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Belvedere Island (formerly known as El Potrero de la Punta del Tiburon, Kashow's Island, Peninsula Island, Promontory Island, and Still Island) is a rocky island in Marin County, California which was previously separated by a marsh from the mainland and has now been linked by two spits. The island is situated on the Tiburon Peninsula about three miles south/southeast of Ring Mountain, between Richardson Bay and the Town of Tiburon. Part of the town of BelvedereCaution, California is located on the island. The island lies just four miles across the bay from San Francisco.

There are a variety of flora and fauna represented on Belvedere Island. Presence of herons has been noted for a considerable period of time. Some of the flora are common to nearby Ring Mountain, where a considerable floral biodiversity has been documented. Ring Mountain has also been established to have been a settlement area for early Native American inhabitants of this local area.

Belvedere, CAEdit

Belvedere is a city in Marin County, California, United States, located 1.5 miles northeast of Sausalito. Situated on two islands, it is immediately adjacent to the Tiburon Peninsula, accessible via a short bridge from the town of Tiburon. The larger of the two islands is Belvedere Island, and the smaller one is Corinthian Island, which is shared with Tiburon. Belvedere Lagoon lies between them.

The area of Ring Mountain is notable for its archaeological resources of extant Native American petroglyphs as well as considerable biodiversity of California native plants.

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