The Beacon Hills Wildlife Preserve is a parcel of federal land located west of Beacon Hills proper. It has frequently been home to a wide variety of supernatural creatures and strange happenings. Located over hundreds of acres of woodland, it is considered a temperate coniferous forest with coast redwoods, giant sequoias, and douglas firs making up many of much of the canopy.

The wildlife in the forest is reasonably diverse, particularly in terms of birds and small mammals, up to and including mountain lions. There is a large population of big brown bats, and the preserve was one of the first places where wolves were sighted in California after having been absent from the state for much of the late Twentieth Century. Despite official reports to the contrary, rumors persist that much larger, more dangerous creatures can sometimes be found in the preserve. Those who know more may well realize that these reports are only partially true; the preserve is home to at least one significant pack of werewolves, bordering on the Hale family lands.


Redwood forest

Large redwoods make up many of the trees in the preserve.

Most of this area is covered with the trees of the Beacon Hills Basin Wildlife Preserve. They are thin, young trees in some areas, widely spaced to allow plenty of space for the forest's carpet of past years' leaves. As one moves south and west, though, the trees grow larger, closer together, with thicker undergrowth between them. Near the road, a large sign proclaims the name of the preserve, as well as a warning that one might do well to heed: "No Entry After Dark."

The heart of this area is a grove of much larger trees, ancient oaks and mountain ash interspersed with redwoods and pines. Between the trees, the ground grows thick with underbrush, ranging from blackberry briars and ferns to nettles and poison oak. Game and hiking trails make it possible to safely traverse the area, but there's something here--perhaps in the air, perhaps rising from the earth itself. Whatever it is, the land seems to nearly hum with some quiet, ancient power.

  • The Nemeton: This ancient, mysterious oak is located somewhere within the Wilderness Preserve, but the exact location seems to frequently change.
  • Lookout Point: This clifftop area overlooks most of Beacon Hills, serving as a conveniently ideal place for a werewolf to howl out over the city.
  • Woodland Pond: This large pond is located near the center of the most concentrated part of the preserve, serving as a popular swimming hole for local teenagers.

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