Role-Play Log

Existential Dread Plot

Emitter: Jason Christopher







Quileute Wolfpack, Beacon Hills Pack



Rise Against, "Broken Mirrors"


The vampires, the werewolves, and everyone else have a final showdown with The Weird and face the twisted reflections of its magic.

September 2015
Woodlands near La Push

Selena had found her SUV, went and got walkies... two sets, plus the money she'd promised to pitch in to help for whoever was buying other supplies. She'd gone on the less organized jaunt through the woods in the dark without much luck and returned to her SUV when the small group had parted ways for the night. Rather than going home, however, she'd driven her SUV a little ways down from the Black residence and parked off the road to stand vigil over the woods in hopes she'd spot some light reflecting or something... and promptly fell asleep in the makeshift bed she'd made in the back. Seats that lay down are soooo nice! The sound of her cell phone's alarm going off wakes her with a start so hard she bangs her head on the roof of the car and groans as she blearily fumbles for the phone and stares at the time on it. At least she has her own clothes in the car... just fresh gym clothes... but still. She changes quickly and tucks JACOB'S clothes carefully away. He so won't be seeing those again!! Never getting those back! She crawls out of the SUV and rubs at her eyes sleepily and waits right there on the side of the road.

Sly had more or less coordinated with the others, and they have Seth to thank for that. The changeling wasn't willing to abandon his companion, who had not only saved him from a mugging but brought him back to himself, and... well, insert fluttery teenage feelings into the equation, and it's all rather easy to understand. So, Sly stuck close to Seth, but it's been obvious that he's chomping at the bit to go and look for Jason and, beyond that, whatever mysterious force is causing the strange Weirdness that has descended upon the little towns of Forks and La Push. As the group gathers and prepares to head into the woods, Sly stands beside Seth--holding his hand again, if allowed, as though for reassurance--and tries not to overtly fidget too much.

Alice is there when Selena wakes up. However it happened, for whatever reason, the much paler girl is just standing at the side of the road and watching the woods, hands in the pockets of a fashionable all-purpose jacket. It's probably one of the only things she owns that she's willing to wear more than once, for mainly its utilitarian purposes.

Selena might notice, before she really gets her eyes clear, how still Alice is: she doesn't move, not even a muscle. It's like she's a statue, like she was carved and brought to life. Galatea!

But Alice was never that still. Right? Must have been a trick of sleepy eyes. When Selena's done rubbing her eyes, she'll see Alice smiling in her direction, still standing there with her hands in her jacket pockets. And she moves! Just a little bit, easily in place, the same subtle movements anyone has: breathing, a light sway in the soft breeze. "Any good dreams?"

The Jeep, known to some as Roscoe, rumbles along down the road, approaching Alice and Selena's position. Glancing over at Derek, who's riding shotgun, Stiles says, "You know, this all feels really, really familiar." He smirks a bit, glancing down to the steel bat tucked between the front seats, and then starts to pull over to park just behind Selena's SUV. "How many times did we do basically just this back in the Preserve, at home?" He shifts the Jeep into park and sighs a little, almost wistfully. "These aren't really our woods, though--but, I guess they are, now, huh? It's weird how everything's different, but... not." Then, shrugging, he kills the engine, grabs his keys, and reaches for the bat. "And now Scott's the one making little clueless betas. That's probably something we should figure out, once this is all over."

Derek rides along beside Stiles, and he's characteristically quiet. Though this time, it's just as much because he's not sure how to answer the questions Stiles has for him. He's not even sure that he's supposed to. Maybe they're rhetorical. So he just keeps thinking about what all of this means, and he's sure he can be perceived as contemplative, whether or not he's actually too deep in thought.

Though the "little clueless betas" does make Derek turn his head and raise a thick brow at Stiles. There's an unspoken question of his own, right there. Is he throwing shade about Derek's own pack-gathering? But then they're there, so the alpha just pushes up and hops out of the vehicle, stretching his back, rolling each shoulder slowly back to work out the muscles from having sat. He takes in a deep breath...taking in the surroundings and all the people gathered.

Mason was in the front seat of his own SUV. He'd wanted something more fashionable, but his mom decided he'd needed something all terrain since they were living in the boonies. He was giving Liam and Scott a bit of Side eye. Liam was in the back chewing on a breakfast burrito and trying to get caught up as Mason and Scott filled him in. And Scott was of course driving.

Liam was wearing clothes that looked a little old retro even. Stiles might recognize them as Scott's old clothes from middle school. "So we're checking the woods for some sort of reflection? And hoping to break the thing that made me forget?" Liam shrugs, he was apparently a werewolf. His boyfriend was a werewolf. He'd nearly gotten eaten by an owl woman thing. And he'd forgotten all of it. So yeah sure whatever. He was just going along for the ride and watching Scott's rear... Er BACK watching Scott's back. The only thing that mattered to him was that they were done in time for dinner. Melissa McCall had said he was going to be there for dinner. And he was pretty sure that if he or Scott were late that neither body would ever be found.

Mason kept giving the other two side eye. He'd texted Scott this morning and gotten a reply that Scott and Liam would be over soon. And Liam had put on a pair of shoes he'd left over at Mason's. Scott had explained that Liam had woken up but no details... And the both looked fresh out of a shower... Seriously how do his straight friends have boy friends (even if its each other) before he does?

Edward Cullen has spent the last several days with his family trying to be proactive about this crisis. Bella Swan was still unaware of the existence of the supernatural and in a moment so very typical of him. Edward wondered if that was not for the best. She seemed happy, if slightly bruised from falling over invisible objects a lot with nobody there to catch her. Inbetween dealing with the crisis that was Rosealie Hale waking up to being a vampire again Edward had time to talk to his father Carlisle. Carlisle who had been under the effects of 'The Weird' for about 35 minutes before he woke up. When a mother brought in her 6 year old son to the ER with few bad cuts from falling down an embankment. Carlislke had put in butterfly stitches and realized on the third one he was a vampire. Seeing that his family was unaware he went ahead and perfected soimething he had been working on, The Lifeblood drink. Carlisle with his calm wisdom convinced Edward that he was thinking of himself in considering if Bella was better off remaining asleep, and not respecting what she would in fact want.

So Edward Cullen joined his sister Alice to look for some reflection in the trees. His other family members staying close to Forks to both guard the town as well as try and console Rosealie. After all there was no telling if in tampering with whatever this was wouldn't have a backlash on the town. This was technically Pack territory, yet Edward was inwardly pleased that his family seemed to be enjoying a particularly peaceful relationship with the Quileutes of late. Ironically in no small part thanks to Jacob Black. Edward walks up to his sister, who is standing next to an SUV, with someone inside he doesn't know. "It is a big place. Lot of ground to cover. We should get started."

Scott McCall was oh so aware of Mason's glances as he drove out to Jacob's place. They were very hard to miss, though Scott was keeping his mind on the buisness at hand. Derek and Jacob and several other people Scott respected and looked up to were going to be there and he wanted to find whatever had done this and put an end to it quickly. Because if they missed dinner with his mom their best hope was that everyone forgot again. No, their ONLY hope. Hey it was only 1442 square miles. They covered at least fifty already. No problem right? Scott swallowed hard and seriously hoped they were not doomed.

Ahead Scott could see a SUV parked on the side of the road. Outside of it Alice and her brother Edward. He had texted at length with Alice about the plans, so he was glad to see them. Scott pulls up behind Stiles looks at Liam and Mason. "Ok this is it, lets hope we find this damn thing and get home in time for dinner." He says it cheerfully enough, as he gets out to walk over to Alice and Edward. Knocking on the window and nodding to Stiles and Edward as he walks by. "Hey Alice, Edward. Good looks like everyone is gathering." Nevermind that he was almost late. Yup. Nothing to see here.

Jacob met Seth and Sly at the edge of the woods near his house so they could all head in on foot together. He'd brought minimal supplies, but he did bring some extra clothesjust in casein a duffel bag, so they shouldn't have to deal with too much extended nudity as a result of werewolfy wardrobe malfunctions. They haven't wolfed out yet, which is just as well, because then Seth would be getting all of Jacob's thoughtsand vice versaand that would mean Jacob would be compelled to weigh in on the budding romance between his surrogate little brother and his absent boyfriend's son. (God, his life was weird, even without the Weird.) So it is that, around the time the others are arriving, Jacob arrives with the others nearby. He gives everyone a nod as they all come together, and then he says, "Okay, everyone ready? This is probably gonna take all day. If we're lucky, maybe we can find our 'reflection' before dark."

Seth is wearing just a pair of shorts and a tank top, to make shifting easy when it came time. Of course, that makes him look kinda weird in the cool morning air, but capture doesn't seem to bother him at all. Nor does his bare feet on the forest floor. He keeps one hand gripping Sly's, and uses other to wave to the new arrivals, smiling cheerfully as he sees Edward and Alice. Then he nods to Jacob, and says, "I'm ready, let's go."

Selena blinks and stares at Alice. No she... she IS moving, right? Yes. She's moving... and talking... and breathing.... and alive. Right. She lets out a little sigh at the question and grins impishly. "Oh. Only the best." She says and her cheeks flush faintly. "Jacob Black." She says dreamily and sighs again softly. Then she eyes the woods, sobering a bit. "See anything yet? I um... I meant to watch the woods all night but I kinda... fell asleep." That, admitted a touch bashfully. Whoops.

Wait... they're not alone? She stares at Edward and blinks, then turns crimson and turns on her heel to go digging in her SUV for a couple ponytail holders. Finding them, she silently pulls her long hair into a tail, then braids the rest and ties it all off at the end to keep it out of the way. When she turns around again there are others there and she smiles and offers a rather awkward little wave. She SO did not mean to confide about her sexy dreams with other BOYS around! Geez! She walks back over next to Alice and just stares at the ground, toeing at the dirt in a pair of old sneakers that should have been tossed years ago but were just perfect for long runs in the woods so she keeps them in her SUV. When Jacob arrives, she turns a couple of shades darker red and moves around to busy herself with grabbing the backpack filled with walkies and water and a few other things for the search. Energy bars, head lamps, the usual. She pulls out walkies and moves around handing them out. "In case we get separated or something..... I got two sets but they should all be on the same frequencies." Yep. Distractions are good! She pulls up beside Alice again and sticks with the only other girl in attendance because... girl.

Sly grins, seeing Alice and Edward, and also waves to them with his free hand. Unlike Jacob and Seth, Sly is dressed warmly enough. He's got on another borrowed set of Seth's clothes, plus a jacket and hiking boots. There's the occasional, spark-like flicker of silver in his stormy gray eyes as he looks around the area, and he seems more aware, almost even more alive, than he had back in town before. "Maybe I should carry the bag," he suggests to Jacob, since there's a good chance that both Jake and Seth will end up in wolf-shape before too long. But he scrunches his nose and shakes his head a bit at the walkie-talkie. "Eh, I'm good. I shouldn't have any trouble keeping close to you guys, anyway." His hand is cool and dry as it hold's Seth's, and he bumps shoulders affectionately. Sly, at least, is feeling quite optimistic about all this.

Scott McCall swallows hard as Jake mentions this is likely an all day affair. He contemplates taking his phone out and texting his mom at work. No. No keep it together McCall. It was still early and there might not be a need yet. Scott nods and looks out at the uninviting woods line. "There is still something about it, just creepy. I think, that way feels the worst." He points to the north, into the deepest section of the forest. Glancing back he smiles at Seth and Sly. Well at least maybe Mason would have someone to stare at other than he and Liam. No, who was he kidding. Mason was not letting them off the hook anytime soon. But fo course that would pale in comparison to Stiles. But for now he resolves to keep his head in the game. "Liam just stay close to me ok?" His responsibility after all. He starts to head out into the forest.

Edward Cullen sweeps his gaze across the gathering party. He makes an effort not to look at theirt thoughts. But some of them are just rather loud, and unavoidable. Relationship thoughts in particular had a way of dominating people's thoughts and there appeared to be several blossoming at the moment. But Edward had been dealing with this a long time, and knew many secrets. He kept them exceptionally well. "Jacob. You're looking well." Now that they weren't competing over the same woman, Edward found many things about Jacob likeable. But apparently, if her thoughts were any indication, not half so many as the young woman Selena did. Didn't anybody just want to go on a nice chaste date anymore? Lie in a nice meadow and stare longingly into the eyes of your soul mate? He shakes it off and says calmly. "I'm ready. Lets go." He nods to the gathered group and starts to move torwards the wood's line where Scott McCall had gestured.

Alice laughs softly. It's such a pleasant sound, almost as if it were planned, rehearsed, and performed virtuoso, all spontaneously. "Nothing yet," she answers, expression patient but hiding some concern. She's done it well enough that it seems almost trivial. Almost. But even she can't entirely banish it from her countenance.

And Alice knows the familiar dance of solidarity in being the girl in a situation. Not that it changes much of anything, in her experience, and she is much (much!) older than she well as being profoundly more insightful than most. She's experienced lifetimes of lifetimes, different choices leading to different ends and corners. Really, only Edward can understand how it feels. So as she takes her walkie-talkie from Selena, she smiles a little wider. "Thanks, Selena. Want to come with us?"

As Stiles spots Scott and the others, he looks over at Derek. "He is so gonna need your help figuring out what to do with Liam," he says quietly, sighing, which may run counter to Derek's suspicion that Stiles was disparaging his own betas. After all, Boyd, Erica, and Isaac were at least mostly under control, most of the time. Mostly. There was the Lydia incident, but, well, it was a bad set of circumstances, and it was all totally the fault of asshatsMatt and Gerard, ahemanyway. But, anyway! Stiles approaches Scott, smirking a little, and says, "I am so looking forward to explaining yourself later. I mean, everyone loves puppies, but I guess you must really--!" He raises a hand, cutting himself off, and contentedly lets the joke stand. It's only the beginning of what Scott will probably suffer at his hands, but at least it's fairly good-natured. As the group gathers, Stiles makes sure to get one of the walkie talkies if possible, then sticks close to the other former Beacon Hills kids.

Derek seems to accept that as an explanation, which puts his concerns to rest for the moment. He walks silently behind Stiles, figuring that what Stiles has said stands on its own, and he doesn't really need to add to it. It's one of those familiar arrangements where two people know each other well enough that words aren't strictly necessary, which is good since half of those people doesn't tend to produce words unless absolutely necessary. As Stiles greets Scott and talks with him, Derek folds his arms on his chest and looks out to the woods, trying to take in everything he can before they plunge in again.

Liam growls softly at stiles. They'd only met the once and briefly, and only the fact that Scott's place smelled almost as much of Stiles as it did Scott kept Liam from going any further. He does stick close to Scott. It was likely he'd ignore any other order regardless of who issued it. Liam looks around at all these people and doesn't Know most of them. Though Mason and SCott at least caught him up on the basics.

Mason pulls a map out and lays it flat on his hood. "Okay, The radios all have Gps. And I'd separated the area into sections. We're Going to work around the edges then move in section by section. Everyone Report in when you've cleared your section and I'll mark it off an tell you which section you're going to next." Okay Apparently Mason had been planning this out while other people have been getting distracted by things that Mason really wished he had to distract him. He also pulls out smaller maps and radios, "Not sure who wants to team up with Who though..." He smiles at Alice Selena and the others, "As soon as we find something suspicious I'll send out a call for everyone to gather?" Someone had to play signals. And well it wasn't like mason would be ANY use walking around in his woods. Though Mason did look at the others to make sure they didn't mind him stepping up. He'd be more than happy to step aside if someone else had better ideas on Organizing the search.

Jacob chuckles at the various antics. Apparently he's in good spirits, too. Seeing Seth and Sly together doesn't hurt, and the Beacon Hills group are always entertaining, too. Edward's greeting gets a nod and a smile, as he replies, "Well, thanks. I'd say you look well, too, but you always look the same, anyway. You're lucky Alice dresses you all so nice." He turns to focus on the map that Mason spreads out, nodding, and says, "Sure, sure. Sounds good, Mason. Good work!" He claps the younger boy on the shoulder, grinning at him widely, and makes sure to include Selena, Alice, and each of the others with a friendly nod or wave. Then, looking up, he says, "Okay, guys. Let's go--the sooner we get started, the sooner we'll find what we're looking for, right?"

And so they venture into the woods. The days wars on, with minutes soon fading to hours, and Mason will find himself periodically getting a text or a radio call, informing him that another square has been crossed off the map. Gradually, they venture deeper and deeper into the woods, moving well away from where even the Quileutes go on their various patrols in wolf-phase. Then, gradually, they come to a very different sort of place, a place where the woods become utterly still. No breeze stirs the leaves, and not even a single animal stirs nearby...

Seth grins at the offer of walkie-talkies, but shrugs, saying, "Once we start searching, I won't have hands to carry it. Sly can get messages to and from you, I think?" Whether that's through the changeling using magic or grabbing a walkie-talkie of his own. And then they're off, searching the woods. Seth spends most of his day as a wolf, trusting Sly to carry his clothes, using his superior senses to help make the search that much easier. Not, really, that it turns up much. He really only goes human to chat with Sly about things he senses, or to ask where they're going next.

Finally they arrive at that very still section of the forest. Seth is still a wolf as they rejoin the others, his ears perked as he looks around.

Sly ends up carrying the duffel bag with with Jacob's and Seth's clothes in it. He's not done much magic or anything, as he's not really sure how it will affect things around them, and he's honestly still remembering a lot of the finer points. But he's had a good feeling about this, and he's enjoyed running with the wolves and being in the company of the people he's come to think of as family. As the group reconnects, Sly's eyes have begun to shimmer with more silver than ever, and he's beginning to sense stronger and stronger wisps and flows of magic around them. Reaching out to brush a hand quickly against Seth's back to make sure he has the wolf's attention, Sly says quietly, "Something's close. I can't tell what it is yet."

Selena looks over at Alice as she's invited along with them and she nods her head emphatically. "Yes please." She says with a sigh of relief. More than anything in the world, she wants to avoid losing control again in front of all the guys. There's probably JUUUST enough walkies for the non-wolfie people actually. She nods to those who don't want one, including Seth. He gets a grin and a nod. "Sure." Selena doesn't take one for herself since she figures she'll likely end up without hands too. Alice, of course gets one and she gets a huge smile of thanks.... and a mouthed 'thank you' as well.

She points to her bag. "I got another set of clothes in here if I lose it and destroy these." She makes sure to let Alice know. Thankfully she has no idea that Edward can read her mind because if she did.... she'd be so horrified she'd melt into the ground and never come back up again! She moves over and gives Mason a BIIIIG smooch on the cheekif allowed, and makes sure it's loud too! "You are awesome, Mason! I'll go with Alice and.... Umm... Him." She points to Edward.

She can't help but to think that he's actually almost as cute as Jacob. Almost. Maybe as cute as Derek. Yeah. Definately Derek-level cute. Whoever he is. Oh well. There are reflections in trees to find. She looks up at the trees thoughtfully and idly wonders if she can manage to climb a tree and jump from one to another... now that she knows what she knows. A birds-eye view might help. She glances over at Stiles ribbing Scott and grins, shaking her head a little... a touch of wistfulness, a touch of sadness broadcasts across to those that share her wolf form though she doesn't realize she's doing it. Doesn't even know she CAN do that.

As they get into the actual searching, Selena spends a lot of time up in trees. Either just climbing to look around, or bouncing from one to the next. Though she spends a lot of time just walking too. She's walking when the woods get so very quiet and still and she pauses and frowns, looking around slowly. She glances over to Alice and points to herself, then to a tree and nods. She's going to go up and try to get a look around. After all the hours of walking, climbing and jumping tree to tree, she's amazed at how energetic she still feels.

She's hardly tired at all. It's empowering, being so endlessly charged! She moves over to the nearest tree and climbs up to take a look around, doing her best to not make a sound. While she's there, just because it feels right, she silently peels out of her clothes and leaves them hanging on a branch. Well, everyone's going to see her if she rips through them anyway, might as well save herself some cash by being prepared ahead of time! If she spots anything, she'll come back down to tell the others what she sees, clothes held in front of herself modestly.

Jacob's comment on Edward gets a certain sort of sassy, vaguely challenging look from Alice, although it's also mixed with amusement as he follows it up. She grins a little more. Very well, you have placated the Alice. You may continue on. The expression turns milder and warmer for Selena, and she winks and makes a sort of "got your back" gesture. Because she may be the weird one of her family, but she's also probably the nicest one. "Edward," she informs Selena, in case she forgot or was never properly introduced. "Selena." And then they set out.

There are, of course, complications to the situation, and Alice has remembered her limitations and what she can do, as well as what she can't. For one thing, the wolves...mess things up a little bit. They're not easy to see in her visions, and sometimes they're not possible to see at all, it's just...seeing around them, basically. So she can tell things, and as they venture into the forest, between Alice's visions and Selena's scouting, it becomes clearer and clearer where they need to go.

And even if Edward would never be anything but a gentleman, Alice does her best to help Selena wherever she needs it, wherever she needs a shield of modesty, a seeming distraction, or a prompting for the occasionally clueless Cullen. If Selena needs urgent help, Alice has a jacket she doesn't strictly need. Cold hands, warm heart, as she's often said.

But the group draws steadily closer to where they need to go, and Alice makes it clear to the others: this is it. "I've seen this before," she whispers between them. "Things get...complicated. Please be careful." A soft smile is offered to the both of them, and she continues into this place of unearthly silence.

Scott McCall nods to Mason and seems fine with his plan, already moving to start the search. He groans as Stiles sets in right away though. Scott shoots him the 'Really? Now?' look and then just smiles faintly shaking his head. Stiles has the best insight into Scott (without the aid of cheats like surface thought telepathy, maybe even with). Scott was happy, genuinely happy. Inspite of all of this crazy, he was happy. Hell maybe because of the crazy! If the tradeoff was Liam, well in Scott's mind, worth it! They'd end the crazy like they always did. He would work out what the hell happened with Liam, and he had a support group to do that. Speaking of which he looks over at Jake as he passes under the trees. His voice hushing some, because people always seem to speak more quietly out in the woods for some reason. "Hey Jake, any luck looking through the woods?" Jake was still missing his plus one it seemed. But Scott was trying to be subtle about it. If nothing else they could talk about it later since it seemed they were all heading to different areas of the forest. "Liam, it's alright." He reaches out and rests a hand comfortingly on his beta and boyfriend's shoulder.

The day wound on as Scott moved through the forest. He searched with werewolf enhanced senses, seeking whatever the reflection might be. Once he thought he might be onto something finding a very still pond that offered a reflective surface. But there was nothing to it after all, just a nice place to splash some water on your face and get a drink ultimately. Frustrated he continued searching. Moving into areas of the forest where there was literally no human scents save those that came with them. If anyone had ever been to this area of the forest at all it was a long time past.

After introductions between himself and Selena are made. Edward Cullen moves with that predatory feline gait through the woods. No undergrowth seems to deter or even detain him. He periodically, and easily, leaps up to tree branches to surveys the area much like Selena. He is largely quiet unless addressed directly, though more than once he looks curiously at Selena as her telepathy pings off of his own. He wants to end this memory charm as much as any of them. Because it stands between him and the woman he loves like a deep ravine seperating them. One which he is sure with each passing moment Bella will fall into, unless he is there to prevent it. How the entire roof of the house hasn't caved in on her yet, he really doesn't understand. But she is overdue for something mind boggling to occur. A yeti to want to mate with her, or a vampire to attack her or something of similar- Edward pauses and his eyes go wide as an errant memory surfaces. He hisses suddenly and looks directly at Alice, with a wild and murderous intensity in his eyes. "VICTORIA!" She had been RIGHT THERE. Damn this memory charm straight to hell! He could have killed her and ended yet another threat to Bella's life! Would that ice, the wind, feather pillows, and snuggle blankets were as easily killed as they had all threatened her life before as well. She was high maintenance, but she smelled amazing and that made up for a lot!

Through the day the notion he had been that close to that evil red head gnawed at Edward, making him even more quiet and withdrawn than he typically was around strangers. His mind still reaching out to everyone in range also to stay aware in the event they should find anything. But it was a massive area they were searching, luck was going to play a part. It was just if it was with them, or against them.

It's mostly been a trudge for Stiles. Sure, he's eager, and he's glad to be in good company, but this is so far beyond his area of expertise it's not even funny. A lot of his energy goes into communicating with Mason, suggesting adjustments or improvements to the plan, and otherwise just kind of running logistics. (And damn, that bat is starting to feel heavy after a few hours.) When they all regroup, much later, he notes the fully shifted wolves, notes all the others, and files away the details, but he's really not sure where it's all going. There's just not much in the way of clues or evidence for him to put together, and he's not really much of a woodsman, especially here where he doesn't really know the woods at all. But, true as ever, Stile sticks with it and lugs along the bat and the walkie-talkie, ready to give whatever support he can.

Derek stays close to Stiles. They arrived together, they've been working together on this whole mystery, and even without obvious or fabulous powers, Stiles has been willing to put in the real legwork to get it done. But it is important that he be protected, since they don't know what is out here or what they'll be up against. It could be anything from a confusing mystical threat, to a vicious wendigo, to some kind of demon. A demon tree even, or something! Who really knows?

But they enter the woods and continue through the woods, and gradually, Derek is able to isolate a particularly strange areaone eerily and conspicuously quiet, devoid of natural noise and ambiance. So that is where he leads, though he's sure to keep Stiles within at least a distance to where he can tackle him out of the way if things go badly or if there's a trap.

And Derek is almost certain that there will be a trap, if not several. He knows he stands a better chance of managing to survive an unexpected assault, and furthermore it's his responsibility as the alpha to put himself at the fore. This is a pack, and even if he didn't make them, even if he isn't responsible for them in a traditional sense, he still knows it: deep down, he would always feel that obligation, that need to provide leadership through being dependable.

By the time they're in the approach to the stillness, he's wolfed out and even popped his claws. With requisite butt-flex. Probably some time ago.

Derek Hale phases to his wolfman form.

Liam was following behind Scott. He wasn't really sure WHY he was here since he's basically just following behind Scott. But hey hike with the boyfriend and they can finally have that talk. It might take a back seat to the search, but Liam is slowly learning more about Scott and the supernatural as they search. And Scott starts giving him helpful hints on recognizing smells and other basic werewolf 101 advice. So its actually a pretty fun day for him, though not quite as fun as what they'd had planned originally.

Mason pulls up the Suv into the new meeting place. Which it was incredibility hard to get his jeep that deep in the forest, not to mention he only had a learners.. He manages it somehow... Well okay to be fair he set the rendezvous, and picked the closest place with a tiny access road he could just barely get his Suv through. He also hangs to the rear fully aware that he is by far the most helpless here. Atleast Stiels has a bat... Okay maybe not... He does have a car...

Jason Christopher arrives from Scattered Woodlands.

Enhanced senses are a common trait among the group searching the forest. But experience with those senses, experience in particular hunting with them, is another matter. It dawns on those that hunt first. This area of the forest the teams are coming into is silent. No signs of animal life, as if they had quit the area entirely. Even their spoor is older, weeks old. No animals have come this way in weeks.

The shadows among the trees loom larger, and no breeze blows yet the trees periodically creek and sway as if by an unseen hand. Strange noises, certainly not those of the absent animals, come from just out of sight. Otherworldly, and haunting sounds that rake across the nerves like large and unpleasant claws across a chalkboard. The game trails, minimal as they were seem to twist and vanish and dissapear when one looks back for them. This area of the woods may have once been natural, but that time has past for now. The very forest twisting, like a dark reflection of what it should be.

From several different places along the outside edge of a clearing they all arrive at once. Stepping into the moss covered, moist earth. The air is filled with a reek of rot. There in the clearing is something so very out of place as well. On the far side of the clearing, slightly removed from the wood's line, is an ornate antique mirror. Standing as tall as anyone that views it, the dark wood of the frame seems stained. By just what, it may be best not to know. The glass is broken, but the shards still neatly placed in the frame. It pulses, and seethes with a malevolence that is nearly tangible even from across the clearing.

It is not reflecting the clearing though. From a distance it seems to instead be reflecting a darkened, shadowy room. Something about it screams not just danger, though there is that in abundance. But also utter and complete damnation, very much unlike anything any of them have experienced to date. In front of it, kneeling on the moist ground with his back turned, is a man wearing a black hoodie. His hands clasped in front of him as if praying to the mirror. "So. You've come. You had simple lives, uncomplicated. But it was not enough. You had to see, had to know what was on the other side. It was a mistake distorting you through the mirror. I told them it was." He stands up and turns around and his eyes, eyes that are twice the size they should be, are the mirror as well. Reflecting that terrible, terrible soul chilling room. His face gaunt, and ashen colored. Blackened lips move hardly at all as he speaks, and a terrible frothy bile spits from between them. His head listing to the side as if his neck was not strong enough to hold it upright. His breath a gurgling hiss of malice.

"Why have the black distort you, I said, when we could replace you..." He starts to laugh, an insane phlegm choked, cackling sound that grows in volume, far to loud to be natural. He forms words that are to most mere sounds, as hands gnarled to almost arthritic claws still manage to move in a complex pattern. As if his hands were weaving the words into dark intent and purpose. A dark purpose amplified by the terrible place the room is reflecting. Magic.

stepping backwards he places a palm against the mirror, and a rivulet of blood trickles down it's surface. Then abrubptly he is gone. Just his insane laughter echoing through the woods, as new shapes bein to appear in the shards of the mirror. Stepping from across the clearing out of the woods, are them. Including a phalanx of armed eco-terrorists surrounding the mirror twisted Jason Christopher. They are heavily outnumbered. Outnumbered by the terrorists and the versions of each of them that they were in 'The Weird.' The versions of them that will replace them here in this world, should they die here today. Replace them permanently in the real world, as dark and twisted versions of themselves seen through this terrible and evil looking glass.

Selena is thankful to Alice for all her help. She's got a new girlfriend! That's something she's sorely been lacking in. At Edward's hiss though, she nearly falls right out of the tree she'd climbed in. She turns and blinks at him. Who the heck is Victoria?? She hops down out of the tree and moves over to stand beside Alice again, taking the jacket with appreciation, but only pulling it over her shoulders and holding it closed in case everything goes crazy. "Complicated as in.... should I be ready to get uncontrollably fuzzy or...?"

She asks softly, still keeping her voice down. As the others start appearing around the edges of this particular square, she lifts one brow faintly and shifts her feet slightly further apart in a ready stance. "That's not freaky at all." She mutters softly. These people have become her friends... some New... some REALLY New... like Edward... some New-ish... like Mason and Stiles... she's known the longest, but all of them she wants to protect although some of them need it more than others. Her eyes widen at the scene that plays out before them all and.... is that an EVIL SELENA over across the way?!?

Jacob Black phases to his wolf form.

Seth Clearwater phases to his wolf form.

Trotting along in wolf-phase, Jacob Black's posture shifts starkly as they reach the clearing with the mirror in it. The creepy sorcerer-type gives him pause, and he slowly moves closer, shifting to put himself in front of the others. He doesn't move to try to confront the entire group of antagonists, but he does make sure he's at the forefront of the group. Lacking the ability to speak, he doesn't banter with the villain, instead just growling low in his throat and making his body language very clearly and overtly dangerous.

Telepathically, he sends to Seth through their pack link, "I don't know what kind of magic this is, but I'm pretty sure those are the bad guys. Be careful, and don't let them separate us." Then, letting out an alpha wolf's roaring howl, he leaps forward and charges, first and foremost, at his own doppelgänger.

Jacob Black lets out a bellowing roar of a howl.

The 'creepy sorcerer' doesn't elicit a growl from Seth at first. Instead, he watches patiently, as he always does. The thought going through his head, as usual, but this may be someone they can negotiate with. That thought is gone, however, as he talks about replacing them instead. He finally does growl as the doppelgngers appear, and after Jacob's howl he charges forward as well, all half a ton of giant wolf running straight at the other Seth. He usually prefers to talk, but when the time comes, he can fight. Right now, he trusts Jacob that this is the time to fight.

Sly doesn't follow the charge. Instead he drops the duffel bag, frowns, and then flashes a devilish smirk. For a moment, Sly is there, and then he's gone--only to reappear a moment later beside his doppelgänger. The alternate Sly is a dazed, lost-looking street youth who seems to have trouble focusing on the world around him. The more colorfully dressed, magically vibrant Sly looks his twin up and down and says, "This is supposed to be an improvement? Mmmmmnope." He reaches out, grabbing the other Sly by his shirt front, and gives him a good shake. "Snap out of it, you idiot! They made you forget everything you actually care about!" Okay, so this probably won't work, but he's not exactly an expert at handling this kind of spell.

Selena is thankful to Alice for all her help. She's got a new girlfriend! That's something she's sorely been lacking in. At Edward's hiss though, she nearly falls right out of the tree she'd climbed in. She turns and blinks at him. Who the heck is Victoria?? She hops down out of the tree and moves over to stand beside Alice again, taking the jacket with appreciation, but only pulling it over her shoulders and holding it closed in case everything goes crazy. "Complicated as in.... should I be ready to get uncontrollably fuzzy or...?"

She asks softly, still keeping her voice down. As the others start appearing around the edges of this particular square, she lifts one brow faintly and shifts her feet slightly further apart in a ready stance. "That's not freaky at all." She mutters softly. These people have become her friends... some New... some REALLY New... like Edward... some New-ish... like Mason and Stiles... she's known the longest, but all of them she wants to protect although some of them need it more than others.

Her eyes widen at the scene that plays out before them all and.... is that an EVIL SELENA over across the way?!? "This gives a whole new meaning to self-hate." She whispers and rubs her hand over her face then glances over at Alice with a faint shrug. The change is already happening... the sound of bones and muscle sliding against bone and snapping into new shapes fills the still air nearby.

She hits the ground on all fours as her wolf emerges and she gives herself a good shake, sending Alice' jacket to the ground. She lifts her head and looks around the area, her green eyes shining almost glowing in the night. She moves quickly as well, almost immediately placing herself up beside Jacob, a few feet away. She looks his way and gives a slight lowering of her head. She's with him... and she'll die before the others do!

That telepathy of hers is so strong already... when she gets stronger and learns more control... could she possibly reach across pack lines? Could she bridge the gap between packs? She turns and growls low in her throat at the baddies and she lets out a howl almost as powerful - and forceful- as Jacob's... -almost-. She's a little less certain than he is... but no less determined! She lunges a split second after, aiming for her own evil-me's throat. An undoubtdly killing blow-- if she were to land it and land it correctly, that is-- but she's not yet an expert at combat and she is likely to miss the mark.

Selena phases to her direwolf form.

Keeping close to the other two, Alice walks up to this clearing. "Complicated as in...I don't know." It's an apologetic expression she makes, but she does reach over to squeeze Selena's shoulder. "You'll be okay. Just don't...don't be reckless." It's not like she can really read the girl's future, not now. It's as complicated as the Quileutes and their kin.

But once Selena tears off, Alice calmly steps over to take her jacket up, dust it off, and pull it on. Then she returns her hands to her jacket pockets, frowning at what she sees ahead of her. In her experience, it never really solves anything to trade threats or make the first move. That's what boors do, and Alice is one of the most sophisticated of her kind. She may be a hunter, an apex predator technically, and the mark of that pinnacle she represents is that she has the rational mind to apply towards not only engaging her prey, but doing it as efficiently as possible.

Cruelty is for lesser life forms.

As she faces the image of herself, Alice looks her over. Much the same, she reflects, even down to wearing slightly different things than Alice herself is wearing. It wouldn't do, after all, to be seen in the same exact outfit as anyone else, even if that person is herself. So maybe, she thinks, they can work this out peacefully. Whatever this other her is, whoever she has become, she doesn't seem to be much different.

Until suddenly, Alice takes in a sharp breath, her eyes going wide. Her head swims with recall, memories once forgotten, of what was once called an asylum, once known as a hospital for the insane, but which afforded no kindness or mercy to its patients. No medicine, no healing, was provided here; there was only barbarism. Savagery. She can see the beautiful hair she forgot growing out, sheared to almost nothing, clipped down as the wires are pulled closer. The lightning will come soon.

But the distress on her face only lasts for a second. She frowns, looking at her double, who just smilesno, grins, it's wicked and not friendly or pleasantand it becomes clearer what has happened, what has been done.

Alice stands, staring at herself. And her reflection made flesh stares back, only after a few seconds resting a hand on her own hip, almost seeming spiteful in not ever actually reflecting Alice's movements to any degree. It's clear they only look similar. Under that perfect exterior, they have nothing in common.

Scott McCall steps in front of Liam, and as much as possible Stiles as well. He wasn't sure what to expect in these woods. Wasn't sure what they would find. But not this, nothing like this in his darkest wildest dreams. Scott immediately changes to his wolf form. His people were behind him, and damnit he might not be an alpha but he would sure as hell step up and fight like one. His eyes not just flickering this time, but glowing red for the moment. Scott McCall roars at the tweaked version of himself across the field. His very first alpha roar! Then he charges across the field.

Across the field the lanky and not so athletic Scott McCall takes a hit from his inhaler. Like Jekyll downing his formula he changes into a lumbering mountanous behemoth. Roaring back he starts to lurch across the field to meet his doppelganger in conflict.

Edward Cullen stares at the sickly looking figure across from him, a twisted version of him having never become a vampire. Feverish looking, he seemed like he was carrying a dozen different types of plagues. The reserved Edward is actually repulsed, but grimmaces to move forward and end this horrible vision of himself. Only to falter slightly, as pustules begin to form on his marble smooth skin. The thing was making him sick as well! Edward grimmaced and started to once again run across the field. He had to end this before he grew more ill yet.

Scott McCall phases to his wolfman form.

Stiles comes face to face with Stiles, though Scott and some of the others keep them separate. Then, when Scott leaps into the fray, Stiles screws up his expression, chokes up on his bat, and marches up to his double. "Okay, I've seen all the movies where this crap happens. I have to confront you and prove how I'm real and you're the lie or whatever. Right. You're supposed to be me, so how the hell do you even start to justify this crap?"

The other Stiles lunges for the real thing, grabbing at the front of his flannel, to shout at him, "Idiot! You're letting them fool you into believing a bunch of crap that's not true! Werewolves? Vampires? You've totally lost track with reality!"

Stiles stares at himself. For a long moment, he almost seems to consider this. He almost seems like he's going to return to questioning what he's come to learn is the truth. Then he just snorts and says, "Is that all you've got!?" He lifts his bat and whacks the fake Stiles over the head, and his alternate self goes down like a sack of potatoes.

The only problem is, that's when the mob of eco-terrorists starts to surround him. Stiles gulps, hefting his bat again, and says, "Well, crap. This might not be as easy as I thought."

Derek glances back to Stiles and tries to convey, with all he's able in his form, not to come any closer. Who knows what this opposite Stiles will be? He wasn't even sure what the mirror of himself would end up being, but he finds out soon enough: he's...Derek, or he looks like it, but sleeker somehow. Slicker, glossier in some ways, certainly in his wardrobe: less leather jacket, more plunging neckline, finer materials and some kind of fragrance probably designed to be sophisticated, somehow.

It's nothing Derek's group of friends would approve of. Probably Alice least of all. This doppelganger is on a different track somehow. It's everything Derek didn't want to be, everything he was terrified of becoming.

Everything he saw his uncle become, and that's why he killed him.

And it's that moment when it dawns on Derek exactly what he's facing. His double wolfs out and suddenly he's in the air, suddenly crashing into Derek and tackling him to the ground. But Derek is not so easily defeated, and despite the ferocity of his mirror image, he turns the fight with a bellowing roar and his eyes flashing red and continuing to burn rubylike in the long shadows.

It doesn't seem to sway mirror-Derek though, who just yells back at Derek, the two rolling along the ground and then fast as a flash, Derek's slammed against one of the impossibly imposing trees looming over them. It knocks the breath out of the alpha.

"You're soft. Weak. So I'm going to enjoy this." The double slams Derek right across the jaw with a savage fist. "Can't have you ruining my image." Then the reflection's eyes glow red, but it's an almost dark luminiscence, as if it were somehow the opposite of light itself. "I paid for this spark in blood, and no one is taking that from me. Remember Uncle Peter? He thought he was pulling the strings." Another backhand to Derek knocks the spit out of him. "Until I strung him up by his guts."

Mason stays behind in the car, he has no skills no training, no magic, about all he can do is either run someone over with his car or back up in a hurry and get them the heck out.... Which he really hopes the latter. His parents might be pretty well off, but they're not likely to buy him a second car.

And Mason doesn't see a version of himself. There doesn't seem to be one. Which makes sense after all Mason is about as supernatural as his car. He looks around and notices that the Doppelgangers, The eco terrorists, all the things that really should exist seem to have a sort of shadow around them, more than light. Almost as if darkness was made physical. And was weaving itself around the others in tethers, robes, motes of dust, its different for each of the doppelganger. However all the darkness seems to meet up in a single central point near the mirror. One that seems different somehow. And with rather simple brilliance Mason turns on the high-beams.

The dark aura recoils from the sudden blinding light and for a single instant, Mason can be seen surrounded by only the faintest aura before the darkness swells around him again. It seems he is augmenting all the others strengthening them, and minding them together to a single purpose rather than the disparate reflections they might normally be. After all you can't make true evil from flawed evil. The only way to make pure evil, is to twist something that is pure good.

Liam was one step behind and to the right of Scott, at least until he charges. He had no idea what he was doing and he couldn't wolf on command yet. He was afraid... but not yet angry so he was still in human form.

Liam's Doppelganger was in wolf form however. And looked older more confident, even though he was dressed in a black leather outfit that would look more at home on a bad dominatrix on tv, complete with spiked collar. His claws were out and his entire essence was pure rage. The Doppelganger hadn't started to attack yet, but it would soon and would destroy anything and everything in its path whether it be friend or foe.

Then Scott charges. And there's the roar, an Alpha's roar. Liam's alpha. All at once Liam is wolfed out too, and yet some how completely under control. Scott had given the order to attack. So he focused all his rage all his anger at everything. At the force in front of him. The other Liam. Cause while That one might not have any control. The real Liam does. He has Scott. He Had Mason. He has the love he feels for them to temper his anger to control it and focus it. What happens when two unstoppable forces meet each other? Everyone is about to find out.

It called to him. Something from deep in the forest of the Olympic National Park. So deep within, that human feet seldom fell there. As he walked, the dreams came. Waking dreams that closed in from between the trees and showed him other places and events, as if looking through windows to other worlds. Impossible things, but things that could not be denied. The voice, no voices he could hear there was more than one. They promised him still more answers, and so he moved like a man possessed through the trees.

An ancient structure loomed into view. A church or monestery, but one turned into a home it seemed. Animals regarded him, wild and domestic alike. Some he recognized from back at the club. They welcomed him home. This was his home? Yes he started to remember it, and the animals told him as much. Still he stumbled on, and now the animals followed him. Still deeper into the forest, into a sacred place.

The tree loomed above him, and occasionally sounds could be heard. Phantom wisps of laughter accompanied by unusual motes of light that seemed to humm like the beating of wings, before fading away. This was where he had been called. But who had called to him, he was still unsure. Yet as he knelt in the shade of the tree the waking dreams seemed to close in once again. But this time no longer insubstantial phantoms seen through windows to the past. This time, even as he closed his eyes, he could SEE!

Jason saw himself as a child named Iason, in feudal Japan learning ninjitsu. He saw himself in Romania learning of the supernatural world from scholars, and Europe learning magic from Druids. He saw his father, fever crazed eyes tinged with madness. He saw his mother's kind eyes, slowly fade away before him. He saw his wife and his newborn son, and even without remembering them fully in his mind, he felt them in his heart. He saw a woman in france, who whispered to him "Mon beau prince."

But Jason also saw himself, killing. So much killing, so very much death. He saw blood. So much blood that it seemed to fill seas. Leaving him so very alone on an beach, on an island in a sea of blood. It lapped at his feet in waves, as he stood on the shoreline. A sound beneath the surf, untold numbers of voices screaming what he knew to be true. That he was the monster he believed himself to be. With the realization rage poisoned him, pumping through his veins, flooding his body. Rage enough to make this sea of blood into an Ocean!

He heard the voices again, three now he could tell. Whispering softly to him that he was wrong. Using the Quileute boy's words. That he was not this person. That he was not a monster. The sea parted and the boy joined him there. The rage inside of him ebbed, and died away. Replaced with a peace, serenity. Jacob Black was with him. Behind him he saw others as well, Seth Clearwater and the members of the Quileute pack. He saw Talia Hale smile at him, and then in her place her son Derek Hale, scowling. Yet so much more like his mother than he knew, wise beyond his years. He saw Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski from Fork- No, no from California, from Beacon Hills. Jason saw his son, Sly, now a young man. And he beamed with a father's pride. He saw the golden eyes of the Cullen coven. No, the Cullen family. Not simply another vampire coven, they had overcome their natures to become more. So many faces, they started to blur they were coming so fast.

He opened his eyes in his waking dream, and saw there in the tree branches three women hung. Blinking the three were suddenly around him, as he stood in the forest. Their voices clear now, as those that had called to him. "Remember my son." "Live happily Mon beau prince." "We will always love you Iason." He saw himself through their eyes. His mother's eyes still reflected only love. Elizabet Angelle's eyes twinkled with the same spirit she had in life. His wife Illyana smiled her gentle and understanding smile. The sea of blood was gone, he truly was not simply a monster. Though that was certainly a part of who he was and always would be. Both Man, and Beast. He saw himself at last for what he was as the growl ripped from his chest. Loup-garou, lycanthropos, hombre lobo, vukodlak, lupo mannaro, garoul, wer-wulf.

He opened pale, glowing, yellow eyes. Eyes afire like the light of the moon. The eyes of a werewolf. Eyes that were truly open once more, his mind clear at last. He threw back his head and '''''ROARED''' to the sky!!!! And the sky, the trees, the animals, the very wind and earth. All things of nature roared with him, such that it seemed to have no end as it echoed and reveberated across the country side. Lightning and thunder shattered in the sky and echoed him as well. Jason Christopher of the House of Lupus, Werewolf Lord of the Children of the Moon was awake once more, his roar fading into a prolonged howl. It is a howl some of those gathered know, as they have heard it infrequently before. Most recently in Romania, confrontingh his father. It is a howl which promised bloody vengence.

The armed eco-terrorists take up positions around the outside edge of the field, taking shots at anyone that starts to move across the area, attempting to turn it into a killing field. Bullets ricochet off of Edward's skin, chipping away parts of his flesh. Scott McCall narrowly misses getting shot in the leg as he and his Hyde like double clash. Mr. Green as he had been called by some sneers and seems quite content in the knowledge that they were going to kill their doubles and take their places. When he hears that rage filled howl though he looks nervously to the treeline. Swallowing and whispering softly. "Fuck." Before yelling to his men. "Hurry up and kill these fools." He suspected they had trouble coming.

Seth Clearwater lopes across the field to meet his double. Who looks like Seth, but so very pale. As he draws near he can catch the scent. This Seth Clearwater is a cold one, a newborn at that. With a mad look of blood thirst he speeds across the field to intercept wolf Seth, to slake his thirst on his blood! As he draws closer Seth can smell another scent on him. Blood. The blood of his family members, who he has already fed on.

The evil version of Selena stares hard at her as she lunges forward, and she sways slightly. Swaying as if she were, drunk? With each step closer Selena can feel the same sense. Intoxication. Her inhibitions desperately wishing to weaken. Rationale thought trying to slip away. The mindset of the man that killed her family that terrible night. Attempting to sway her thoughts, to make her confused. To make her prone to accident and tragedy. It would be so very sad if she now caused the type of tragedy she had previously endured. Say if in a drunken rage she turned on those closest to her now.

Jacob clashes with his own double, much as do the others. When the two charged at one another, each in wolf-phase, it looked as though they were identical and evenly matched. The closer together they come, though, it's clear that the other wolf is much larger, much more powerful. It's as though one took Jacob's wolf form and multiplied it by, say, Sam Uley's, resulting in something monstrous and impossible, even by the usual standards of a wolf-shifter. So, when the two connect, Jacob is tossed aside like nothing more than a weak-limbed puppy, and his doppelgänger leaps after him, looming large and snarling. Teeth flash, and the larger wolf snaps and slashes at the smaller, seemingly savaging the real Jacob, so clearly outclassing him that any contest at all seems laughable. No, Jacob isn't facing the reflection he'd been, not like he assumed he might. This is another reflection, entirely. This is Jacob as wholly wolf, owing nothing to his human side, stronger than the real Jacob could ever be. For a moment, it looks like it will all be over with a final snap of the larger wolf's jaws.

Then, the sound of Jason Christopher Lupus' roar echoes across the field. It resounds from the trees, shaking their branches, and even the very ground seems to tremble with it. It's a sound to turn one's bones to liquid terror.

Except, for Jacob, it is the opposite. For Jacob, everything changes in that instant, for he knows with absolute certainty that Jason needs him to win this fight. So there's no more question of losing. Surging to his feet, the smaller wolf whirls aside from the monster bearing down on him. He whirls to one side, then comes at him from behind, aiming for vulnerable places. As Jacob's teeth bite into the "flesh" of the monster, it doesn't bleed--it cracks and splinters like glass, for this monster is nothing but a reflection of fear and rage. It may be dangerous, but it has no heart to lend it true passion nor real strength.

Seth might've held back, just a bit at least, if his opposite had proven to be weaker than him at all. But, seeing himself as a vampire, and with that familiar scent... Instincts take over. He twists aside as the other Seth speeds towards him, but then snaps in from the side, his jaws aiming to break what he expects is a stonelike flesh of vamp-Seth's leg, in an attempt to slow him down. .

Sly blinks as, suddenly, the self he was shaking starts to shed wisps of straw. It's a literal straw-man Sly. He frowns down at it, and for a long moment it seems to be impacting him in some unseen way. He drops his double, stumbling back, and seems dazed, unsure--but then the roars of his friends, and his father, sound in his ears. He blinks, and his eyes glitter with pure silver. He glances around, seeing Seth battling a vampire version of himself--and then he turns back to the straw-man, which is now picking itself up from the ground like some kind of golem, and gives a snort. "Okay, I get it. So you're like... the other me. The me without magic. The thing that got left. You're the me that's nothing." He leaps forward, his form swirling and shifting, and when he lands he's taken the form of a slim, wiry man-wolf, glittering in the light. "Too bad I am the magic version. I've seen way better mind tricks than that!" Then he flings his double away, bounding after it, and lets out an ethereal, not quite real-sounding howl.

Selena stumbles, staggers and sways. She shakes her head hard. Confusion overcomes everything and then realization takes it's place... the pain she'sso far-- managed to hide from all her new friends. The guilt, the sorrow. Suddenly like the lights of Mason's car, shooting out from Selena is an almost unstoppable emotion that each and every wolfand possibly those that are not wolves-- within several miles is likely to feel... their own anger and rage may be bolstered by the pain and sorrow and RAGE that comes straight from Selena like adding fuel to the fire. Carefully hidden shame floods her. She should have died too. She should have been with them.... but she was safe at home and now she was alone.

She howls and bites at her double, lifting her claws and swinging wildly, drunkenly. Stumbling back she narrowly misses one of her friends and shakes her head again hard, howling louder... stronger. She plants both feet and turns again, focusing her bleary eyes... struggling to bring the image of her evil self into focus... she WILL overcome. The intoxication will not hurt anyone else she loves!

SHE will not hurt anyone she loves! She lunges again for her evil twin, hardly noticing the bullets that ping off of the ground all around her. She hardly registers the giant mosquito that bites her in her left leg... Doesn't feel the burn... the pain... at all right now. All she feels is the anger and rage and the NEED to protect... this time she will save those she loves! They may all be new friends, but they're all she's got now. She clamps down on her double's arm and gives a viscous shake of her powerful head.

Great. Now they're being shot at. Alice starts to take a step, and then another memory crashes against her like a tidal wave. The pain of the shocks. But that was nothing compared to the pain of not being believed by her family. By her visions not being enough to save her mother. She couldn't save anyone! She couldn't save the vampire that turned her. She could barely save herself. Maybe it was just out of coincidence, or some sort of caprice. Certainly not skill or ability. Certainly not.

But that's exactly what Alice needs, and she shakes it off and takes that step. And then she follows it with another, and another after that. Her double steps back when the distance between them quickly closes, a stray shot or two pinging off the ground near them.

Alice looks into the eyes of what could never be her and, tone ice-cold as her skin, states exactly: "You're embarrassing yourself."

She then takes a step around her counterpart and continues walking, right towards the hail of bulletfire and not even taking her hands out of her pockets. Occasionally she seems to shift faster than the eye can trace, to one side or the other. It's hard to hit someone who can sense it coming. It's just about impossible, in fact.

Alice's double just stands there, looking stunned. A shovel to the head would be easier to deal with than this. Eventually, she just shakes her head and then...fades away.

Alice, the original and best, makes her way directly to this Mr. Green. That's the way to do it, right? You grab the commanding officer or the equivalent, make your intent clear, and get the others to stand down. Because the last thing this situation needs is a bunch of crazed gun fanatics spraying the place with bullets. The fight is hard enough as it is.

But before she gets there, she does look in Selena's direction. If only she had Edward's telepathy! If only she could help more directly. She does purse her lips, flicking to the side again to avoid a burst of bullets and then grabbing Green with an armlock around the throat. "Fight it!" Alice calls to her friend. "It's not you! The beast does not control you!"

Scott McCall lashed out with claws at his doubles gut, while trying to avoid the gunfire of the eco-terrorists. Charging ahead had been a bad idea. Alice had the right notion staying back and accessing things. But no helping that now, he'd have to hope he didn't get his brains blown out. His claws rake through the monster's skin and it bellows in anger. Ham sized fists joined together to crash into Scott from above like a sledge hammer. Dropping him to his knees. He rolls backwards to avoid another hail of bullets. Unless someone did something about those gun men he was going to get picked off eventually. Only his agility was saving him now as he lunged once again. But, maybe that was the answer? Scott leaped, his agility and strength allowing him to spring board off of Hyde Scott's shoulders. The gunfire follows him riddling the giant who staggers backwards. Cracks appearing in it's surface.

Edward Cullen met his double, the bullet wound generated cracks in his skin healing over. But the infection and sickness remaining. He swung at his doubles neck, only to have the sickly flesh absorb the blow like pudding. Edward was as hard as stone, and his vomitous double was virtually gelatinous. His hand pulling back covered in blisters and open weeping wounds. He looks at the thing that is him, horrified and backs warily away. Fire, fire was a purifier, but also something he himself was vulnerable to. There had to be some way though to end this nightmare. Before he became to sick to move. Already he felt his responses slowing some. An idea occured and Edward darted at one of the terrorists. Plucking off of his side one of the flash grenades there. He spins to find his duplicate just behind him arms outstretched. With his superior speed he shoves the grenade into the gelatinous things head. POOOM The now headless, pudding like, infectious, thing stumbles backwards closer to the mirror. Flailing wildly.

Jason Christopher phases to his beast form.

Stiles ends up having to hit the dirt and scramble to avoid the bullets. Dammit, bullets. He scrambles away from his double, finding a large tree to hide behind, and clutches the bat to his chest. Flinching when bullets knock chunks out of the tree, he looks around wildly. He can't see Scott, Liam, or even Mason--but he does catch sight of Derek! And Derek's fighting... ew. His double's all Peter-ified. Raising a cupped hand to his mouth, he shouts as loud as he can, "Dammit, Derek, kick his ass! Your fashion sense was never that gross!" So maybe some of Lydia's wisdom rubbed off, after all, despite all the flannel. (Besides, hey--some people are just mad for tartan.)

If these dramatic revelations are designed to shock Derek into an easy defeat, they fail at that. He had started to put the pieces together...he guessed that something like his enemy described had happened. But this pretender only got complacent, he's sure, in his victory. He'd rather gloat, belittle others, and he clearly hadn't been challenged by anyone stronger than Peter. This double probably sat around Beacon Hills, dominating and domineering anyone he viewed as lesser, with an iron claw.

Derek listens. Derek lets him gloat. Derek, of course, doesn't see the need to dignify anything his doppelganger says with an answer. Words are valuable to Derek, words mean something and are offered when they have an impact. But Stiles shouting at him focuses the alpha on what's happening around them. He notices that they're being threatened by armed men, that Stiles specifically, Stiles with no powers, is being threatened, and he can't lose a second.

"You talk...too...much!" Derek grits his teeth, pushing off the tree's trunk and tackling his reflection to the ground. But as he does, he starts changing again...beyond the usual means. Beyond "wolfing out", beyond anything he was used to before, or could have expected. What pushes off the tree was Derek Hale, fangs and claws and scowling brow.

What lands on the evil double is a massive wolf with glowing red eyes, and that wolf makes short work of the false Derek, who simply dissipates like a morning fog, burned away by the sun's rays. He doesn't take time concentrating, getting used to the shape, nothing. It's like he was born for this, and he just now caught up with his nature. He bounds at the troops, such as they are, and crashes into them like tenpins, scattering them and distracting them from shooting at Stiles. Now they've got a much more formidable that can fight back. Not that they seem inclined yet, especially after seeing the massive form of the wolf Derek has become and their commander in danger.

Derek Hale phases to his direwolf form.

Mason stays in the car. What can he do? The others are all fighting there doubles. He can't he doesn't know how to fight. And he doubts a car will hurt a shadow. He doesn't know magic. He ... He's just human... But at the same time... The other doubles are all fighting them. His isn't, his is increasing their power. His is boosting them. So maybe he should do the same thing? No... These all seem to be reflections. So doing what his reflection is doing, just maintains the Status quo. What's the most out of the box thing that could happen? And mason makes a snap decision. He reaches into the back and grabs a blanket. Ever since Liam had been bitten he kept an emergency kit in back including a blanket. And Mason puts the rolled up blanket under his arm and goes charging forward. Typically to stop mirror magic in tv shows or movies you'd shatter it. This one was already shattered. So.... Mason does his best to dodge the combatant... And now there bullets which are also being surrounded with darkness by his doppelganger maybe the others can't see the darkness? Maybe only he can because his Double is taunting him. But he dodges and darts between things. Pretty much everyone ignoring him since well he looks about as dangerous as a wet blanket. He doesn't even have a bat. Eventually gets up to the mirror and throws his blanket up and over the Mirror. Hoping to hell this will actually do something... and that he wasn't risking his life for nothing. Especially with the disease spewing double of Edward being pushed basically up on him.

Mason and Liam were brothers and were the tightest of tight. So it stands to reason that Doppelganger Liam is surrounded and empowered with most of Dark Mason's shadows. As Liam and his double clash nothing can be seen beneath the darkness. The sounds of fighting can be heard and the occasional flash of golden eyes, and clear blue eyes can be seen. But there is no sign of who if either is winning.

From the edge of the clearing, behind where they had started he spoke. A dismbodied voice, with no real sense of where it was coming from. Quiet, but carried everywhere as if on the wind, which now was blowing steadily. "You took away everything. You made me forget." The voice is Jason Christopher's, and it is dangerously quiet and even. "Now you call monsters into this forest. Taint it. You seek to harm MY friends. MY family." The ground trembles slightly. "You believe yourselves to be monsters. You made me believe for a time that I was. I am more than that, more than simply a monster. But even monsters have their place." He steps out of the shadow of a tree, looking angry, eyes glowing yellow. "Now. Now I'll show you a monster." His body convulses, teeth grit together, a full body shudder as he starts to change. Flesh and bone ripping and pulling into a different form as he starts to grow. Each step forward he is larger still, until after perhaps ten steps he has shifted fully, shrugging off the tattered remains of the clothes he had been wearing.

The Beast throws back it's head and screams in primal rage, rearing up to it's full sixteen feet tall height before dropping down to all fours. It points one massive clawed finger at it's double across the clearing and roars again, words barely made out beneath the sound. "YOU'RE MINNNNNEEEEE!!!!!" It lunges across the field through a hail of the remaining Eco Terrorist's gunfire, ignoring it utterly as the bullet wounds heal as quickly as they are inflicted. The Beast charges up to where Alice has wrestled Green into a headlock. Green is strong, and fast. Clearly a trained martial artist of some ability. But no match for someone that can see his every move before he does it. Mr Green's eyes buldge as The Beast draws near, and like all bullys he begs when he is on the recieving end. "NO! NO! DON'T LET IT GET ME! The Beast pauses for a moment, nodding it's massive head torwards Alice Cullen as if asking permission to take over from here. Then the clawed hand reaches for him, intent to pluck him up and into the air. It wraps around his chest, the fingers curling back around his back. Bones snap like balsa wood as he screams and flails. but curiously it just sounds like breaking glass. With another scream of rage, his eyes glowing murderously blood red, The Beast slams him into the covered mirror! A single shard falls from the frame to the mossy grass below. Dislodged by the brutal impact. Mr Green screams one last time before he just freezes, mid scream. Just a reflective piece of glass now, which promptly shatters into pieces and falls to the forest floor.

The Eco Terroists turn their gunfire almost completely to the largest and closest targets in the clearing. Derek and Jason. They watch as their boss is utterly destroyed by a towering nightmare, and they they start to shatter as well. The sound of tinkling glass falling as one by one radiating outward from the place where Mr Green fell they break into tiny fragments of glass.

The Cold one Seth Clearwater tried to wrap it's arms around it's true counterpart. To attempt to crush the life from him with it's amazing strength. It was clumsy though, a stranger to it's own body as all newborn vampires tended to be. His arms closed on empty air as the more nimble wolf danced away. Screaming an inhuman cry of pain as those savage fangs bit into it's leg. A veneer of stone over glass, the leg splinters and cracks. But vampiric Seth spins around and attempts to bite Wolf Seth even as it's leg shatters utterly. In the frame a shard of the mirror wobbles.

Selena's jaws snap shut on empty air as the other version of herself sways aside like a drunken master of martial arts in a Jackie Chan movie. Up close she reeks of alcohol and lord only knows what else. The inebriating effect just so much worse the closer they are together. But then those teeth, those fangs, find their mark and the double lets out a keening wail. The type of shriek one might hear in those moments before a car was going to hit them, and they were concious it was coming. A shard of glass in the frame wobbles.

As Scott McCall and Edward Cullen gain ground on their duplicates, shards in the frame wobble slightly.

As Alice Cullen overcomes her duplicate a shard of glass falls completely to the ground.

The terrorists Derek Hale scattered slowly vanish into particles of glass as well, as yet another shard falls from the mirror representing his duplicate. Much of the mirror is now gone.

v Mason Hewitt dashes through the killing field armed with a blanket. It is a bold move and it pays off for him. As the mirror is covered the remaining duplicates stumble as if for a moment they can no longer see! It starts to pass immediately as the blanket is consumed by the mirror. But it is a window of opportunity just the same.

Seth dodges out of the way again, using his agility to his advantage, but not fast enough. The other Seth nicks him with the attempted bite, just barely drawing blood. Seth, however, doesn't give up. He dies back in, this time aiming to bite the glassstone enemy in half.

Another pane of glass falls from the mirror, as Jacob takes out his monstrous double's legs from behind, then dives in and goes for its throat. The projected being's form splinters and shatters, falling apart like nothing more than the image from a broken mirror that it really is. Stomping the dissolved creature's dust into the real dust, Jacob looks up, his gaze dancing around, and then he charges onward to stand at Seth's side. He hears and smells Jason nearby, and he of course wants to go to him, but even Jason would want Jacob's pack to come first. So, without hesitation, he moves to ensure that Seth is all rightfortunately, even as Jacob arrives, he can see that Seth is already defeating his double. As the vampire's "stone" body shatters into nothing but broken glass, Jacob brushes against Seth, sending him telepathic congratulations, as well as a warning to keep alert until they're sure it's safethen, finally, finally, Jacob goes bounding across the field to find Jason.

The sound of shattering glass heralds the end of Sly's straw-man double, and another pane falls from the mirror. There's a swirl of silvery mist, and Sly rematerializes near the dropped duffel bag. He picks it up, heading over for where Seth is. Soon enough, he's sure that his friend--well, more-than-a-friend, now--will be needing that change of clothes.

Not everyone misses Mason running through the gunshot. Selena notices.... "Mason!" But it just comes out a howl of fear and concern. She spins around as another mosquito stings her... this time in the shoulder and she hears Alice's words. She spots the gunmen and begins a somewhat drunken run toward them, not able to dodge more than a few powerful hits from her doppelgänger, but she ignores them to get away. She leaps on one gunman and her jaws clamp down on his throat with crushing force just long enough to ensure he won't be moving again before she's moving for another and then another, her double forgotten for the time being. The most vulnerable of her friends are in danger and right now, that matters more. Though it's as she's going for the third that they all shatter and she spins around to face her double again... further away, her mind clears somewhat and she sees that confused stumble of her double.

It's her chance. She lets out a roar of sheer determination and she starts at a run then hunches her body and leaps, this time her aim is true and she grabs hold of the throat of her double, tearing it out with a fierce growl. It's only as her doppelgänger shatters and another shard falls from the mirror that she realizes her mosquito bites? Not so much bites... both her left leg and her right shoulder are sizzling and smoking and not healing -at all-... in fact, if anything, they're actually getting worse. Selena falls to the ground as her body shifts back to human form with a cry of pain. Her skin around the two bullet wounds is blistered as if burned by fire while still smoking and, of course, bleeding. "Fuuuh.... Fuuuuuh.... Fuuuuhhh... Shiii..." She pants between half mutered curses and soft whimpers. Ok so she's a wuss when it comes to getting shot.

Selena phases to her human form.

It isn't the ideal circumstance for Alice, especially as she had intended to stop them...a bit less lethally. The real fear reflected in the double, the alarm, and everything else are unsettling to her. This whole affair has been unsettling and very uncomfortable. At least it seems like they weren't really real, in any sense, and just amounted to ghosts of things that never existed, brought into existence by...that evil mirror that Mason so bravely covered. That must have helped, she recognizes.

There's nothing she can say to Jason, and nothing at the moment she wants to say. So Alice elects to concentrate on the things that she can help. And that would be Selena. She gets to her side quickly and decisively, and she breathes deep, trying to remember all of the things that Carlisle has taught her...not only in self-control, but also in...medicine. How can she help Selena? Well, she can at least apply some pressure, get some of this bleeding under control.

So Alice acts quickly, pulling off her jacket and then her blouserip! Rip! Rip! It goes to pieces, leaving her in a remarkably stylish brassiere and giving her plenty of cloth to place on the bullet wounds. "Breathe. Keep yourself calm." She's saying it to herself as much as Selena, but to Alice's credit, she's not letting on...she can control herself. For the moment.

Scott McCall is worried about Liam, and Stiles and Mason, and really everyone! He leaps at Hyde Scott as it is momentarily blinded. Using his werewolf strength and agility he lands both feet into it's chest before springboarding back off and landing in a crouched position. The impact sends the grotesque version of himself stumbling back where it falls into the mirror. For a moment the monster is roaring it's displeasure. Then it is just a simple 2 dimensional image in glass. Which promtly shatters into motes of glass on the ground. Looking around to see Mason very close to the mirror he shouts. "Mason, get back!" His voice rough and filled with a bit of a growl. When he can't see Liam he roars once again, the anger, fear and frustration charging his alpha roar, even as his eyes start to flicker again back to yellow.

Edward Cullen wants no part of touching that mucous like filth again. But he has seen the method to end it. Hefting a fallen tree branch he swings it at the infectious pudding like version of himself. It envelops part of the branch but gets pushed into the mirror just the same. The gelatinous thing freezes slowly, becoming two dimensional and then shattering, sprinkling the ground with shards. Edward immediately is healthy once again and walks over to Alice. "I believe we may finally have a story to finally impress Carlisle with." By his age you had seen so much it did take a fair bit to be genuinely impressed. Edward notes given how close they are that Selena appears to be hurt, and of course he is a mind reader. "Alice, Selena has been shot and it isn't healing." He moves to her side in less than an instant, but Alice is there even faster. But medicine is not his forte, that would be Carlisle. Edward holds his breath to resist the temptation of the blood.

Stiles continues to lie low until the eco-terrorists start to vanish. Then he slowly pokes his head out, looking around, and starts to make his way back toward his friends. The mirror is definitely a key, he can tell, and Mason did a lot to suggest that with his blanket move, so Stiles creeps back over to where his other self is, frowning, and--no, he can't just smash himself. So, he grabs the unconscious double and starts dragging him over to the mirror. Maybe he can just, like... shove the double back through the mirror, or something...

Derek keeps wading through the armed men, knocking them this way and that as if they were nothing more than toys. When they start to collapse like their leader and the other doppelgangers, he figures most of the situation is fairly resolved and looks around to find Stiles. There. There he is! Derek hurries over to help, reaching down to carefully clamp his jaws around some piece of clothing, to help Stiles along with his double.

Each double shattering makes the Shadow mason weaker and more and more visible. Each sound of shattered glass weakens him. It seems like the powers goes both ways, The shards are connected and while Mason might have been playing bard to the others, without them he has no power. Until finally he's fully visible. He looks exactly like Mason but in a very tacky goth outfit. Mason has no animosity towards that style even if he would never wear it himself, but and style can be done well or Horribly. And this one was Horrible. Mason was too shocked, stunned even, to see himself wearing something in such poor taste that he didn't even notice Selena being hurt or the rest of the drama going on. He just stares aghast, "NO NO NO. You can be evil all you want. You can try to kill my friends. You can spin shadows or whatever else you were doing. You are not allowed to look like me and dress like a gothic clown hobo hooker. The boots, the over done make up ... Just... NO." And Mason marches right up to the other version of himself that still had shadows swirling around him punched him right in the face. 'This was for a cause greater than light and death. The was a battle for good taste.' Mason thought to himself as he was rewarded with the sound of shattering glass, and ran toward Selena who was the first person he saw, and she looked wounded.

The shadows around the Liam's double stopped around the same time maybe a few seconds before Mason's doppelganger shattered. And the real Liam was lying on the ground his wearing on the collar of his T-shirt and the remains of his shorts which one his left side barely covered his briefs and on the right side went down almost to his knee. His chest was bleeding and he had claw marks on most of his exposed body... and the angle of one of his legs didn't bode well for that. Luckily his healing hadn't been compromised and one Could actually see the wounds healing on the young beta. Of course that didn't mean it didn't hurt and he was whimpering looking around for Scott.

Jason Christopher slowly shifts back to his manwolf shape, letting the rage oif the beast go as he surveys the clearing. It would seem that most of the dark reflections were dispatched. Even as he finished shifting the remaining ones were shattering like the simple reflections in a mirror that they ultimately were. A very evil and dark mirror, but still ultimately a mirror in the end. He stares at it and a low rumbling growl peels from his chest. He was tempted to ask the sky to rain lightning on the damn thing. But he had a feeling it would have no impact. He had precious little experience with this type of a thing. But what he did know was they didn't break as easily as he might have wished. Or at all really.

Instead Jason looks around and finds Sly, Jacob, and Seth. While concerned for everyone, they are the first he checks on. Slowly shifting back to human, gathering the shredded remains of his shirt he ties it around his waist. Though the gesture seems more for other's benefit than his own as he seems disinclined to care. Immediately following he turns and tight lip smiles as he sees Jacob bounding his way. Seth and Sly also seem to be safe now, as well as those from Beacon Hills. There were people here he really didn't know, but there would be time for introductions after. "Jacob." He sighs softly, and any residual anger seems to bleed away. He wraps an arm around Jacob's neck and hugs him. "Lets be certain nobody is wounded. Then figure out what the hell we can do with that damn mirror." He nearly spits the words.

Even from a distance he could smell blood. Approaching Selena he kneels and looks at the bullet wounds. "You are going to be fine sister. Just try and relax." Taking a breath he steadies himself and starts to speak words that were old when man was young. They are like quicksilver across the brain, unable to be held onto despite hearing them. Jason's magic was that of calling on nature itself. The magic of the druids of old. Which despite his overall lethal tendencies, made him an excellent healer. Tiny plants grow from the earth and cover the bullet wounds in a poultrice which dries almost immediately. Flaking away to reveal new, pink flesh. Silver bullets simply lying on top of it. "Silver. Interesting. Rest a moment and regain your strength sister." He nods to Selena, and to both Edward and Alice Cullen. "Thank you. In all of my years I have seldom had call to thank vampires. This is the third time in a year I have done so with you. Had I known others like you in my youth, much of my life might have been different." He nods to them and then stands. Moving to find his son, hopefully with Jacob along with him. But he sees that Liam is injured as well, starting to move to his side to see if he too will need an extra healing boost.

Speaking of healing. The forest itself seems to be regenerating before their eyes. The scent of the rot dissipating. Grass grows where the shard dust fell, and a small pond starts to fill in the center of the glade. The natural state of things reassering itself in this part of the forest now that the evil was dissipating. As soon as Stiles and Derek touch Reflection Stiles to the mirror he turns to glass and shatters into a fine mirror like dust. Yet another of the dwindling shards falls from the mirror's frame. A small pile of them having formed on the ground. Reflection Mason was about to retort when he got punched in the face and shattered for the high crime of bad fashion. Another one bites the dust, and another shard falls from the frame. Followed almost immediately by Liam's doppelganger, though he certainly seemed a bit banged up for the effort.

Selena nods her head at Alice's calm commands. Stay calm. Breathe. She takes a slow, shaky breath and does her very best to keep herself from totally freaking out. She's never been shot before. Never thought that was ever a possibility. After all, she moved to FORKS, not Compton! She blinks several times as the plants begin to grow and cover her wounds. It is something she's never seen before... =magic=.... Her eyes widen and she stares between Jason and the wounds and then hisses faintly as two silver bullets are left sitting on her skin. It burns, but it doesn't injure. She grabs them both and bounces them in her hands like hot potatoes and sort of tosses them at Alice. "Sorry. That... ow.

As Jason wraps his arms around Jacob's neck, the big wolf melts and flows, shifting form until he's human in shape, wrapping his arms firmly around Jason's waist. This leaves Jacob naked, but he doesn't seem to care at all, leaning in to embrace Jason and leaning in, even, to kiss him. It's a tender kiss, a romantic kiss, and were this a film the music would swell, the camera panning around them, and the rating would be saved only be clever angles and Jacob's front being hidden by Jason's body. Prince Charming, eat your heart out!

The moment does pass, of course, and Jacob flashes Jason a wide, bright grin before dropping back down to his side, now again in wolf-phase, to trot along as he goes. Jacob may not be much of a healer, but he can use the improved senses of his wolfen shape to spot any additional dangers before they get close, thus letting Jason focus on helping the injured. Besides, being a wolf makes it easier to focus on the situation. Right now, the human-phase Jacob would really prefer to just hang on to Jason and refuse to let go.

Sly, for now, focuses on making sure that Seth gets his clothes and isn't hurt. He'll bring the bag around to Jacob soon enough, and for sure Sly's eager to see his dad, but Sly's well aware that Jason will feel the need to tend the wounded and such first. Besides, lover's reunions aren't exactly something you should mess with. Anyone who's ever spent much time in Faërie could tell you that!

Selena nods her head at Alice's calm commands. Stay calm. Breathe. She takes a slow, shaky breath and does her very best to keep herself from totally freaking out. She's never been shot before. Never thought that was ever a possibility. After all, she moved to FORKS, not Compton! She blinks several times as the plants begin to grow and cover her wounds. It is something she's never seen before... =magic=.... Her eyes widen and she stares between Jason and the wounds and then hisses faintly as two silver bullets are left sitting on her skin. It burns, but it doesn't injure. She grabs them both and bounces them in her hands like hot potatoes and sort of tosses them at Alice. "Sorry. That... ow." She says and sits up shakily. She's suddenly healed but the lingering results of pain and shock are still in full effect. She actually leans over and hugs Alice, if she's allowed. "Thank you." She says warmly and it seems she means more than just for the quick work of ruining a good shirt to help her, but for everything all day long! Edward also gets a smile, and then a blink. "Wait... you knew I wasn't healing right... but we just met..."

Alice just watches the bullets come out, and with some surprise. She's impressed. She didn't figure the guy could do that too! It's what he says afterwards that makes her smile, though, and she tilts her head a little bit, in a cute gesture. "We always try to excel expectations." A playful wink, and then she's suddenly hugged, which she wouldn't have resisted even if she could. She wraps her arms around Selena and very carefully pats her back. "Edward...has a special gift. We all do." She seats herself next to Selena and passes her the still-intact jacket. "And you're welcome. You're my friend! Of course I'm gonna do everything I can."

Scott McCall's eyes go wide as he notices Liam so hurt. Literally shoving Jason out of the way basically to get to him. He slides to a stop next to him like he was coming into home plate in the world series looking to score the winning run. "LIAM!" His heart goes right to his throat as he looks at all the wounds. "Oh, Ok it's ok, your goibng to be fine. You are already healing." He strokes his face and hair, and tries not to look utterly panic stricken. He manages to remain composed, a little. Ok not very much. Calm down McCall, he needs you to be strong not break down! Scott takes a breath and holds Liam's hand, managing to smile. "I'm really proud of you. You just got your memories back, your first fight as a werewolf, and you kicked ass." He gently runs a hand through his beta's hair, being sure not to touch any of the injured spots. Quietly shhing him and smiling, as he tried to emulate the bedside manner his mother had used on him and countless other patients in the past.

Edward Cullen finally takes a couple of steps back. He nods to the werewolf lord, but really nothing more needs to be said on that point. In each instance they did what they could to help. Nothing more and nothing less. It was what good people did. Glancing to Selena Edward took a shallow breath. He rarely spoke about his gift. But under the circumstances he elected to. "I am a mind reader Selena. I read surface thoughts, whatever you are thinking at the moment." That revelation may sting more than the bullet wounds.

With a final push (and Derek's help), Stiles manages to shove his double into the mirror. The ensuing shattering glass isn't the breaking of the mirror, though. It's the shattering of Stiles' doppelgänger. Another pane falls from the mirror, and Stiles straightens up, grinning. "Okay, that's more like it," he declares. He reaches out to pat Derek-the-wolf on the shoulder, a bit dazedly, and says, "...Did we win? I think we actually won."

Derek just watches the Stilesflection or whatever one could call it crumble. He stands there, idly looking around, and seems just about as dazed when Stiles pats him on the shoulder. In return, he bumps Stiles with his head. It's an affectionate sort of gesture, but he's still not quite used to this powerful new form's strength levels. He would return to his human form, but...about half of everybody else is naked at the moment, and he doesn't want to make this more awkward.

Besides, Derek is a-okay with speaking less.

Liam was whimpering as he could feel his body healing, but he hadn't gotten used to the pain yet. Their style of werewolf ends up being used to pain even considering it a friends and tool after a while. When Scott starts holding his hand though he lets out a sigh of relief, then looks down and blinks as he sees Scott's hand had black veins. And the pain was lessening, it wasn't gone but it was bearable weaker, and most of the claw marks weren't bleeding and begging to fade and the angle of his leg was looking less problematic.

Mason looks around taking note of everyone checking for losses or major injuries. Selena seemed okay And liam... was looking better by the second. His friends were okay... So now onto business. Mason sighs and looks at the mirror, "So... Um... What do we do about the evil magic mirror? Anyone know of a good volcano?"

Jason Christopher looks between Scott McCall and Liam Dunbar. This was a revelation on several fronts. First the obvious one they seemed to be in a relationship. But the less obvious one, though clear enough to Jason. This was Scott's beta? That was a new development he would look into soon. But there were other matters for the moment. "I can heal him, easily enough." But Liam seems to already be well on his way to healing. "if he needs help Scott, let me know." He walks and puts an arm back around Jacob as he makes his way across the glade. Nodding to Mason, whom he really doesn't know. He pauses next to Stiles and Derek. "Nice work with the bat Stiles." Then he nods to the big bad Derek wolf. "Impressive Derek. I don't recall that." he gestures torwards Mason. "He is right, we will have to do something with that thrice damned mirror. I can have it guarded until we recover." Even as he says it animals appear from the forest. Bears, cougars, and a variety of others. Jason reflects as he moves on, Talia would have been so proud to see her son in that phase. Though they were not exactly close, Derek and Jason, he was proud in her place just the same.

Finally to the far side of the glade Jason approaches Sly and Seth who both seem unharmed. He embraces his son, holding him to his chest for several moments. Then he sniffs faintly. Sly smells quite a bit like Seth. Stepping back, he arches an eyebrow and looks between them questioningly.

Distantly thunder rolls, and lightning sparks between two dark clouds.

Surely just a coincidence.


Was it too late to have more doppelgangers?