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Back to school shopping at Macy's.

August 22, 2015
Macy's, Downtown Beacon Hills

The older Dunbar brother has left the house in a nice light button up over shirt un buttoned with a white t-shirt underneath, now however he was down to the black muscle shirt he always wore with the other shirts sticking out of his back packet. And the reason for this stripping was apparent in either hand. In one hand he had a plate of nachos. In the other a HUGE thing of cotton candy. And they'd only been in the mall for 5 minutes... and half the cheese was missing. He was still smiling though and talking animatedly to the two other boys.


Ethan Carver is also in a black muscle shirt, having left his jacket at home today. No motorcycle means no need for motorcycle safety, right? As he walks along with Liam and Grey, he sneaks little swipes of the cotton candy, stuffing his mouth before Liam can catch him. "School starts Monday, so we hafta get you all ready, Grey. You can't show up for the first day looking like you just fell off a boxcar, right? So I suggest we start at Macy's."


Grey Dunbar looks down at himself as they walk along, true he did only take a few clothes with him from home and true he left one of his few shirts behind in the bar last night and he is looking a little shabby he guesses. "I'm not sure I can really afford this", he had some money but the majority of that was used trying to get to Beacon Hills, what he has left amounts to four dollars and forty nine cents, "Monday? I gotta go enroll soon then right?"


Liam Dunbar says, ""Yeah.. Which means... We have to either: A. Get my parents to be okay with all this. Or B. Call Stiles and get him to uh ... " Liam looks over to Ethan and whispers in a normal whispering voice, "How do you say forge papers at the sheriff station and make it sound less bad" He notices the cotton candy swipage but totally lets Ethan have some and offers Grey some chips, "Oh yeah Um.. I don't ever really use my allowance except on Lacrosse gear. And my dad covered it for me so I can pay... we just have to shop the clearance section is that okay?"


Ethan Carver gives his eyes a roll, stuffing more candy floss between his lips, then licking his fingers. So classy. "Don't worry about it, we'll just put it all on my card. It's no problem. And why do we need to forge anything? He's got transcripts, he's got your last name. Who's gonna question that he's your brother?" He leans in to give Liam a sugary kiss on the cheek, right there in the middle of the mall, in front of God and everyone.


Grey Dunbar nods, "The clearance section is great", he's not gonna complain where it's from when someone else is offering to pay, he doesn't even register the kiss between Liam and Ethan, he's gotten used to their displays of affection over the last couple of days, "Who's Stiles and why is he going to the sheriff's station?"


Liam Dunbar stops dead, he'd whispered that about 5 feet away to Ethan, sure he wasn't exactly being quiet... but... a normal human shouldn't... "Uh he's our friend... Well Kinda? I mean I guess yeah he's a friend... and He's the sheriff's son. And yeah he has my last name, but an adult has to fill out the whole enrollment papers thing. So unless you have an adult around who won't ask any questions? ..." He looks at Ethan... "Should we ask Scott's Mom?"


Ethan Carver ponders for a few moments, rubbing his chin. "Melissa, that's not a bad idea at all. She'd do it, right? Except everyone knows she's McCall's mom, not your aunt. Why can't we just get your mom to do it?" He glances between Liam and Grey a few times, then swipes some more of Liam's cotton candy. "She does know about you, doesn't she?"


Shopping day! Eve has gotten a refill of one of her favorite perfumes, drank half a strawberry-mango smoothie (the remainder of which is currently encased in a cup in her hand), and even bought for herself an Alice in Wonderland one-piece swimsuit. Now all she needs to do here is browse/window-shop, and browse/window-shop she does. She is halfway towards a potentially promising clothing store when she comes upon a sight made only recently familiar. Ethan, Liam, and Grey are here as well, it would seem! She hurries her walk over, giddily quickening her steps, while smoothie sloshes and her two shopping bags crinkle from abrupt motion. Today, she wears a coral pink camisole with many narrow pleats, a lightly distressed white denim miniskirt, and pink-strapped white sandals, with a white leather purse to match. She teeters to a stop and raises her drink in greeting, "hey! You're the guys I saw last night!" She glances between the trio, "fully dressed, this time."


Grey Dunbar shrugs, "Not exactly but were working on it, kinda a big deal to just sort of hey, Liam's dad had another kid", he doesn't even not that he heard something he shouldn't be able to, sounded to him like Liam spoke out loud. He looks round at the soud of Eve surprising himself by also reckognising her scent, "Oh, hey, Eve right?"


Ethan Carver gives a shrug of one shoulder. "Well, I don't know Liam's mom, so...Oh hey, Shy Girl. Or Eve, if you prefer. How's it hangin'?" He slides his arm around Liam's waist, pulling him closer, then taking a big chomp of cotton candy no-handed. So classy. "We're just doing some clothes shopping for school.


Eve beams up at Grey when he says her name. He remembered! She bobs her head and replies, "bingo. And you're Grey Dun...something or other." She glances to the other guys in turn, "and you're Ethan, and Liam." Looking curiously between the trio at their continued conversation, she inquires, "so what's happening?" She gives Ethan a blush and a, "E-eve. Eve is perfect, actually." She shrugs her shoulders nonchalantly at the reflected question, "the same. Clothes shopping. And my mom wanted me to buy other things for school, like notebooks and pencils and...umm...she gave me a list...umm..." After setting her bags on the ground, she starts one-handedly unzipping and rummaging around in her purse, her other hand carefully lifting that strawberry-mango smoothie.


Liam Dunbar stopped talking with the others and is just walking with his eyes on his phone... which begs the question of where his nachos and cotton candy went... Oh okay nachos went to Ethan and Cotton candy... in the back pocket... Yep that's Liam. He is texting away likely to multiple people. Because he has to figure this out...


Grey Dunbar smiles, "Dunbar, close enough", he nods along with Ethan's statement, "Apparently I'm not properly attired to attened Beacon Hills High so Liam and Ethan are helping me out". He grins at Eve, "So your mom sent you out for school supplies and you end up with a strawberry and mango smoothie?", again forgetting he shouldn't be able to smell exactly whats in it from here, he looks over at Liam wondering who he's texting.


Ethan Carver peers down at Liam's phone, nose wrinkling a bit, then gives a shrug of one shoulder. He still has an arm around his boyfriend's shoulder as they walk along, approaching Macy's. "Hey, Grey," he says with a sudden, rather wicked grin. "Maybe Eve can help you pick out some clothes for school, so you make a good impression. She looks like she's got some great taste."


Ah-ha! With a triumphant grin, Eve procures a yellow-lined piece of folded paper from her purse. It takes her a moment to unfold it, but the condensation on her cup as unknowingly stained her fingers. By the time the paper has been completed bared for examination, there are little wet spots about the size of her fingers all over it. Her grin turns into a frown, an expression brimming with certainty of some parental punishment. She mutters under her breath, "chbox...chbox...oh!" She peers closely, "lunchbox!" She glances up, "hey, do we have a cafeteria at school, or are we supposed to bring food with us?" She looks between the three, cheeks faintly flushing in embarrassment, "u-umm, you're all at Beacon High, right?" Then she blinks in momentary fright at Grey's duo perceptiveness, "wow, good guess!" She nods, "two good guesses!" She shrugs her shoulders wryly, "what can I say? Mom overestimates the cost of things..." She takes a sip of her wonderful smoothie, dramatizing her enjoyment of it. With a satisfactory sigh, she half-chokes on what little smoothie remained in her mouth when Ethan offered his suggestion. She looks between Ethan and Grey, silver eyes flickering to Ethan again for a wary momentary stare. She blinks back to Grey and comments, "I...guess I could help a little?" As the boys continue onwards, she is left standing there for a few seconds. Quickly, she folds up her shopping list, slipping it into her pocket this time, lifts up her bags, and hurries after. She looks at Liam's back pocket for longer than might be strictly justified, "umm...dude? I don't think cotton candy is supposed to be placed there..."


Grey Dunbar nods at Ethan going a little red again, "Oh, ok I guess that could work, if she wants too", he shrugs to Eve, "Just working out the whole enrolling thing, I'm new in town so I don't know what it's like there", he goes read again as Eve complements his 'guesses', "Oh thanks, err you just have that sort of look about you, a strawberry and mango smoothie drinker sort of look".


Liam Dunbar looks at his phone still then blinks as somethign is said and pulls the cotton candy... and his shirt... "DANGIT, Um Hun I think I need a new shirt." Yep he's sooo mature and grown up . HE does hand Ethan what's left o the cototn candy that's not his shirt and pants, "I uh um.. I uh.. " HE can't even come up with a response to even he just kinda wilts and breaks and gives Ethan a 'make it better?" look.


Ethan Carver passes the nachos to Grey as he takes the cotton candy, then leans in to give Liam a quick kiss. "Gosh, you're pretty!" he says in an overly cheerful tone, grinning brightly. "C'mon, let's get you cleaned up in the washroom, then see about some new clothes. Grey, Eve, we'll meet up with you guys in the men's department and stuff, okay?" He touches the candy floss to Liam's nose, giggling a bit.


Eve giggles at Grey and shakes her head, "why can't guys just be honest and say they've had strawberry and mango smoothie before?" But then she looks quite intrigued, "wait, you're new to town too? I literally just got here like, yesterday. Or well, not yesterday-yesterday, but pretty recently." She steps closer, asking conspiratorially, "were you as shocked as I was that Beacon Hills is practically a city? I mean, it's got a mall. I was picturing shabby little huts and everyone talking in southern slang." When Liam draws out the stick that once held cotton candy, she has to hold her free hand to her lips to stop herself from breaking out in laughter. As it stands, a muffled handful of chuckles can be heard from her general vicinity, "oh my god. You look you grew a bunny tail or something." But then she looks a bit alarmed as it sounds as though Liam and Ethan are leaving her completely alone with Grey for a while. Those chuckles take on a very nervous cast, and she nods her head reluctantly, "a-alright...we'll see you soon." She tries her best not to let that last word sound like a question. In any case, cheeks prickling with a new intake of blood, she shyly nods towards the big sign for Macy's, "you...y-you want to try there first?"


Grey Dunbar shakes his head, "Actually no, I used to live in a place called Sunnydale and while you'd think it was just a small town it had a mall, a museum, a zoo, a beach, college, military base, an airport, bunch of parks and really weirdly, 12 cemetaries and forty-three churches", not to mention a Hellmouth, which of course isn't mentioned", he panics a little as Ethan and Liam veer off and notices the warmth coming from Eve as she does too, "Err yeah sure, there works".


Liam Dunbar is steered into the bathroom bu his boyfriend and looks well embarrassed. He looks at his butt and says, "Uh just go buy me some pants? I know you wanted to get me into better clothes anywa... actually get me a hole outfit? I'll just uh wait here?" He looks embarrassed and sits in a closed stall in well lets just say not much clothing at all. And he was well rather pink himseld.


Eve gives Grey a bemused expression, "wait wait wait. -12- cemetaries and....and forty-three churches?" She laughs lightly, "talk about overkill." Once Grey starts moving to Macy's with her, she adds, "did you ever learn why there were so many? And um, what's a Hellmouth?" She takes another sip of her smoothie as they step inside the clothing store, "so men's clothes. Men's clothes..." She points at a sign stating 'Guys' and says, "that way, maybe?" She takes a couple more strides before inquiring, "sooo...what's your budget look like, exactly?"


Ethan Carver stands in the bathroom, peering over the top of the stall, pouting a little. "What, right now? Can't I come in and help you, ya know, clean up?" He gives his tongue a waggle, eyes alight. "You know if you send me out there alone, I'm gonna bring back nothing but a speedo and a bellyshirt. A cute one, maybe Hello Kitty."


Liam Dunbar just blushes and pulls Ethan in the stall with him and well Persuades him to be reasonable.. There might be kissing involved. A lot of kissing, "This is your chance to dress me up hun. So you get to choose if you mess it up it won't happen again!" He then gently pushes Ethan back to clothes again.


Eve gives Grey a bemused expression, "wait wait wait. -12- cemetaries and....and forty-three churches?" She laughs lightly, "talk about overkill." Once Grey starts moving to Macy's with her, she adds, "did you ever learn why there were so many?" She takes another sip of her smoothie as they step inside the clothing store, "so men's clothes. Men's clothes..." She points at a sign stating 'Guys' and says, "that way, maybe?" She takes a couple more strides before inquiring, "sooo...what's your budget look like, exactly?"


Grey Dunbar shakes his head, "They tried not to talk about it, especially round us kids but there were a lot of disappearences and weird deaths, maybe people just needed to prey extra hard", it was weird, people would just not show up anymore and people just didn't talk about it, he shrugs again as they head to the mens, "No idea, I'm not the one paying so I'd say keep it as low as we can yeah?"


Ethan Carver lets out a sigh, kissing Liam one last time, then heading to the same clothing section as Grey and Eve. "Hey, guys. Don't mind me." With a grin, he starts selecting a few items, cocking his head one way, then the other. He looks over shirts, puts them back, looks at some more, and finally selects one. Then it's time for trousers. Same routine, several are examined, but ultimately discarded, until he finds just the right pair of skinny jeans that will show off all Liam's attributes. Then a belt, socks, even underwear. Ethan doesn't do anything halfway. Passing the pair on the way to the checkout counter, he says, "Make sure you get enough of everything, Grey. Dunno when I'll get back down here to take you shopping again."


Liam Dunbar waits in the bathroom in his boxers.. until well he accidentally sits on the pants. right on the 'bunny tail' How? Who knows. Its Liam. So when Ethan Finally comes back he says "Um Can you get me some underwear too? Mine are all sticky." Yep he said it with a compeltely straight face... He also had the stall door closed. "Did you pay for those already?"


Eve blinks up at Grey, turning around to face him with abject surprise, "wait, you mean something weird really happened in Sunnydale? I was thinking it could have been an old historical thing. Like when the British occupied the colonies. Or maybe during the Civil War." She cants her head to the side, "so what exactly happened?" She hesitates a moment before adding, "I mean, if it's ok for me to ask." When she is told Grey's budget depends on another, a certain glint of mischief alights in her eyes, "right. Cheap..." She is about to enter into the many aisles of clothes when Ethan appears and goes quickly hunting in barely a minute's time, "remember to breathe..." Midway through his race for clothes, she nods towards a collection of shirts, "let's check over there." She hoists up a broadly black and green striped shirt and holds it open near Grey, "what do you think of this?"


Grey Dunbar shrugs, "Like I said, people just up and died or vanished, no one ever talked about it, kinda like the town was trying not to talk about it, I'll never find out anyway, Sunnydale isn't even there anymore", he watches as Ethen makes quick work of picking out an outfit, "Well that was fast...", he follows Eve to the shirts, "Sure, if you think it looks nice", sad thing, his mom still used to buy his clothes, yup, sheltered.


"Yep," says Ethan, pushing open the stall door, then gasping at the sight which greets him. Ears reddening and eyes flashing, he quickly hands over the black boxer briefs. "You better put these on, before I do something that will get us kicked out. Or arrested." Taking one last look, he turns his back, so Liam can have a tiny bit of privacy. "Leave the tags on everything until we know it fits," he says, holding the jeans behind his back next.


Liam Dunbar blushes as he pulls on the full outfit, even new shoes and shades? He looks at himself in the mirror and Blushes. That's soo not his style. He could afford it sure. But where's the hoody? Where the Ironic T-shirt ? He looks at Ethan, "Uh I dont know hun? Whatcha think? I mean it looks.. Well I don't now why not just ..." And as usual he keep on till something stops him like a kiss or falling in a hole.


Eve shakes her head in wonder at Grey's explanation, "so strange..." Then she blinks again, furrowing her brow in confusion at the guy, "what do you mean, Sunnydale isn't there anymore? Did like, an asteroid hit it?" When they return to the topic of clothes, she nods her head cheerfully, "I think it'd look good on you. Maybe with some khaki shorts. Let's see..." After handing him the shirt, and deciding to give him her bags as well after a split-second of consideration, she hurries through the aisles. Eventually, she locates a pair of dark khaki cargo shorts. Those are placed on the pile as well. Next, she continues onwards, discovering a grey, white, and blue plaid button-up shirt. She turns about to display that against her...whatever he is. Friend. She smiles, "what do you think of this one?"


Well, since there isn't a convenient hole to fall in, Ethan steps up with the next best thing, wrapping his arms around Liam and kissing him soundly. "You look hot," he whispers when the kiss breaks. "C'mon, let's go make sure your brother didn't run off and marry Shy Girl or something." He stuffs all the sticky clothes in the big red Macy's bag, then opens the bathroom door for Liam.


Grey Dunbar is easily able to hold Eve's bags as she runs round grabbing stuff, demon strength afterall he barely notices any weight, he nods at the shirt, "Sure, as long as it's not too expensive", he doesn't wanna take advantage anymore than he needs too and honestly he looks completely out of his depths, you'd think he was shirtless in that bar again.


Liam Dunbar walks out and the first thing he insists on is dragging Ethan to pay for it... which he was going to until he blanches at how much this outfit actually costs. His eyes go wide, "I could buy a game system for that." Then he sniffs the air and walks towards where Grey is. He might not be great at that stuff but he's pretty good at tracking people down. At least people who smell a little like him and very odd.


Eve's bags weigh almost nothing at all, seeing how they contain little more than a bottle of perfume and a bathing suit. In any case, she idly nods her head at the comment about 'not being too expensive.' It does not seem as though she likely heard. No matter, once the correct size for the shirt has been found, she moves on to coordinating pants. These end up as a pair of dark denim jeans, which she merely throws onto the progressively heavier set of clothing along Grey's arm. Ensemble number three arrives, in the form of a black t-shirt, with the words 'California Republic' emblazoned under the image of a brown bear, all across a faded single-starred white background suspended above a block of dark red. She holds this item up as well, "and this?"


Ethan Carver gives his eyes a quick roll, snatching one last tag off Liam as they head off to find Grey and Eve. "Babe, don't worry about it. Not only did my folks leave us a nice trust fund, there was an enormous insurance settlement. I'm not gonna go broke any time soon." He grins as they approach, nodding approval for what Eve has selected so far. "How you guys doing? Getting everything you need? Don't forget, ya know, underwear. And socks. Belts, of course, and matching shoes. And remember, it gets cooler up here in winter than it does down in LA, so sweaters are a must."


Grey Dunbar shrugs to Eve, "All thats left of the place is a crater, the offical explaination is 'hell if we know'", he nods as she adds more clothes to the pile and as Ethan starts talking about belts and underwear and stuff Grey goes even more deer in the headlights, very much a look of 'help? please?', Eve's helping a lot but he still has no idea how to shop.


Eve draws in a breath, eyes widening, "riiiight. You'll so need all of that." She nods her head solemnly to Ethan's suggestions, "here, hold this." She distractedly gives Grey the shirt, and then can be seen absorbing herself in the task of collecting a variety of minor accessories, like white and black socks, white cargo shorts to pair with the t-shirt, and a trusty black/brown double-sided belt. This could be a while!


Liam Dunbar whispers to Ethan, "Hun I need to get out of here I'm getting these new clothes all sticky. I could run to your place and you could come when you're done?" HE was fidgeting, he hadn't looked in the bad yet ‘cause the Hello Kitty shirt would have gotten a response.


Ethan Carver's eyes suddenly flash with inspiration. "I'll drive ya home, babe. Grey, give us a call when you're ready, and I'll come pick you up, okay? Oh! Don't forget a backpack for school books and whatever." Grinning, he heads over to the sales clerk, handing over his Macy's card and whispering a bit, pointing in Grey's direction. Then he returns to slip an arm back around Liam. "Eve, you're doing a great job, keep it up, okay? And hey, feel free to get yourself something too, on me. I haven't been shopping in a while, so the card's all paid off." He gives Grey a wink, adding, "Have fun, studmuffin." And then he's leading Liam toward the exit, slipping one hand in his boyfriend's back pocket.


Eve returns to Grey with all the various items in hand, doing her best to carefully drape it all on her new friend's arm without it all falling off. She glances towards Ethan and Liam as they make their farewells, smiling brightly at the compliment, "thanks. It's a-actually...kind of fun." Her eyes gleam at Ethan's proclamation that she can get something for herself. Oh, he'll learn. But then Liam talks about dinner, and she can hardly help but feel another blush coming on. Shyly, she just waves her hand and calls out, "bye! It was nice to see you both again!" As they leave, a sudden silence falls over the pair. She stands there awkwardly, lifting up and settling back down along her toes, "s-sooo..."


Grey Dunbar is pretty easily able to hold all the clothing without dropping it, he's just thankfull of the help, still he freezes up a little when he's told the other two are heading off without him, "Oh, ok, I'll see you later then". He looks to Eve the level of deer in headlights going up as he's left alone with her, "Thanks for the help, dork levels are getting pretty high huh?", he looks round not sure what to do next.


"Yeah...umm..." Eve giggles self-conciously, running a hand through her hair, "a-anyway." A small blush, "you're welcome." A smile slides warmly across her lips, "let's get you into the fitting room. It would suck if none of those clothes fit you." She glances around the store, "I think there should be some rooms over there." She points in one hopeful direction, only to head onwards moments thereafter. On the way, she glances to Grey and comments, "so I was right? There really -was- some major asteroid action going on in Sunnydale?" She purses her lips thoughtfully, "sorry for saying so, don't exactly look broken up about it."


Grey Dunbar nods and quickly follows behind Eve, taking orders is easy enough, "Dunno about a asteroid, I've seen pictures and to me it looks like it kind collapsed in on itself, but again no one really knows", he shrugs, "I'm not really broken up about it, everyone left before it happened, everything just suddenly felt weird and folks didn't like it and there was this sudden rush for everyone to leave, so I think the town was empty".


Eve makes a face, not quite saying anything for a long while. Slowly, however, she suggests, "kind of collapsed in on itself. a wierd sort of bomb?" She shakes her head, "anyway...I'm glad you and everyone in that town survived. Strange that I didn't hear anything about it. A town basically imploding seems like a national-level story to me. Maybe I missed it on the news...?" She shrugs her own shoulders this time, as they arrive at the fitting rooms. She turns about and grins up at Grey, "take your time, I'll be right outside." She moves closer, "oh, and I can just take those." She gestures towards her own bags. Once Grey has entered a dressing room, she locates a comfortable seat nearby, crossing her legs and procuring a Teen Vogue magazine from her purse.


Grey Dunbar shrugs, "Like I said, no one ever seems to talk about the weird things of Sunnydale, doubt we'll ever know what really happened in that town", he hands Eve her bags and slips into the changing room, his demon speed makes trying everything on a pretty quick job so he just sort of stands in the changing room for a bit to make it look like it took longer, stepping out he smiles, "How'd you guess all the sizes right? you do this a lot?"


Eve has been idly enjoying herself as she waits for Grey to finish up in the changing room, flipping through the various pages of the magazine in her lap and appearing quite entranced. When she looks up to hear Grey's voice, she blinks with delighted bewilderment and chuckles out, "did I really? I must seriously be getting the hang of it." She nods her head in utter wonder, "apparently I'm a natural. I mean, I -have- helped my brother once or twice or...more than that..." She takes one last sip of her smoothie, which has by now been drained to completion, folding her magazine back up and setting it in her purse once again. She climbs to her feet with shopping bags to hand, "so? How'd it go? I hope I picked out the right things?" She waves a hand in a placatory motion, "you don't have to buy any of it if you don't want, of course!"


Grey Dunbar smiles, "I like them, different than some of the stuff I used to wear but I've been meaning to try some new looks, and Ethan said you had good taste and he seems to be an authority on this stuff, I'll trust you on it", he grins, "However my entire high school life depends on making a good first impression, my popularity depends on you".


"You do?" Eve beams proudly, "perfect. I'm glad." She bobs her head delightedly, "Ethan's got a good eye, if you ask me." She giggles softly at the bid to make a good first impression, "trust me. You'll be a hit. If anyone says differently, then can tell them Evelyn Harper picked them out for you." She glances around, "so. Where to next?" She blinks, "oh. Right. The store clerk." She waves Grey to follow, "over here, I know exactly where it is." As they reach the clerk and pay for the clothes, it totals to nearly three hundred dollars.


Grey Dunbar follows Eve to the checkout and almost freaks when he hears the price, "I can't get all that, it's too much of Ethan's money, gotta put some back", then his phone buzzes, "Oh, thats him", he responds to the message, "Apparently he's coming back, I've been told not to move and NOT to return anything, wonder what thats all about?"


Eve deflates a bit when Grey states the clothes will have to be put back, letting out a little sigh, "if we have to..." Then she cants her head to be told Ethan's sent a text, shuffling closer to peek inconspicuously at the screen. She blinks, "wierd. Maybe it has something to do with Liam?" In any case, she blushes and steps aside, apologizing to the store clerk for the delay and asking if they might please just hold onto the clothes for only a short while?


Back to school shopping. It's definitely on Stiles' list of Very Hated Things. He enters with a sigh, glancing around the mall with a mildly sour expression, and heads for the Macy's. Once inside, he trudges along to the same general vicinity of the store as Eve and Grey, and starts listlessly sorting through the clothes. It's still early enough in the process that he's considering creative ways to approach spending his clothes budget. That probably won't last long.


He's already eyeing the flannels.


Ethan Carver comes running in from the exterior entrance, rather than from the mall, out of breath by the time he reaches Grey and Eve. "Did you put anything back?" he demands between pants, trying to get his breathing under control. He looks over the clothes, nodding to himself. "Wait, only three outfits? Are you going to wear the same three sets of clothes all season?" He rolls his eyes, giving his head a shake. "C'mon, we've got a lot more to buy." He turns and catches sight of Stiles then. "Hey, Stilinski!" he calls cheerfully. "How's it hangin', dude?"


Grey Dunbar shakes his head, "No, I just stood here like you said, is everything ok?", he jaw drops when Ethan says they have more to buy, "But these are already three hundred bucks!". Following Ethan he looks over at Stiles as he's called out to, the guys seems to have a keen interest in flannel, he looks for Eve to see if she's sticking with them.


Eve watches Ethan race through Macy's like his life depended on it, eyes widened with the expectation that something horrible must have happened, "what's wrong?! How's Liam?! Does he need help?!" She shakes her head at the first question the breathless boy voices, glancing askance towards the indicated outfits, "wait, why does that matter?" She furrows her brow at Ethan's urgency to buy even more clothes, but she picks up her perfume and swimsuit bags while following along anyway, throwing the empty smoothie cup into the nearest trash can as she goes. She stops for a moment, does a one-eighty, and asks the clerk to hold the clothes until they come back, which she promises they will. With that done, she hurries to join the rest of the party, slowing down and suddenly metamorphosing into Shy Girl as it would appear the boys are greeting a stranger.

Stiles looks up absently when he hears his name. Spotting Ethan, he gives a little upwards nod and half-grin. "Oh, hey. What's up, Ethan?" He glances down at a t-shirt and cringes when he sees it bears characters from /My Little Pony/ on it. "Ugh," he mutters, "Eighties nostalgia gone wrong." He abandons that rack and turns to wander over Ethan's way a bit, letting out a rather large sigh. "Back to school shopping," he grumbles. "Always feels kinda like a funeral, doesn't it?" A beat, and then he perks up, looking concerned instead of bored. "Liam? What's wrong with Liam?"


Ethan Carver shakes his head, holding up his hands. "Liam's fine, he just fell asleep, that's all. A little post-shower nap, nothing to worry about." He sighs, giving his head another shake as he turns to Grey and Eve. "Three hundred bucks is a drop in the bucket. Now I want you two to find at least seven more outfits, okay? You can't wear the same three pairs of pants day after day, not if you wanna hang out with me." Something catches his eyes, and with a sudden grin, he grabs a t-shirt and tosses it at Stiles. "How about this one?" Yep, it's a Star Wars print, the Millennium Falcon and a couple X-wings flying below the movie's logo.


Grey Dunbar looks at Ethan in disbelief, "Are you serious?", whoa Ethan must be loaded, it's gonna take forever to pay him back, but if he's gonna get some more clothing he knows what he has to do! He looks back over at Eve and gives her another look that just begs 'Help me?'


Eve gives Stiles a little doubtful smirk at his comment about school shopping, as if her own beliefs run completely opposite. Even more baffled, she stares outright at Ethan when he proclaims three hundred dollars is practically nothing to him, but says nothing on the subject. There's someone new in this grouping, and she's not about to break the awkwardness of meeting strangers. Instead, she quietly replies, like she was standing in a library, "s-seven more outfits? Are you sure?" She glances between Ethan and Grey's poor puppy-dog expression. She breathes out a small sigh, even if her lips curl excitedly, and gives Grey a superheroine's nod. With that, giving her bags to Grey again, she distracts herself from her sudden timidity by immersing herself in finding clothes for her newly minted friend in need. When she comes back around, she's already draped three shirts on her arm. An orange, white, and tan button-up, an ombre orange, beige, and white pole, and a long-sleeved collared shirt with light gray sleeves and a dark gray body. She extends them forth with a winning smile.


Ethan Carver nods to Eve's choices, smiling. "Not bad, not bad at all. I knew you had good taste. Toss 'em on the pile. Grey, have you tried any of this on yet?" He begins poking through Calvin Klein jeans, eyeing Grey a few times to guess his size. "And did you remember socks and jocks?" He can't help grinning wickedly at that last question, knowing full well that nothing embarrasses a teenage boy like asking about his underwear in front of a pretty girl.


Stiles gets a slightly sardonic smile at Ethan's description of Liam, and he shakes his head. "Well, that's good." Then he has a shirt tossed to him, and he grins. "Hey, cool. Classic," he says, then eyes it critically. "Kinda small, though, isn't it?" He looks over at the rack, not seeing many other options, and frowns a little. "Not sure I can rock the tight t-shirt look like you do, Ethan." He's not one of the super-defined types like Ethan or Scott, after all. He glances over at Grey and Even, then, and then back to Ethan in a /Hey, you gonna introduce me to your friends?/ sort of way.


Ethan Carver laughs, throwing an arm around Stiles and pulling him close. "Sure, you can! Trust me, it'll look good on you." He snatches the shirt from Stiles then, tossing it onto the heap with all the clothes yet to be paid for, then catches Stiles's look. "Oh hey. Stiles Stilinski, this is Grey Dunbar, Liam's surprise brother. And this is Grey's friend and fashion consultant extraordinaire, Eve Shy Girl. Grey, Eve, this is Stilinski, who's going to totally rock the tight shirt look, right?"


Grey Dunbar grins at Eve as she comes back with the extra clothing, "Thanks", they all look nice an he didn't have to try and work out if they look good on him, he trust Eve's judgement, "I tried the other stuff she picked and they all fit well Eve's like a size guessing genius", and just as Ethan predicted Grey goes bright red all the way up to the ears as he's asked about underwear, he mumbles something along the lines of "Not just yet...", then attention is on Stiles, "Give it a go, you might be surprised, I never would've thought I'd look good in any of these", he gestures to the picked out clothes.


Eve happily places them on the pile that is the store clerk's counter. She gives Ethan a proud bob of her head, "thanks. Living with a brother can do that to you." She blushes a bit to the question that follows, merely commenting, "we got some socks..." She busies herself with locating more tops, if only to better hide her own embarrassment and figure out how best to approach this 'Stilinski' with an introduction. This time around, she only manages to find one more shirt; a textured blue shirt with darker blue short sleeves and a trio of buttons at the collar. However, she also grabbed a pair of fleece sweaters along the way. The first was a black hoodie with alternating rectangular blocks of white paisley designs in varying sizes. The second a colorblocked white, blue, and grey pullover hoodie. She shrugs her shoulders, "he'll need something for the colder days, right?" Then she feels her cheeks warm some more when at last the introduction has been called, even if she makes a face at the Shy Girl moniker. She steps forward, giving a small smile, "it's nice to meet you, Stilinski." She shakes her head, "and I'm not exactly -that- good at picking out fashion. Plus, I met Grey like, yesterday. Literally." Still, she seems pleased at all the compliments nonetheless.


Stiles gives Ethan a look of mild skepticism, then turns to nod, smiling, at Grey and Eve. "So you're the mystery bro, huh? I can actually see the family resemblance. Nice to meet you, dude. Sure... I'll try the shirt, if Ethan's buying." Eve gets a nod, too, and he grins a bit. "Fashion consultant and a healthy female influence? Yep, you're exactly what this bunch needs. Consider yourself drafted into the friend-zone." He pauses, grimacing a bit, and amends, "Er. But not, necessarily, like... that... sounded. Not, like, /friendzoned/, friend-zone, just... y'know. A zone. With friends." He coughs, folding his arms across his chest, and gives a /Yeah, so, we were saying/ sort of nod. "Anyway, uh. It's 'Stiles,' actually. Just... call me 'Stiles.'"


Ethan Carver lets out a sigh, rolling his eyes once again. "Smooth, Stiles. Easy to see why you get all the girls." Giving his brows a waggle, he tosses some pre-faded jeans in Grey's general direction. "These about the right size?" he asks. "Oh yeah, sweaters. Don't forget sweaters, hoodies, probably a jacket or two. I'm serious about how chilly it gets in winter, especially when the fog rolls in from the coast. This ain't Sunnydale, pal." He lowers his eyes to Grey's feet, frowning. "And shoes. My God, are you under a gypsy curse? What is with those shoes? Yo, Eve! Think you can find something less embarrassing for his feet?"


Grey Dunbar watches as increasingly expanding wardrobe continues to pile up and is now developing a winter section, he catches the jeans and reads the label and holds them against himself, "Yeah these look the same size as the other stuff", the pile of clothes is bigger than the wardrobe he had at home, he looks down at the worn grubby grey sneakers he's wearing, "Do these not look ok?", he's read a few gypsy curses in him mom's books but never saw any shoe specific ones, "You're Stiles? The one they were gonna get to do something?"


Eve giggles at Stiles' awkwardness over the friend-zone thing, doing her best to relieve his embarrassment with, "it's an honor to be here, officer." She affords a dramatic salute, though the whole act causes her to fluster all the more, "so umm, I keep seeing guy after guy. Are there like, zero other girls in Beacon Hills?" She bobs her head, "and I'll promise to call you Stiles so long as you -don't- call me Shy Girl. If I could pick a nickname, that one would never even make anywhere close to the like, top one thousand list." She glances towards Ethan and nods her head in realization, "oh right, jacket. Like maybe a rain jacket. Their selection of winter coats is probably next to non-existent right about now." She laughs lightly, silver eyes flickering towards Grey's feet, "oooh, shoes! What are you, like a size ten? Eleven?" She mock shudders to Grey's question about his shoes, "those look perfect!...on a homeless person."


Stiles unfolds his arms and makes a "patting the air" sort of motion at Grey. "Hey, hey. Easy on the 'doing something,' kid. We'll see what happens, okay? Bit ix-nay on the omething-say. Capice?" Where that bit of dialogue came from is uncertain, but Stiles' brain is a hoard of untold pop culture oddities, frequently tossing out remixed nonsense with expert... well... something or other. But then he's grinning at Eve, while glancing to roll his eyes at Ethan. "Eve, you're gonna fit in just fine. I can tell. 'Shy girl' is officially dead to me." He drifts back over to the racks, picking out a few more t-shirts with nostalgic prints or snarky slogans to supplement his supply, and then he moves on to pants, looking over various jeans and casual slacks.


Of course there has to be at least one adult to crash any teenage gathering. Cause face it, when have you ever seen a group of teens not be known to need at least a bit of supervision. In walks Keith, he's wearing a white t-shirt with a blue overshirt unbuttoned. His shorts are a khaki color and his feet adorn flip-flops straight out of A&F. His attention shifts from looking at the front displays to the grouping of teenagers right off quick. He slows his pace attempting to stay just out of direct line, though clearly is attempting to assess the situation. Being the new teacher in town, he doesn't want to completely ruin his reputation, but clearly wants to see how the they are interacting.


Ethan Carver continues piling Calvin Kleins up on the counter, adding a few packages of boxer briefs as well. "Let's see, what else? Belts! Looks like you've got one here...Reversible, okay. That's a way to go." He moves to the belt section to select one or two others, just to be safe. "Ya know, this is sorta fun. Like having my own lifesized Ken doll. Not that I ever...I mean...." Now it's his turn to blush, though the color only really reaches his ears, and he ducks his head to continue hunting through leather goods.


Grey Dunbar goes red again, "I look homeless?", he gives off that impression, if his mother was alive she'd kill him!, he looks at Stiles a little confused, "Capice?", what the hell is that, he chuckles a little seeing Ethan blush, not him for a change, having heard someone enter the shop and suddenly stop and getting that feeling of being watch Grey looks round at Keith, "You know him Ethan?"


Eve gives Stiles a silently curious expression to the pig latin, but she beams to the death of Shy Girl, "then all hail Eve! Long may she reign." She heads on over to the shoe section of the store, disappearing for a couple long minutes to gather up a collection. When she returns, she has another three items of outerwear in case the weather takes a turn in the future. There's a sleeveless black zipped-up fleece vest, a windbreaker with a black and gray design that resembles mesh, as well as a navy blue and gray buttoned-up varsity sweater. These are draped over one arm, while she holds a three brown little boxes containing shoes. She deposits them at Grey's feet after piling the outerwear in its proper place. Inside, the first is a white and black running sneaker, the second a gray suede pair of sneakers with white soles and brown laces, and the third a pair of black high-tops. She stands up and smirks towards Ethan at the Ken doll comment, "that's the spirit!" She gives Grey a platonic pat on the shoulder when he asks after his appearance, declaring, "not for long."


Stiles finally comes up to the counter with a bunch of items in his arms--some flannels, a couple of hoodies, a few pairs of pants, and so forth. He's spending /much/ more modestly than Ethan, but then, unlike Ethan he's on a fixed budget supplied by his father. He also picks up some socks and other such necessities, though he skips the underwear section completely. Maybe he just doesn't care to have everyone commenting on his choice of unmentionables. He takes his place in line, expression having gone a bit absent, as he's lost in thought. Alas, Grey's question goes unanswered.


Ethan Carver returns with a black belt, a brown one, and even a gray one, still looking unsure. "Here, you decide," he says, thrusting them at Eve as his eyes follow Stiles to the counter. He gets a sudden, wicked grin, then hurries over to grab a red hoodie. "Yo, Stiles! You forgot one." He holds it up, giving his brows a waggle. Maybe Stiles knows what the joke is?


Keith looks down at a nearby rack. He seems to be attempting to look like he's busy browsing, but his frequent glances up toward Grey might beg to differ. It's clear the students are attempting to help the new boy pick out his attire. Though it's still not completely clear if all the comments are meant in purely joking tones. It's quite easy for a gathering of this size to turn from innocent to cruel quickly. As a defensive move Keith moves inward toward a nearer rack of sweatshirts. Finally coming into clear earshot and eye line to the teens.


Back to school shopping in a tiny backwater town, the joy is overwhelming... Not. Timothy doesn't exactly look pleased with shopping here. The tall slender teen has his thumbs hooked into the pockets of his skinny jeans as he begins wandering around just looking for something he would consider decent to wear. Yes. He's a bit of snob about how he dresses but that's just because he likes to look his best. Blue eyes flick to the gather group in curiousity but it's nothing too overwhelming from them just yet.


Grey Dunbar watches as more stuff is added to the pile, "Ok, someone is gonna have to write me a list of what goes with what cause wow, I think this is more clothes than I've ever owned", he's actually a little overwelmed at how nice everyone is, his eyes do flick to Keith again as he makes his way over, still wondering if he knows one of te group.


When Ethan thrusts a trio of belts at her, Eve stares askance at the accessories, "u-umm..." She looks them up and down, "they're all solid and easy to coordinate. So I mean, if you're buying..." She just sets them all on the counter. But then she heads over to the belt section, grabbing ahold of a slightly more complication version. This one's a two-toned black and brown belt with a silver buckle. As she returns, she passes Keith, giving the adult a simple smile of greeting before depositing the belt in the likely now massive pile. She smirks at Grey's words and shakes her head, "I only coordinated the first three sets of clothes you tried on earlier. As for the rest...there's no way to really list that. Just go with your gut. You know, like only one unusual design, like plaid, while the rest should be solid. Or no more than maybe two colors, but black or white or gray usually don't count. That kind of thing."


Eve adds, "or like, you should try to alternate colors and shades. No gray shirt -and- gray pants, but rather like a green shirt and gray pants. Oh, and you should try to refrain from wearing two shades of the same color. So no cherry red and crimson red." She smiles and nods her head, "you'll get the hang of it."


Keith smiles back at Eve as she walks by. He seems to assess her and her interaction with Grey as positive and therefore seem much more at ease suddenly. He take out a black sweatshirt examining it before replacing it back on the rack. He then proceeds to a rack of button up shirts. Keith then chuckles at Eve's fashion advice seeming quite amused. Keith whispers almost to himself, "Oh Lord, I remember when I was learning fashion... what hell to remember all the rules."


Stiles rolls his eyes at Ethan. "I already have a red hoodie," he says, deadpan, "but if you wanna buy me a new one, you can. Ass." Then a register opens up, and he piles his purchases up on the counter, letting the checker take over. He notices Keith but doesn't pay him much mind, but he does declare, "You guys think way more about clothes than is natural. I mean, just buy stuff that doesn't look stupid together... and figure it out from there!" Clearly, he doesn't go in for "the rules" Such as the others are referencing.


Ethan Carver chuckles and tosses the hoodie on to the pile with the rest of Grey's clothes. "Can't have too many red riding hoodies," he says with a grin. He nods to the clerk and says, "You can start ringing all this up, though we're not nearly finished yet. Thanks, babe." As he's turning back to Grey, his eyes slide right over Keith and Tim for the moment. "All that is really good advice, but the best advice is to go with your gut. You know what looks good on you, right? So experiment, see what you like, and go for it. But, ya know, ask one of us to look you over, just to be sure you're not wearing stripes with plaids or some...." His voice drifts off as he focuses on Tim again, brows drawing together. Then his grin suddenly reappears, and he says in a lower voice, "Just keep going, you're both doing great." Casually, he strolls around the clothes racks, circling toward Tim without being /too/ obvious.


"Clothing is important." Timothy says taking a step towards Stiles,"How you dress says a lot about you? It makes an impression." He says confidently,"Whether or not you realize it, how you dress is important. Colours have an effect on the way you're perceived as well. Perception is important." He says in a very casual manner,"Solid colours as usually better than plaids and the direct of the stripes can either emphasize the length of the torso or the width of the shoulders."


Noticing Tim for the first time, Stiles glances up and down at the new arrival. As the blond boy speaks, Stiles' expression goes only more and more skeptical. "You don't say?" he asks, pointedly rearranging the drape of the /plaid flannel/ he's wearing. "Well, maybe I figure I'll make whatever impression I need to, even if I'm wearing clothes I like instead of what some vapid blogger or magazine editor decided was 'in this season'?" He actually makes the air-quotes. Then he turns to pay for the clothes--on the family charge account, of course--and takes the bag with a pleasant smile and nod for the cashier. "Thanks." Then he looks back to Ethan. "Okay. I'm kind of over being judged for my fashion sense. We movin' on to the food court, or what?"


Grey Dunbar nods trying to mentally note all the clothing rules being listed to him, this is harder to remember than trig and once again he makes the mistake of answering a question he shouldn't be able to hear, "Got any books from that fashon class I could borrow?" is said to Keith. Timothy gets a raised eyebrow, "People really focus that much on what you wear?", why did no one tell him this?!


Eve giggles at Keith, "right? And all that's just the beginning. There's fashion advice on all sorts of things, like what fabric to wear when and how, or what works for certain seasons but not others, or even what's 'in' and what's 'out' that year." She shrugs her shoulders self-conciously, blushing a bit, "f-friends and magazines can help a lot..." She makes a face at Stiles, her embarrassment momentarily forgotten. With sarcasm in her voice, she proclaims, "not all of us are 'lucky' enough to pick clothes at random and still believe we look our best in them." With an affirmative gesture towards Timothy, she adds, "exactly. Plus, school's starting soon. -I- for one would like to make a good first impression." She nods her head firmly in Ethan's direction, while pointedly looking at Grey, "also what he said. Go with your gut, and you'll slowly figure it all out. You've got it easier too, since now you'll have a wardrobe full of good clothes." After Stiles' later response to making a good first impression, she offers, "those 'vapid bloggers' or 'magazine editors' know what they're talking about." She does her own air-quotes right back. She lets out a small sigh then, "getting something to eat might be nice." Reluctantly, she adds, "sorry about the fashion judgement..."


Keith coughs before replying to Eve, "Well I wouldn't go that far. Men's fashion is a lot more simple than women's. Generally buying for general purposes is better than shopping for completely planned attire." He then looks around suddenly realizing he's chimming into a teenage conversation. "I mean... that's what I typical live by. Though I guess I've reached the age where I'm going to be completely judged on my attire..."


Ethan Carver suddenly appears just behind Timothy, and he leans close to say softly near his ear, "I tend to favor solid colors myself. Though personally, I think I look best in nothing at all." Grinning, he steps around into Tim's line of sight. "Hey, cute boy. I remember you from Sinema last week. We almost danced, I think. Hey Stiles, meet Cute Boy. Cute Boy, Stiles. And that's Grey, my better half's brother, and his fashion consultant, Eve." Hey, he left off the 'Shy Girl' this time! Progress. He nods to Stiles then, draping an arm casually around Tim's shoulders. "I could eat, sure. Lemme just sign and get my card. Macy's delivers, right?"


"It isn't just vapid bloggers and magazine editors. It has less to do with in season for men, and more to do with dressing for skin tone and form. Plaids are good if you're a lumber jack but if you're trying to come as anything else than that or someone who was a class A reject in the 90s grunge scene, avoid them." Timothy says before giving a cheerful laugh,"The name is Timothy, Timothy O'Donnell, but you can call me Tim." He says pleasantly towards Ethan. "I always strive to appear exactly how I need to to make an impression."


Stiles looks a bit abashed after Eve's retort, and he sighs a bit. Shrugging, he says, "Look, okay, I'm sure they /do/. I'm just, like... I don't care! I'm not a fashion model or the most popular kid in school. I like what I like, and I don't really care whether anyone else likes it, too." He frowns some, and pulls out his phone to glance at the time. "I really should grab food... I need to bring D--uh, /my/ dad--something, or he probably won't eat. Plus, I need to give him back our Macy's card." He gives Tim an even nod. Then, in an awful Tarzan impression, he declares, "Yeah. Cute Boy have Big Mouth. Stiles go." And he turns to head off, clearly a bit miffed at all the criticism.


Eve frowns thoughtfully over at Keith, "I guess you're right. Maybe? I mean, not many guys I know where skirts or dresses..." She shrugs her shoulders, "but I think, unless you live in like, a nudist colony, -everyone's- judged at least a little on what they wear." When Ethan introduces her to Cute Boy, and with her actual name to boot, she happily comes on over to extend her hand for a shake. She states her name anyway, "Evelyn Harper, but you can call me Eve...and I only just met most of them last night. It's nice to meet you, Tim. You sound even more knowledgeable about fashion than I am." She glances to Stiles to state, "right, you so obviously don't care what anyone thinks." glances towards the ginormous pile of clothes, "I...don't think Macy's delivers anything short of like, furniture or something. But don't quote me on that. I've never walked out with that much in one day."


Ethan Carver grabs the Star Wars tee and red hoodie before the clerk can bag them, tossing them at Stiles. "Hey, don't forget these. And Stiles? I think you look fine. Seriously, you look comfortable in your own skin, as well as in your clothes. That's really more important than all the fashionable muscle shirts in the world." He gives a little grin, then can't resist placing his large paw atop the teen's head, ruffling his hair.


"Well this is true." Keith says before gesturing into Eve's direction. "Partly why I'm probably here searching for clothes myself. Need to ensure I don't dress like a total dweeb on the first day of school." He chuckles looking around at all the teens. He seems to hesitate to clarify as though the teens won't instantly know who he is on the first day of school.


Grey Dunbar watches as Stiles goes to head off, he kinda envies the guy, he seems totally comfortable with himself while Grey isn'teven sure who he is, Stiles' confidence is something to admire there, he looks round at Keith, "Thats why I'm here, Eve and Ethan are stopping me from doing the same thing, apparently my look was kinda homeless, wanna make a good impression".


Stiles gives Eve a difficult to read look, somewhere between frustrated and annoyed but also somehow managing to cram in a hint of apologetic... but then Ethan tosses him the gifts, and a flustered Stiles crams them into his bag. "Oh, thanks," he says, and then Ethan does the pat-on-the-head thing, and Stiles shrugs away. "I'll see you guys later," he grumbles, "Thanks for the clothes, Ethan. I'll get you back sometime." And then he /does/ walk away, headed for the food court and visibly frustrated.


Eve blinks up at Keith in surprise, "school?" She gives him a good once-over, as if really seeing him for the first time, "you're kind of old for a student. Are you like a...teacher or something?" She grins towards Grey, "don't worry, you'll rise to the glamorous realm of the popular kids in record time. Just don't make any big mistakes. It's...a long way down..." When Stiles gives her that look, she gives him one back. Hers looks a bit long-suffering with a dash of arrogance, but her silver eyes betray tiny hints of her own apologetic feelings. She watches him step away, before turning to the rest of the crowd to state, "so what's next? Have we got everything we need here?"


Ethan Carver chuckles as he watches Stiles go, and then suddenly shouts, "Oh hey! Thanks for the underwear, man!" Because that won't be humiliating at all. He turns back to the others then, once more draping an arm around Timothy's shoulders, as though they're old friends. Glancing at the clerks (more than one now), he sees that Grey's new wardrobe is being rung up and bagged, so he looks around at the others and notices Keith for the first time. Nose wrinkling, he looks the man up and down a few times. "You in grad school or something?" he asks, clearly implying the man is way too old for high school. Or undergrad college.


"The clothing here is not quite what I'm used to shopping." Timothy says shrugging a little bit,"Style is important, but comfort is also important." He says laughing softly. "The ideal for a man is to use soft comfortable fabrics and colours that flatter." He says shrugging a little bit,"And I don't think that it is a good thing for anyone to dress in clothes." He says before looking at Eve,"I've learned a few things. I knew a few designers back when I was in New York. Great people. They'd probably yell at me if I dressed in anything that didn't suit my body shape and shirt."


Keith smiles at Grey and nods. "Well that's quite admirable. I personally would have loved to have a group of friends like that. When I was in high school I sort of just had to fend for myself. Though I guess I survived to tell the tale, so I must have done something right." He then rubs the back of his neck looking a bit embarressed. He'd be much better in a formalized setting, though he seems to be at least not falling completely on his face outside the classroom.


It's only when Eve actually catches on that he puffs out his chest a bit to look more authoritive. "Why yes, I'm the new Social Science teacher."


Eve lets out a laugh when Ethan calls that question out after Stiles, "you're horrible, Ethan...but he had it coming." She looks to Timothy with beaming interest, when he explains himself and his fashion-oriented history, "you sound so much more qualified to pick out clothes. I'd love to hear what suggestions you'd have for me. I'm like, just scraping by with whatever I can learn from friends and magazines. And those 'dreaded blogs' that Stiles obviously feels jealous towards." Then Keith proclaims his title, and she very nearly stands at attention, "...s-sorry about calling you old. You're not old-old, of course. Just..." She feels her cheeks warm, "s-so it's great to meet you. I'm Evelyn Harper. Are you teach Juniors?"


"Ethan, I will find a way to pay you back for all this, I'll get a job somewhere in town but until then thank you", Grey gives Ethan a smale then nods to Eve, "And thanks for being my personal fashon advisor, would've had no idea what I was doing". To Keith he holds out a hand, "Grey, hopefully enrolling at Beacom Hills High".


Ethan Carver's hand slips down Tim's back, fingertips trailing along his spine as they make their way southward, though he groans a bit at Keith's declaration. "Aw man, you're a teacher too? What is it with you guys this summer? I can't go anywhere without running into a teacher. Don't you guys, like, all live at the school or something? What're you doing wandering the streets, like people?" He waves his free hand absently at Grey, flashing him a grin. "Don't worry about it, man. My motives are totally ulterior. A wise man once told me to stay on the good side of my boyfriend's siblings, so think of it as a bribe."


"I don't think that it was jealousy. I think he doesn't understand fashion and so like most people that don't understand attack it." Timothy says and without blinking,"If you have a boyfriend, watch the hands." There's not even a glance towards Ethan as he speaks,"And for you, I think something in purple would look good. A dark shade that will catch the eyes and reflect in them. That's the nice thing purple on blue eyed people really brings out the eyes. A dark shade will draw attention to your skin as well." He pauses for a moment,"Maybe a silver accentuating. Avoid gold. Silver looks best with dark colours."


"Nice to meet you Evelyn. And it's totally fine, I mean I remember when I was a teen not that long ago. I thought people in their mid-to-late twenties were old too." He chuckles trying to play it off cool while surveying his potential students. "I plan on teaching a few Junior and Senior level courses. Might try to tie in some of my Anthropology studies in reference to the school required materials."


When Grey offers a hand, Keith immediately take it, his handshake firm and professional. "Nice to meet you Grey. I'm Keith Tidesworth, though you'll most likely be calling me Mister Tidesworth or Mister Tides for short."


When Ethan begins to groan about Keith's unfortunate arrival the man looks stern at the boy. "Um, excuse me for having a life outside grading papers and getting ready to dedicate my profession to making your brains think more about academics than who's the next winner of American Idol."


Eve nods her head cheerfully towards Grey, "you're very welcome. I'm glad I could help." She nods agreeably after a moment towards Tim, "you're probably right. People are mean to things they don't know anything about." With a perplexed blink at the comment about a boyfriend, she says, "I don't have a boyfriend. I had one back in San-Fran, but...not anymore..." In any case, she giggles and bobs her head delightedly, "something purple then. I'll have to go clothes shopping for myself later. Thanks." But then, she gives Ethan a warning look when the guy risks very possibly insulting The Social Science Teacher, her features paling a bit in worry. She glances between the pair of them, helpfully chuckling nervously and offering, "he's just joking. That's him, our Ethan..." She looks relieved to hear Keith is at least not angry with her, but just to be sure, she says, "sorry again...Mister Tidesworth." She flashes a smile, "your classes sound super interesting. I can't wait to be a part of one."


Another teen wanders into the store. Sly had been told he needed to buy more clothes than the one outfit he has, so he's found his way to a place to purchase them. As he enters, he looks around uncertainly. Then he tucks his head and goes over to the area for males, where he starts to look through the racks with the air of someone who has not even the faintest idea what he's doing.


Ethan Carver lets out a small sigh, lowering his voice as his hand slides from Tim's body entirely. "Guys, look. Stiles is...His father's the sheriff, okay? It's not like the county is paying him a lotta money, even though in this town, they should be backing a dump truck full of cash up to anyone willing to do the job. It's not that Stiles doesn't care how he looks. He just can't afford to dress like he just stepped out of a fashion magazine. And I meant what I said before. He takes what he can afford and makes it look good on him. So let's all just lay off him, okay?" He glances over to the counter, seeing the clerk is ready for his signature, and steps away from the others to take care of it.


Grey Dunbar nods to Ethan, "Well the brother is well and truely bribed, like a good couple of centuries worth of bribed", he hmms listening to Keith, "Will you be overing systems theory in class, the readings I've seen on it can be somewhat vague on it's full meaning". He sighs when he hears about Stiles and makes a note to track his scent later and do something nice for the guy.


Keith looks between Eve and Ethan with an air of suspicion before nodding slowly, "Alright... sure... I guess I take take a joke this time." He then sighs before saying, "Well I'm glad to hear at least one student won't be falling asleep in lectures." He then smiles at Grey actually show academic interest so early. "Oh yes, I do plan on teaching many theoretical social topics and certainly would love to see student branch out on their independent essay topics. I will be most excited for students that show real promise in delivering a good paper in Sociology."


Eve merely harrumphs at Ethan trying to take pity on Stiles, though she grudgingly admits, "I...suppose I could've been a little less harsh..." She gives Grey a look of surprise to hear him spout some obviously advanced stuff, but the wonder is cut short with her abject relief, hearing Keith's mercy. She gives an encouraging smile, "you'll get used to him. He just doesn't have an off switch for some things...apparently." She makes a face when Keith replies to Grey. She is totally not anywhere close to their level when it comes to academics. So she looks to Sly and offers a wave. With a couple shuffling steps over, she states, "hey, you're that amazing dancer at the umm..." She glances at the grown-up, " the dance place..."


Sly looks up at Eve in surprise. "Oh! Um. Hi." He shifts uncertainly in place, seeming a bit shy. He smiles, though, when she mentions his dancing. "Oh... thank you. I just... I like to dance. The music had a good rhythm. You seemed like a good dancer, too." Then he goes back to looking through the clothes, his brow knitted in confusion. Then he seems to give up, and he starts just grabbing things--oversized, all very dark colors, and generally with nothing even in the neighborhood of a sense of style.


"You don't have to spend a lot of money to look nice. Yeah. It helps but just dressing nicely can be fairly cheap." Timothy says smiling a little bit,"I wasn't talking to you, no offense." he says laughing at Eve,"A certain someone was touching me in a way that was not appropriate for someone in a relationship." He glances towards Sly,"That's too large. You should fit the body, not drown in the clothing." He points out casually.


Ethan Carver returns, tucking a loooooooong sales slip into his wallet, where his Macy's card already resides. "Not too bad," he says to Grey, grinning. "Managed to keep it under two grand. I spent more than that on my motorcycle leathers." He grins at Tim then, sticking out his tongue, then notices the Dancer Guy from last night. "Huh, looks like your fashion consultant and her apprentice have a new client. Sorry 'bout that, man. But hey, you can help me lug all these bags out to the car. Would you believe they won't deliver? I swear, it's like living in the boonies."


Eve giggles and shakes her head, "I'm hardly 'good.' Maybe ok, but good seems a stretch." Still, she seems quite pleased to be described that way, "you, on the other hand, could probably be paid to do it." Then she quickly shakes her head, "no offense taken." When she catches sight of the boy just randomly picking things from the aisles, she states, "woah woah woah. Slow down there. Those probably don't even fit you. And why so dark? What about more interesting designs?" Her eyes light up, and she adds, "stay right there and don't move a muscle." She hurries over to Timothy and says, "hey, Tim. You're great at fashion, right?" She points towards Sly, "he needs some help. I met him last night. He's like, The God, of dancing." She follows him over if he agrees, "Tim, meet umm...sorry, I don't think I got your name. Actually...I'm Eve." She giggles, realizing just now there was an utter lack of introductions between her and Sly.


Sly glances up at Tim, startled, and quickly puts back the shirt he'd been picking up. "Oh," he says, blushing a bit. "I didn't know there were /rules/." He selects something much smaller, this one all back with a print of a wolf howling at the moon. It's marked 75% off, probably old stock they want to sell. "How's this?" he asks awkwardly. Then Eve's there, too, and he offers her a little smile. "Oh. I'm Sly. You're being... really kind. Thanks."


Grey Dunbar nods to Keith, "I'll look forward to it Mr. Tidesworth", he starts loading himslef up with Macy's bags like a pack mule, again forgetting a normal person might need some help, "Right, where'd you park the car?", he grins seeing that Eve has got herself a new client, he adds to the casher, "I'd hire her as a personal shopper if I was you".


"Tell me about it. The choices are rather sparse too. A lot of plaid..." Tim says shaking his head,"Alright so first of all, I'd recommend something OTHER than pure black. A black dress shirt worn open over a white undershirt and then jeans. Casual, nothing fancy and it will suit your body type and age. The thing people forget is that there is an expiration date for a style that has nothing to do with the time of year and ALL to do with how old you are. A sixty year old guy wearing skinny jeans and a t-shirt, besides being gross, is trying too hard."

Ethan Carver gathers up several of the bags himself, probably more than he should. "Uh. Oops. I was in such a hurry, I parked in a handicap spot. I don't normally do that, because it's a really sucky thing to do. C'mon, let's go make sure Liam hasn't burned the place down trying to make orange juice or something. Hey, let's stop on the way for some ice cream." He glances back at Tim, licking his lips. "I've suddenly got a craving for something smooth and creamy."


Keith chuckles and waves at Grey, "Well I'm glad to hear that. I probably should be going though. Seems I'm not going to find anything tonight nor should I be away from the house without dinner." He then sighs looking over at the other teens before waving in their general direction, "It was lovely meeting you all. I look forward to seeing you in classes." He then proceeds to march toward the exit avoiding the other patrons as he progresses through the store.


Eve shrugs her shoulders at the wolf-print shirt Sly holds up, "that could go ok with khaki shorts, I think. But it's made of really cheap fabric, and I think people might notice. Plus, the picture will probably fade really quickly, so it might not even be worth the sale." She listens in to Tim's instructions with a beaming grin, "you're -so- good at this." She licks her lips uncertainly, glancing between Tim and Ethan, and all the inordinate amount of bags poor Grey is holding, "it was nice to meet you, Sly. Tim. Hope to see you both in school. I think Grey probably needs some help though..." She takes a couple slow steps back, before hurrying to catch up with Ethan and Grey. When she does, she moves to take a couple of the clothing bags in one hand, in addition to her own bags he was holding earlier in the other. Smiling over at Keith, she calls out, "it was really nice to meet you too, Mister Tidesworth!" Then she follows the pair out helpfully towards their car, wherever it might be.

Ethan, Liam, and Grey's story continues in: Melissa McCall: Miracle-Worker--Or, Liam Needs a Favor