Beacon Hills College began as a liberal arts institution in the 1970s, focusing on language, arts, classical studies, and the ever-evolving humanities. As it grew over the ensuing decades, it became home to a small but robust computer science department, which led to the eventual proliferation of STEM programs and departments. Given its history, the social sciences thrived particularly well, though the other areas gained increasing attention as the Twenty-first Century approached. A few seemingly lucky hires set those programs, especially mathematics and computer science, ahead, and soon the school was becoming respected across those areas in particular. It never lost its original reputation, however, and remains a highly rated, accredited institution.

As for campus life, the college does not have any formal dormitories or student residences. However, there are a number of student-oriented apartment buildings and rental houses located nearby, catering to the needs of those who cannot or choose not to live elsewhere. The campus is vibrant with clubs and intramural sports activities, even offering a somewhat low-key Greek Life presence. While not particularly regarded as a "party school," the campus does offer an active social calendar. To the surprise of some, there are extremely few incidents of violence, sexual assault, or binge drinking on campus. For whatever reason, the students at BHC seem to keep out of that kind of trouble, especially after dark.

Beacon Hills College is located in the southern West Hills district of Beacon Hills.


The Beacon Hills College is the kind of place that can be described as "nice." With clean lines, soft color tones, and open spaces, it tries and almost succeeds in looking like an institute of higher learning rather than just a larger school of a lower level. Each of the five buildings contains three floors, and between them rests a courtyard with a small fountain in the center; modern art installations, created by students, decorate much of the grounds. One of the structures contains a library and most of the administrative offices, the rest bundled along with the bookstore, student lounge, and the unifying motif of fitting as many classrooms as possible in the space available. A gymnasium sits somewhat apart from the rest of the campus, just across Circle Street, with an artificial pond and a couple of acres of park space.

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BH College Library

  • Athletic Field
  • Science Building
  • Social Sciences Building
  • Gymnasium
  • Library

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