This page represents various abandoned locations around Beacon Hills. From abandoned banks to warehouses to railway depots, Beacon Hills seems to have quite a number of abandoned buildings in it. (This is based directly off of the show, of course, but it's also a convenient plot device for when a bad guy or the like needs a ready location for their nefarious deeds.) As a result, this page is mainly just a placeholder location so that logs can list an "abandoned building" in Beacon Hills as their location. Logs matching that description can be viewed under the appropriate tab on this page.

Physical DescriptionEdit

This could be nearly anything. Is it the old, abandoned ice cream factory? The old, abandoned saw mill? The old, abandoned Greenberg Estate? Curiously, Beacon Hills seems to have quite a few old, abandoned buildings, and this space has been set aside to represent such places as needed. Feel free to get a bit creative with it.

Logs featuring Abandoned Building:

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