to have frozen in place.

"Look at me!" Calevaro heard in his mind. His head turned slowly to face his sire. An arm wrapped around him, her touch being one of comfort. "This was bound to happen sooner or later," She explained, a faint frown on her attractive face. "Now what are you going to do about it?" Her tone was soft.

"I.." Calevaro bowed his head, a tear trickling down his cheek. "She has to be buried," He said in a dull tone. Samanta nodded and helped him to bury the young woman's corpse.

"Stop thinking that you are a monster," Samanta said when they were done. "You made a mistake, just a mistake.." He turned his head to her.

"How do you deal with it?" He asked.

"I try to have enough self-control so it is more difficult for this to happen. I also try not to get used to killing others. When you get used to it, you'll be a monster. The mistake is on me. I should have taught you more about feeding before I let you feed on your own." Again her arms wrapped around him.

Over the next few days, Samanta introduced him to important contacts. These people would be able to give Calevaro a steady supply of blood bags for him to feed on. She taught him how to improve his own self-control; this way he would be able to feed without endangering the lives of his victims and would hopefully not have to go through this pain again.

Despite that, Calevaro would only heal about a year later, when he would, finally, be able to cry. His loss of control taught Calevaro a few practical things. He learned, perhaps more than anything else, that when such accidents happened, cleaning up after them was always the difficult part. After the girl was buried, Samanta spent some time altering people's memories: for them, the girl had simply run away from home. Having to do this caused her great and visible distress and, for the first time, Calevaro saw his sire cry.

Calevaro's first decades as a vampire were eventful: he started to get used to his new condition and began to network with useful people. About 20 years after leaving Santa Monica, he learned that his parents had finally divorced. For him, it was about time as he had realized, long ago, that they just weren't good for each other. He still watched them from afar, from time to time, to make sure the both of them were still okay. After all, despite everything, they were still his family.

He also started to learn how to use his blood to do magic. Samanta was a patient teacher and, slowly, he started to learn how to harness the energy in his blood and use it. This, of course, had a catch: the more blood he used, the more thirsty he would be later.

They spent the 20th century travelling the world, using their powers and knowledge to help whoever they could. Calevaro was always learning something new, be it about himself or about the world as a whole. He quickly made friends with other supernaturals and occultists, who came to view him as a reliable ally and a good friend. It was after the second World War that he started to study psychology. He wanted to understand how humans were capable of bringing such pain and destruction onto each other.

Calevaro eagerly adapted to the new technologies that were invented during the 20th century, more than some of his kind. He developed a liking for video games and for the computer. He was glad for his immortality, that he was able to see humanity's evolution, and was eager and curious about what technologies would be developed next.

He and Samanta purchased a large house in Los Angeles, the result of Calevaro's work as a psychologist and of the rewards they received for helping people. It was there that they would rest. Their love had managed to last through the decades. The only constant that they were sure they would always have would be each other. Calevaro would learn that this, too, would change.

Calevaro had learned early on not to associate someone's morality with their race. Unfortunately, there were a very few people who didn't understand these nuances and continued to hunt all supernaturals, perceiving all of them to be threats to humanity. This made Calevaro's life difficult: whenever he and Samanta hunted some creature running wild, they had to watch their backs to make sure that they weren't hunted themselves by someone.

In 2010, he and Samanta came upon a small countryside town that was having problems. The task itself was a simple enough exorcism. Unfortunately this time, the couple's luck had run out. They were tracked and ambushed by a group of rogue hunters. In the past, they had always managed to talk their way out of such situations or even persuade hunters to work alongside them. However, this time, a battle was unavoidable.

The battle itself lasted only a few minutes. Calevaro, using his telekinesis, killed a few of them. He and Samanta continued to fight against the group. The two of them eventually started to run out of blood and slowed down. This allowed one of the hunters to stake Samanta. She stood still for a moment before her body dissolved into ash. Calevaro, stricken with grief, used his remaining blood to create an explosion of energy around him. The explosion killed most of the hunters and allowed Calevaro to finally teleport himself away with the last drop of blood that he had. He fell into a comatose sleep after this encounter and fortunately ended up being rescued by friends who nursed him back to health.

Since then, he has continued to help others, but was never able to forget what happened. He sold the house where he and Samanta had lived. The place simply had too many memories. After years of travelling around he has decided it is, finally, time to settle down.

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