The Beacon Hills back is made up of a group of young people who came together through a series of extraordinary circumstances to protect their hometown, Beacon Hills, from supernatural threats. Created from the fusion of two previously separate packs, it is led by Derek Hale, alpha werewolf and heir to the Hale family legacy, who have protected the town for generations, and Scott McCall, a young werewolf who became a True Alpha through sheer force of will. Some non-werewolves, such as Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin have also been adopted into the pack, offering support or other unique skills to make the group stronger as a whole.

During the Existential Dread Plot, they were temporarily forced to evacuate the supernatural presence from Beacon Hills and relocated to Forks, WA, where they had formed connections with other werewolves in the past.

The pack also participated in the Conunction: Beyond the Final Apocalypse plot.

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