Role-Play Log

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Aiden Carver returns to Beacon Hills.

August 23, 2015
Beacon Hills

Aiden Carver is not happy.  For two months, he and Ethan had searched for a way to regain their ability to merge into a single, monstrous werewolf.  Following every rumor, tracking down the smallest lead.  By the beginning of August, Ethan had had enough and wanted to return to Beacon Hills.  But Aiden had one more rumor to follow up on, a pair of twins near Boulder, Colorado.  It wasn’t easy for the twins to separate (metaphorically, since they could no longer merge physically), but on a dusty desert road in New Mexico, that’s just what they did.

Boulder was a bust.  The twins, Mark and Mindy, weren’t even identical and had never known how to merge.  And by the time Aiden got there, they were both dead at the hands of Hunters.  Hunters who then came after Aiden when he started asking around.  He managed to stay one step ahead of them for two weeks before finally losing them in the Rockies.  He also lost his cellphone, along with his contact list.

Exhausted, frustrated, and downright pissed, Aiden finally made it back to northern California.  Ethan had managed to rent them a house, thanks to his status as an emancipated minor and the large insurance settlement they shared.  Turns out if your whole family is slaughtered by unknown wild animals, leaving you a poor, pathetic orphan, insurance companies tend to pay up without too much hassle.  Add to that inheriting the entire family’s estate, and the twins were pretty much set for life.  The house Ethan rented is a nice one too, four bedrooms, large garage.  So what if the Argents used to live in it?

But Ethan wasn’t there when Aiden arrived.  He had taken off for some backwater berg in Washington, following some self-styled Prince of the Werewolves (in Exile), hoping to learn some new werewolf tricks.  He left behind a letter, explaining very little, along with a pup boyfriend who still had his milk teeth.  And the boyfriend’s long lost brother, who for some reason, is sleeping in a guest room.  Not a guest room at the boyfriend’s house, but at the house where Aiden is supposed to be living.  Ugh! And if that wasn’t enough, the last part of the letter warned against opening a certain Macy’s sack hidden in the basement.  Well, Aiden hates a mystery, so....

Aiden’s voice could be heard blocks away: “OH MY FREAKIN’ GOD, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!”