The Beacon Hills Animal Clinic is owned by veterinarian Alan Deaton, as well as serving as the workplace of Scott McCall and one of the unofficial headquarters of the Beacon Hills Pack.

Apart from being a fully functional veterinary clinic, it also serves as a surprisingly well-stocked druid's workshop and a fairly well-warded stronghold against supernatural intrusion.


This plain, single-story brick building bears a bronze plaque outside, identifying it as "Beacon Hills Animal Clinic." The front door, single- wide and made of glass, has the same stenciled on the glass. Inside, one enters a small waiting room with cheerfully mustard yellow walls, which have been plastered with posters of various pet care and veterinary interest. Past a small reception desk, a corridor opens up into the exam rooms and the holding areas for pets who are staying overnight. The exam rooms are plain and simple with walls bare save for cabinets and counters, filled with medical supplies. Some are kept judiciously locked. Large metal tables offer a place for pets--or whomever else--to be examined. At the end of the hallway, past the cats' holding area, a door opens into a small receiving and storage yard, surrounded by a high wrought-iron fence.

Logs featuring Beacon Hills Animal Clinic:

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