The ancient chapel is the home of Jason Christopher, as well as his mate, Jacob Black, and his son, Sly.

Exterior DescriptionEdit

In the middle of the otherwise dense forest, the trees very suddenly thin out into a clearing. A medium sized stream runs into the area, forking into two near the middle of the clearing, formed from snow melt and runoff from the frequent rains feeding it. It quickly picks up speed as it runs further towards what appears to be a sheer drop into a valley, the stream spilling over it as a narrow waterfall into a deep pool over a hundred feet below.

Alongside the stream, in the center of the clearing where there are the fewest trees, is a very old building, which looks to have been recently repaired. It appears to have been a church at one point, built with red stones held together with white mortar. On the top of the two-story building is a small tower made of the same brick with a white spire. A small walkway winding around the tower offers what must be a breathtaking view of the valley below.

Three stone steps lead up to a exceptionally sturdy, scarred oak door of some age. A door knocker hangs in the very center, a wolf's head holding a large bone in it's jaws. The door's hinges seem to be well oiled, such that it would scarcely make a sound when opened. Off to the side of the home is a small graveyard with several gravestones. Two of them are very old but well maintained. One of them is much more recently placed.

Logs featuring Ancient Chapel:

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