The "Black Wolf" pack is the splinter pack that was formed when Jacob Black broke away from the La Push Wolfpack and Seth Clearwater insisted on following him, soon also joined by Embry Call and Quil Ateara. For a while it was known simply as "Jacob's pack," but eventually Jacob give it a more official name, combining his surname, Black, with a translation of the surname of his mate, Jason Christopher Lupus: thus, Black Wolf. At Jacob's desire, Jason has since come to be accepted as co-alpha of the pack, while Embry serves as their their "second" in the pack.

The pack claims territory primarily between La Push and Forks in the Olympic Forest, around the Ancient Chapel, but they also close allies with the Quileute Wolfpack and the Olympic Coven and assist in protecting their lands, as well. They are also allied with the Beacon Hills Pack and on good terms with Angel Investigations. Jason Christopher's personal holdings are generally open to members of the pack, as well.

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